Apr 27

Once again, another one of my last events that I will attend in my high school life.

If I’m not mistaken, I probably joined this event every single year without fail, and every single year I fail.

Not This Time.

Thank God, this time, He got a team that accepted me, and I was glad.

It was indeed a great experience, starting off with one practice on a Saturday and that coming Friday was the group stage, we hardly practiced. So how did we fare? Just like COPA IBA futsal tournament that I attended  years ago, I got Second! Personally, I’m already very happy, but for some, a bit disappointing.

This year’s street soccer really proved to me my position as a player on the court. I’ve tried attacking, mid-fielding, and defending and goalkeeping previous years, and I always thought that defending was more of a stronger point for me. It turns out that during practice and all, goalkeeping seemed more relevant, only in futsal though.

My team: Leong Hooi as captain, Mani, Ge Hoa and our very lucky substitute.

I guessed we played pretty well throughout the whole tournament and we also had lucky draws with different teams and I just thank God that He brought us this far, especially for me, though winning on my last year would be cool, but nevertheless, second is already very encouraging, seeing that every year previously I got nothing.

To end this, to my team, I’m sorry if I made concedes unnecessarily or carelessly, but cheer up, second is still better than nothing. =D

Goalkeeper (not pro yet)
Wai Leem

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Apr 16

A friend posted on her status “I need a control freak to control me!” Immediately, I clicked “like”.

I did that cause it sounded cool and made sense, then soon, it kept me wondering.

Do we need that control freak?

Somewhere in the past I wrote a post on self-control, in that context, that control freak is ourselves. Why? Because self-control is all about controlling ourselves! *duh* So thus, we are that control freak. But in that post, I said that we need to LEARN how to have self control. But before we have ‘mastered’ it, who controls us?

I think that’s why we need a control freak. And guess what? You know who always seems to be the best control freak? PARENTS LA! Isn’t it so true?

But its so clear that many times we just wanna do things all on our own, to take things into our own hands, to do beyond what we can cause we THINK we can, to overestimate ourselves, to outdo ourselves, to do so much things that we are interested, and to only end up having our parents so confused and frustrated and worried for our exams and studies. So without self-control, we just end up doing, and doing, and doing, and never stop doing, while what is and should be more important is left behind, neglected. Don’t we need a control freak to start controlling us? Before we can even learn to control ourselves?

I left out one thing on how to learn self-control. That is to be controlled by someone in order to learn where to control ourselves. Its like saying we must learn to speak loudly, then we will surely know how to speak softly, because if we only speak softly, we will never know whether we can speak loudly unless we try. Likewise, we need to go to extremes and learn to submit to the control of someone trustful, then only we can slowly start to learn to trust ourselves, control ourselves.

It really doesn’t matter who is that control freak, because in the end, the choice is in our hands. Because that control freak could be friends, relatives or family members, but our human nature can always rebel and only we control it. Nevertheless, in life, as I said in my earlier post, we do need self-control, and the earlier we learn it, the earlier we save ourselves from probable danger.

I’m likewise working on it, we all in this together.
Wai Leem

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Apr 11

But something greater than Sukan Tara happen on the same Friday, before Sukan Tara started. The annual event organized by the Christian Fellowship, and always held in the Lecture Theater (Dewan Kuliah). It is none other than the event in conjunction with Easter day, the annual Easter Rally.

But this year was like no other.

If there was a word to describe it, it would be indescribable. Because it was purely unimaginable, and its all because of the grace of the one and only true God.

This year, we started setting things up during recess, so by 12 pm, we could straight away start practicing and pray rather than shifting things. I personally had to go and wait for the pastor at the main gate.

So we tested the projector and sound and etc. everything seemed to be going well and now we can only just wait for the people to come in and get seated. This was where the amazing thing started to happen. Publicity this year was the same as previous years, just a couple of times announcement and that’s all, besides the personal invitation to our friends. Then as we waited and musicians were still practicing, and as I tilted my head up, the crowd just couldn’t stop pouring in, until they had to sit on the benches, which has never happen before during the previous years.

By that time, Shu Min and Jo Fan were awe struck and just went ‘wow’. Shu Min even scolded me for not saying ‘wow’. But personally, I was moved within myself but I’m not that kind who will extravagantly express my feelings. Nevertheless, all the more I kept praying in the Spirit, believing that it will not end just at the size of the crowd, but people will respond to the word of God.

