May 15

Just came back from PJ/KL combine Recess Revolution gathering. It was amazing! Being with like minded people, sharing ‘wowing’ stories and how God impact lives all around PJ and KL. Simply spectacular.

But what really affirms what is said in the bible, and what really impacted me a lot, is that a lot of testimonies shared, all somehow, oddly, involve non-christians and sadly, christians are giving excuses not to be involved.

Who is God going to use?

The bible mentions that God really doesn’t need anyone to bring about His message of LOVE, we’re merely his vessels. When Jesus was triumphantly entering Jerusalem, everyone was shouting and praising God, and the pharisees asked Jesus to tell them to keep quiet, but Jesus replied that if they keep quiet, even the stones will cry out.

If the Christians are not going to stand up, God ain’t gonna give up, and his name and LOVE will still be proclaim even if He has to use the non-Christians. That’s how great our God is, and I’m not saying this as a hope or prayer, but its because its already happening.

No one will be able to stop God’s work, and if Christians are not going to be a part of it, in a friend’s lingo, he would say, “joke please”. Don’t you feel privileged to be able to serve God and stand for the one true God? I am, and I will not stop at any moment.

Its about being a revolutionary,
Wai Leem

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May 09

SWEET! Purple house OWNED!

Months and months before this, there was little heat going on, then yellow house started, not too long later, every house started, except for purple house. Probably 2/3 weeks after, we finally had our theme, and got the right people for the right job, plans were formed and work started, though on a very very small scale.

As it got nearer, Merentas Desa owned by purple house, sukan tara owned by purple house and sukan saringan also owned by purple house, more or less, we knew that no matter the result during sports day, even if we lose everything and red house (who was in second place) owned everything, we would still have won. But did this let us be lazy and slack? Not a moment or for a single second at all.

Marchers busy marching and decorators busy decorating. The spirit was building, I knew that we would go far. There was even once, whereby red house called all the decorators and scolded them saying ‘Look! So few people! 3/4/5 people everyday, LOOK AT PURPLE HOUSE! 8 to 10 everyday!…….” Something like that. I accidentally overheard it and how comforted and excited I was. No doubt, that that fact was true.

As it got nearer, my very super duper awesome deco head, Yung Ping, cannot ever feel stress, or so he tells me. He was so calm although we had A LOT more to do. I do believe partly because of his calmness, he made quick decisions and everyone also felt light and easy, did work efficiently. Excellent leader in the deco part, indeed the best of the best, because he is also last year’s top scorer for the art subject. The heat was on, a lot of painting was going on more than sticking tissues, costumes were also in progress.

Somehow everything looked the same even until the last day before sports day, people just doing work wherever needed, not complaining one bit and most of all, many of us were learning new things, like how to tone colours, sew stuff and etc. Fast forward a bit, the wood was set up and decorations started going up, and I must say it was SO VERY AWESOMELY beautiful. I personally, but so do many non purple house teachers and students agreed that we were the most beautiful tent. We got everything done by 5, while the 4 other houses were slowly setting up stuff and facing some issues.

With time passing so fast, I got into my costume and got ready for marching. We marched and performed our best with dedicated marchers showing the ungu spirit. Though the result was fourth, we probably won’t argue too much cause there were a few mistakes here and there and some parts of the costume fell. Fast forward again, VIPs saw our tents, and running events started after that. The big drama of sports day mainly for purple house, is that the results for purple house’s tent was fourth, immediately a couple of us consulted teacher and teachers themselves consulted the judges immediately. Why the enthusaism? Simply because we didn’t deserve fourth, I am personally not saying because of pride. Since the morning before everything started, ours and red house’s tent was already the shortlisted ones by many students and teachers to be either the first or second. Now fourth? we demanded reasoning. Turns out, the reason was so irrational, that’s why the results were likewise. There is more detail, which I will not venture in here. But one thing I’m glad is that we did not complain about other house’s tent because there were some doing touch ups when time was up, and some crossing limits, but because throughout the months and weeks before, there was a lot of help going back and forth, we didn’t speak a word this time. Because of this result, some cried, sob and most of us went emo. Such a disappointing moment, a moment which lasted all the way even during the prize giving. Nevertheless, we’ve accepted the khemah results, and we all know what we should have deserved. Looking at all the Facebook statuses, ungu fellas have indeed found success of the khemah in their hearts, and nothing can change that.

Well I must say, that though we didn’t win the first place for the tent, I truly believe that all the time when the stuff was kept in the CF room, and with prayer, whether me and whoever else, God really blessed the stuff and gave us success in what we did. Success probably not in results or prize, but success in proving that we not only can run, success in building relationship, success in being one house with one mind and one spirit, we kept together and never scolded, and always kept as calm as possible. Like what Kai Boon says, ungu has always been known for building and maintaining relationship from years and years back, its our semangat that keeps us together, its our passion to give our best that binds us together, and that’s Rumah Ungu, Purple house of CHS. When every other house comes up with a facebook page or group, we had ours since the year before and seniors from way back come to encourage and support, I also think that our blog was also earliest, but I’m not sure of that.

So, this year, during sports day was really a disappointing and tiring one, but the entirely process was an enjoyable and unforgettable memory for me. I made new friends, known more people, and grown closer to others, I truly hope this keeps up, because I love every single U-N-G-U member. I also reaffirmed a lesson that when we have a strong and unwaivering passion towards something, you can’t help but to go all out, no matter how sure we were already going to win overall, everyone gave their 110% in every detail they did.

Thank you Lord for success, our effort and creativity, can only come from you.

Purple house secretary 2010,
Wai Leem
p/s: I don’t know why, but I seemed to end up in shadows, just like prefect camp. But the difference is in prefect camp, I help because they needed help. In purple house, I just cannot sit and stare and admire because my love and passion towards purple house is ever so strong.

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