Jun 29

I want to be ordinary, yet extraordinary. 5 years ago, my eldest brother was in the finals of a public speaking competition and he spoke on being ordinary extraordinary. He talked about various individuals of ordinary talents and ordinary lifestyle, but they exemplified extraordinary character, and he got first runner-up.

When I first saw this competition, “My Success, My dreams”, immediately thought of writing my undying desire to become a doctor, pediatrician to be specific. I even wrote a fiction in a commonwealth essay competition about that dream and got highly commended! Unlike some friends who are wavering between their future job opportunities, as for me, I never had that problem since primary 3. Even if the news says that in 5 years time there will be an overflow of doctors, it will not matter to me. Indeed, I thought this would be my dream story of success until I actually got down to start thinking, the more I realized that to inspire people, its not about writing the greatest career that one could achieve, but rather, how to be extraordinary in the midst of the ordinary.

As I pondered on the reason of becoming a doctor, I came to a conclusion that success for me is not in becoming a doctor, but to give back to society, to aid the needy, to provide a home to the homeless, to treat the sick and mend back the broken hearted. In order to do this, becoming a doctor is merely a stepping stone, having an ordinary job, but practicing extraordinary movements.

A friend came up to me once and said, “Wai Leem! I read on the newspaper that a pediatric clinic is offering

RM250,000 per month! I see your successful future!” To me, I stared at her and bluntly said that I’m already intending to work in a government hospital. No amounts of cash can deter me as ultimately becoming a doctor because of the lucrative income, to me, that is not success. Rather, to serve the people no matter their social status is what really matters.

Everyday we see beggars all along the roadside, mothers carrying their little children in their arms, yet there is no one to pick them up, to buy them some food, to at least reach out a helping hand. I grew up unable to help these people because my parents would stop me, but instead of getting me to refrain from caring for them, all the more I cannot bare to see them pushed down to the ground like dirt, as if their lives are dust on the road. My days as a teenagers are limited in what I can do, but one day when I can stand on my own 2 feet, I will do something for these people.

I feel that my current days though physically not being able to help the helpless, yet it is a preparation stage. It is like the process of cell reproduction by mitosis, the cell in its first stage will decide whether or not it should multiply, and if it decides to multiply, does it then straight away undergo that 4 stages of multiplication? No! It still goes on preparing itself through 2 more stages, only then it is ready to multiply. I’ve made my decision, and I am now preparing myself to meet what may come by in the future. I do not know which stage of preparation am I in, but I do know that whatever the case is, blurring me from being ready to help a life is something that cannot be done.

Who knows? From starting small in helping these homeless people, to entering other countries with low medical facilities, I just might be able to be a part of the world’s leaders congress to find a way to end world hunger, and once again, I will share my very story and my very own definition of success, and that the world will understand that love, care, kindness and every other positive attribute is the key to solve all these mysteries. If everyone will put aside their selfish and greedy mentality, and look from within, they will see the world in a whole new perspective, and though a population of 6.7 billion (as of year 2008) one life will never be a mere dust on earth.

One day, after all the hard work, realizing that there is less beggars, less homeless children, decrease in world hunger, my work will not yet be complete, but I do know I’m on a lift of success that will continue to rise higher and higher. Indeed true success is being extraordinary, to step out of our comfort zone, to do things that help these type of people down here.


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Jun 27

So this year, Standard Chartered KL Marathon is back once again with over 30000 runners sign up and plenty more for volunteering.

Unlike other years, instead going for an event with a “Marathon” word in it, and end up only running 5km or 10km, I still didn’t run a Marathon, but at least took an event which has the “marathon” word in it, Half Marathon, 21km.

The very first time I’m running this long, and also the very first year I’m officially eligible by age, to participate in this 21km run. No, I was not the only one, Jia Shen, Dylan, Zhong Wei, Da Yu and his friend, and there might be others just not sure, were all also running this category, and I probably (okay la, AM) was the last to finish among them.

As usual, all started well, Jia Shen giving me a very good pace, and really, all was going perfectly fine, until the 10.5km mark, legs started hurting, got very heavy, and it was just so hard to lift it up and move the next step. But persevered through, still pressed on another 10.5 km. All along the way, I knew that Jia Shen was helping me, by slowing down a bit, pushing me a bit, by then, Dylan and Zhong Wei were far off already. Then by the 15.5 km mark, as usual, pressing on, but this time, I probably figured out that Jia Shen wanted to go ahead and finish it, and I probably wouldn’t be that bad running the last 5 km, so he left, and I ran alone. It was the last few km that was really the hardest, every step got heavier, and not just that, my legs were also hurting terribly, the calf muscle and the muscle on my upper thigh. I really tried resisting the pain, and it wasn’t that I lack energy, I actually still could do better without the pain, but because it was really hurting, I stopped jogging, but to keep the momentum, I went fast walking.

