Jul 27

Just wanted to add on one factor.

I mean, being a Christian, its obvious that despite how much we strive, technically, without the help of God in every way possible, we will still fail.

You know why?

Cause just like how STAR is Striving To Achieve Results, but the most basic question in, when we look into the sky, have we asked ourselves who created those brightly shining beautiful stars?


So if God created stars, how much more we need him as we strive to achieve results, because a STAR is not formed without the CREATOR. We can strive, but without the source, we strive towards and for nothing.

So yea, add God, Jesus into the picture and the picture is PERFECT!

p/s: and I want to add one more, a song by switchfoot called “more than fine”, just like my second point, don’t settle for mediocrity and so so.. in the song, there’s one part which goes “more than bent on getting by…. more than just okay” That’s how it should be! Strive!

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Jul 25

Wow, its really been awhile since I wrote any lessons here, but its not like I’ve been blogging much for that matter.

But anyway, somehow finding it harder to be able to think of things to share, but I believe this will be my lifelong commitment, and in life there is so much to learn, so yea, check in once awhile, I just might have written another lesson post.

Well for today,

Lesson 28#:
Aim for the stars, but if you still don’t get the moon, its not the end..

You know as kids or even at teens, sometimes people tell us go aim for the stars, to aim far, high and wide? And then they say that if you don’t get it, at least we got the moon? Well, to some extent, that is in fact, true. But what if we don’t even get the moon?

Let me illustrate a scenario here. Let’s take a school club/society for that matter and everyone in that club wants a post. So now many would do their best, aim high, go all out, reaching for the star or in other words getting the top job. Then there will those who did all those yet didn’t get the top job, still they got the moon, still got a part in the committee. Sadly, there will be some who did so much yet got nothing.

Let me go part by part. First of all, aim for the stars. I would personally believe that many times people say it, or use it as an encouragement, we should take it to heart. Aiming for the stars for me, is not aiming for what you cannot have, but aiming for the best, beyond what we can imagine. The difference is when we aim for what we cannot have, its called daydreaming, but when we aim for the best, we will do all it takes, we strive to achieve it, and sometimes, we end up getting the stars, getting a result beyond what we thought was our limit.

The problem is sometimes a lot of us do not aim for the stars. A lot of times we psychologically tell ourselves that we cannot make it, there is no chance, or perhaps it is impossible. We never really took that step of faith and effort to act upon it. Sometimes, it could also be because of past experiences, that when we aimed for the stars, we went no where, so the disappointment haunts us, that we have a fear of failure. Isn’t it so?

Ah! Oh well, at least we got the moon, still something good, not great, but better than nothing. But don’t stop there! Don’t settle for good, aim the best! No, I’m not promoting that we should be proud or ungrateful for what we have, but just like Mr WongKK loves to say that we must keep on learning to always improve and become a more better person. Likewise, even if we aren’t the top, just mediocre, do not settle for it, strive to be better! Sadly, a lot of people get comfortable with their mediocre life, just so so, they never continue to aim higher. So aim higher! and most importantly strive to be better in all you do!

What if you don’t even get the moon? Do you sometimes feel like people start to look down on you, all the moon and stars is way up above, high in the galaxy, and we are just so small, we don’t seem to matter in people’s eyes anymore. The stars shine beautifully and the moon reflects the glow splendidly for everyone to see, their skills, their power, and what are we now? People sideline us, left us just to watch and admire them when we are not even looked at.

You know, I’ve been in that situation before. I used to be arrogant years before, always thought that I had the leadership ability, had the ability to motivate and unite people, and though I knew I wasn’t the best, but I acted as if I knew I was the best in school. So I did all I can, aimed for the stars and thought that no one else could possible make it like me, yet on that very same issue, I ended up not even getting the moon. Wow, what a big blow for me, taken aback by the result, such a grave disappointment.

I learn to live with the fact, but as days gone by, I always asked myself, that since I couldn’t even get the moon, what else is left for me? Then I realized the fact that, no one is never nothing when he wants to become something.

People sidelined us? sure. People look down on us? probably. But the real issue is, are we looking down on ourselves? Are we letting people determine who we are? People may sideline us, despise us, look down on us, but if we make a firm choice and choose to be something, to be someone of use, then we have become something, though others say we’re nothing. Back to the top, about aiming for the stars, sometimes its not just letting people determine who we are, sadly, sometimes we let the past hinder us for achieving the stars.

See, the cool part about this, is that, when we look into the sky, the stars are just so many, so indescribable. The truth of the matter is, we can always aim for the stars even if tried and didn’t even get the moon, and someone else did reach the star, we still can aim for stars, because there isn’t just one. Yes, of course there isn’t 2 Presidents for that matter, but who is a President or a committee, without their members? Members do not have to be in top jobs, or people do not have to be millionaires to be a star, to be the best. We can learn, do and be the best no matter what position or what status we have.

All in all, a S.T.A.R. is ultimately, Striving to Achieve Results. Yea, the journey of becoming the top, all the effort, it was great and deserved to be a star, but if one does not continue to strive, they just become TAR, which is bad for health, bad for the wellbeing of that particular group.

So, Are You Aiming For The STARS? Are you Striving to Achieve Results? Or are you sitting back in mediocrity?

Aim For It!

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Jul 10

Of course not me, cause my hair will forever be the same!

But my new blog layout! I was very undecided whether to change, cause it usually takes long to choose one that I like. Surprisingly, it really didn’t take long! Found this less than a minute and I have currently no problems with it! Also, thank God for saving my time, cause even the blog theme says it, this theme is called “Amazing Grace”, cool eh?

So with the new look, sure got new stuff la! First of all, its the chatbox! I’ve always wanted this kind, but could never get it to work. Now its here! No need for me to moderate bla bla bla, its easy for you and me!

I also thought since blogging is like a diary, I added my “BIG things to do”. These things are things that I really really want to do in the future, or really really want to achieve. Nevertheless, these stuff are BIG things to me, and surely cannot be done overnight, its long term.

Finally I also added my wish list. Was talking to a friend quite a long while back, and she said so and so wants this, then I asked how did you know? And she said, “because he wrote it in the blog la!”. No la, not that I want anyone to buy it for me (though that would be cool! *hint*) But my birthday is over and all, so it doesn’t really matter. Its just stuff I would really be happy to have, but as of now, I’m very contented with everything that I have. I also noticed this, WISH (What I Should Have) That’s why its only a wish, because sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t, cause in the end, is what we should have, but not really what we need right?

3 things only la, but probably more to come, who knows? Blogging suddenly became more fun!

Wai Leem

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Jul 10

There’s just so much stress going on in my mind right now.

Mainly its about the passing over of the baton to the next batch to continue serving God in CHS.

Leadership had never shown me this side before, and I’m in a huge process of learning and understanding many aspects of leadership. So much to a point that I believe leading the Board of Prefects would actually have been easier than this.

Anyway, all this discussion, complaints, people commenting on other people, sometimes perceived as judging, and just so many things have been coming along my path. And honestly, I really don’t know what to do with all this.

Yet I know, and I know well in my heart, that whatever the case is, God will somehow continue His work that he has started in CHS over 30 years ago.

How? I really don’t know, and because of that, at this moment I also do not know what’s the next step, but I’m taking it easy, one step at a time, praying, seeing how God will lead one step on to another. I never expected it to be that tedious.

“God, its up to you man.. My hands can only do so much, but the problem is, I don’t even know what should my hands do!”

Wai Leem

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