Surprisingly, my fast walking was almost as fast as I was jogging just before I stopped. So since it saves energy and didn’t feel much pain, I did that all the way until about 20km mark. The last km was like eternity, but I still managed to run a bit here and there, and suddenly, I can feel my calf muscle move up and down, anytime it would have crammed up. So I continued fast walking, until about 100m more, I just ran and finished it. It was such great experience.

The weather was totally awesome. Even when the sun came out, the clouds were blocking for quite some time, and that was great. The people running were great too! Encouraged one another along the way and smiled. Surely, this will not be the last, and the next should be soon enough, join me la! Though now I’m super exhausted and every part of my body is hurting, nevertheless, its exciting to run it.

21km finisher,
Wai Leem

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Jun 26

Looking back at archives, I can’t believe I didn’t write about last years Teacher’s Day!

Well, last year, the prefects were in charge for the first time. It was a big thing to us. The planning was so extensive that it took so long and until we could come to a final decision, we had to do so much last minute work that a couple of us all stayed over night to finish up stuff. It was indeed a great experience.

But this year, once again the prefects handled it. This year’s planning much smoother but without big mascot, rather very small scale. The only reason the prefects are doing it again this year, was because the teacher’s loved walking the red carpet we prepared last year, so this year they probably wanted the same.

But well, there really isn’t much to talk about this year’s teacher’s day. A lot of people were complaining about the PA system and all. Quite a number of delays too. But well, at least it didn’t rain and everything went quite okay la.

All I wanted to say is that though I probably didn’t give cool gifts or even just a gift, I appreciate and really thank every single teacher, whether taught me or not, I just wanted to express how grateful I am, though at times you may not like me, or I dislike the way you teach or act, but its okay, I still love you.

Teacher’s day 2 years ago I did write a lesson, saying that we should mean what we say. Don’t just express that we are thankful to teachers on teachers day, but everyday, and also not just to say it, act it.

And so I have been and will. Teachers are truly indeed builders of the next generation. The next generation should really learn to appreciate, care, listen and obey teachers, though at times really irritating, frustrating, and just pure, arg! But nonetheless, it will be hard to be somebody, if nobody taught us to be somebody.

Thank you teachers, thank you! and Happy Teacher’s Day!

Student of CHS,
Wai Leem

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Jun 25

Well well. So I owe this post to you all.

I can’t remember which morning watch it was, when the person-in-charge asked, “What do you want to see in the CF?” I knew that inevitably the question will be posted to me to answer. Last year, when I was first installed as President, I said this, that I want CF not just to be people meeting every week, but people of service to peers and teachers, to go past the four walls of our school.

Ever since I said that, even as Recess Revolution is going on, I just can’t understand why I just can’t seem to fulfill that desire. But anyway, with that question in mind, I didn’t answer it that morning, but was hoping that camp will give me some inspiration, that God will “re-enthusiast” me.

Well did it? In a frank manner, No, but God had something else.

Now don’t get me wrong, the camp was really good, there were souls saved and praise the Lord! What more could we expect from that? The way the pastors shared their testimony and their life was truly amazing. I’m sure broken hearts were renewed, relationships were restored. Just that for me, it was not a straight forward answer.

I think being a Head Prefect would have been way easier than to be a CF president. I told Tian Yoon before, that the difference is that in CF we deal with lives, not that in Prefects we don’t just that there is a way less consideration of many other factors of person that we do not need to take into account. Before becoming a president, I was really into it, going all out, doing what I do best. The “problem” started when I first step into presidency, after a few months, then, its like I just suddenly lost it.

“It”? Its like the moment you come to an issue, ideas and all just keep on pouring out, and surely one of them is good, and when worked on, becomes better. Its like you know that God is really saying something, discerningly know what’s the next best action, and what’s not the best idea.

Then if you have read my post on last year’s Prefects Annual Dinner, how I really cried out to God for help and how He answered so discreetly yet I knew that the whole progress and all the ideas were from Him. Even as you read down the post, I talked about Marley and Me, and how it just so related to my situation that time. Now? I can’t respond to movies for lessons that easily, partly a reason why I’ve not continued writing any lesson in so many months, because I just am unable to form things in my mind. So just as the Prefect Annual Dinner, I asked God to really help me, and I really needed his help. Not that God is unreal or wouldn’t answer me, because that is so not true, but I didn’t get the exactly answer that I want. And that’s why God is God, because we can’t really fathom his thinking and why He does what He does. If only we knew huh?

So then, what made this camp good for me? I think throughout, the first night was impacting for me. At the end of the first session, Ps Danny gave a few ‘categories’ of people that he wants to pray for. I raised my hand for a category totally unrelated to God’s answer. Once again, odd but cool. But before I was prayed for, I also likewise had to take a step of faith and walk to the front. I did, and as Ps Danny was praying for me, he said exact some words that would describe the situation that I was in, the frustration I face everyday, the struggle to be who I used to be. And then it hit me.

All this while, asking God to help, He did and is still doing, probably not the way I wanted, but that doesn’t matter. In the end, it was an assuring statement to me that God cares for me and He really knows and sees what I do through. Its like a father, who sees his son learning to ride a bicycle, but every time the son falls, the son cries out to the father, yet the father doesn’t help, just smiles and says, “get up! try again!” Cruel and evil father? No, because if the son was a little child, surely, the father would go and help. But this child has grown up, has seen a lot, has been through a lot, and now the father asks the son to learn to pick yourself up when you fall, to know that the father is always watching, knowing everything that I go through. Not just learning to pick himself up, but to gain the encourage to cycle through life challenges, still falling, but at least enduring them, having confidence to overcome obstacles, and ultimately, to rise and we fall. That’s my heavenly Father, and I’m his son.

And that is how much CHS CF Camp 2010 meant to me, how it was, and how great God is. Really, he will never leave us nor forsake us. Thank you Jesus.

In God I stand,
Wai Leem

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Jun 11


Right after a 3 week mid-term examination, was the CF Camp 2010!

It was crazy, exams was strangling us, and the camp planning was put to hold. But with just too many things left undone, some awesome committee members denied time to study and sacrificed it to finalize things, Great Job to you people! Excellent.

As for me, I’m sorry, study was a bit more important, but I totally acknowledged their work and effort put in the finalize those stuff. Yet I did the only thing I knew how to do, fast and pray.

Exams ended on a Thursday, I started getting my head into finalizing the games, souvenirs and everything which wasn’t done. I went to friend’s house almost every night just to get things done. Stressed? Its a miracle if I wasn’t. But on Monday night, tired, still getting minor little things done up, slept at 2, and prayed.

The day began, I woke up, still stressed, and even more than ever. Got ready and went to school. Worship practice was going on from 8 till 10, I went to the foyer and started meeting people. This year, we had many n0n-CFers, but it was totally cool having them. Gathered at the foyer both waiting and watching the LM camp participants being mentally tortured.

At 11 am, we left school and headed to el sanctuary in Malacca. Great stuff on the bus I must say, lame jokes, stupid jokes, taking loads of pictures, and playing iPod touch games. Yes, some of those new friends were obviously very quiet, and some great people went to talk with them. But generally, there was a lot of loud laughing in the bus.

Got there, walked up a very steep hill all the way to the camp site. Location and first sight was probably not that cool, but as we ate our first lunch. OH MY GOSH. What people say about their food is so true, such great food please. Had a short camp briefing, and started going to their dorms/chalet. The hall was at first very very terrible, but after cleaning up, it wasn’t that bad, and after awhile, quite good actually. We had the 4 teams, Garaipena, Pobjeda, Ushindi and Pergale, make their team armbands and flags. It somehow took quite a bit of time, so after that was a short rest and back to awesome food, dinner.

After dinner we had our first session, Ps Danny was speaking and it was excellent. I’ll talk more about it in my next post. After that, many of us were quite tired, went back to the chalet/dorm and slept.

2nd day, after breakfast we had devotion and talked about tiredness, what makes us tired, is it a ‘good’ tired or a ‘bad’ tired, and Ps Danny gave us a good tip, that is to prevent tiredness rather than to lessen it. But during devotion, we really had a good time sharing and I really thank God that people shared.

After the second session by Ps Danny also, was lunch and after lunch we had some games. During that interval, one friend gave his life to Jesus! Anyway, the games was very much adapted from IMPETUS camp, but it was cool and I hope everyone had a great time. I do know that everyone was tired and exhausted, but it was cool, with all the dancing, water gun and balloons, etc. Had time to shower and rest, after dinner, third session and this time with Ps Julie! Great speaker with a very dark past, but yet after an amazing transformation, turned into a great testimony, many hearts I felt, was indeed touched and moved, I personally was amazed.

After the session, the time came where everyone partied and shiok sendiri with truth or dare and some of us played monopoly cards! Yea! Noisy? Thong Ding was pissed, but yea, we were darn noisy, until we had to really break the group and get back to our dorms. Yet some still stayed up till very late, I just slept la, too tired.

Morning session was great too! And we had 4 salvations! After an hour of testimonies from different people, I shared too, we packed our bags, had lunch and headed back home.

Time passed so fast, and just one more day would have been all the more awesome. But well, it ended here, and it ended great, but to know more on my perspective and view and how God worked in me, wait for my next post! Its going to be soon!

Camp game coordinator,
Wai Leem

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