Pastor Gurmit Singh (no not Phua Chu Kang), was excellent in his sharing. Like many times, especially sharing the gospel in such a limited time, he went on with testimonies of people’s life without God and how it was transformed when they accepted Christ. The whole time I continued praying, and looking out for people who could be receptive to the word.

He came to the alter call, but he did it a very different way. This time of all times, was the first time I hear a Pastor ask everyone to open up their eyes during an alter call. But the reason was to encourage those who are willing. So about 10 seconds after he gave the alter call, one person raised his/her hand, I couldn’t see who, then the who hall was clapping and cheering because someone has been save. From the on, it was like the a ball rolling, people just started raising their hands, even some whom I recognized as non-Christians raised their hands too. Once again, the feeling was indescribable, because it was all done and worked out by a Great God, an indescribable God.

We prayed the sinners prayer and whether some really meant it or not, I wouldn’t know, but all I know is that we must make every effort to follow them up to help them understand that the Christ, Jesus Christ, which they have just accepted, will never leave them nor forsake them and will always be with them through thick and thin, I personally can testify to that, and I want them to experience it.

No doubt that this will be one of the most memorable things of my high school life because God was really behind this whole event and every mistake and trouble we had to go through. Now this is not and never will be the end, we have new people in the BIG FAMILY! We got to continue to follow them up and figure out a way for them to grow in Christ.

Once again, Indescribable.

Wai Leem
p/s: Though I hear people say that some were not serious and uncertain of what they believed in, nevertheless, there was nothing that we could do, and at times, we can continue to be amazed at what God can do through uncertainty and un-seriousness.

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Apr 11

I think I would be the only one in history to ever post about sukan tara, i mean, who does that?

But since this year sukan tara will be another one of my last ones, I might as well post a short one.

Well sadly, this year, I only got 2 points, shot put and 100m. I was one step short of the finishing line for 600m and fouled my long jump.

But what made this year special for me was before we started, we couldn’t help but just cheer and be in excitement. Probably the best attendance we had so far and the response of the crowd was spectacular. Abhilash said a few words and everyone just couldn’t stop cheering, even when we were doing our warm ups, the spirit was so uplifting.

Previous days, a lot of the committees were so worried that not many will turn up and even if they did, they wouldn’t be so semangated. We were all wrong. For me personally, I felt that no matter how much points we got, no matter whether people come for deco and stuff, we have that intertwined spirit among us that we stand as one house with one cause.

I believe that that cause could be to win, because when we all want to win, it spurs everyone to greatness, though at times some start to taunt others, then that isn’t good. But when we want to win as a house, that’s why people will come together, to help each other, to stay back after school, to just be in fellowship, because we are not winning for ourselves but as a team.

So Rumah Ungu, we are on the right path, let’s show the others what we got.

Wai Leem

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Apr 07

Don’t worry, the capital letters have no particular meaning, just that because I have written about this 2 times already on 2 different places, I just wanted to write it here to record a statement that I want to make now and in the future.

The other 2 places are HERE and the CHS Christian Fellowship site.

So what is Recess Revolution?

Recess Revolution is a movement/mobilization of young people who are maximizing “recess time” (“waktu rehat”) in schools to make a statement of what they believe in, and to make an impact by being a positive influence right where they are. It is a coming together of like-minded, “like-spirited” youths to do something together in their schools with a mission to make the difference and bring about positive change! It is not just about bringing people to Christ, but – even more so – about bringing Christ to people!

That’s what Recess Revolution (RR) is all about, and I shall break it down into 5 parts, based on the highlighted words.

1. Movement and/or Mobilization.
This is what its all about, to gather Christians from the whole school to understand that revolution can happen as Christian students gather and put effort to make a difference. But what difference? I’ll get to that on the 3rd point.

2. Making a statement.
Why are we Christians? Because we believe in a God, his name is Jesus, who has died and rescued us from sin and because of his great love, that sacrificial love, we want to make a statement not by standing on the podium and threatening people to believe in Jesus, but by walking around the school and whether by words or actions, say that we are Christians and we are afraid or shy about it. Neither will we be shy praying in the midst of crowds, or serving students or teachers in every way that we can.

3. Positive influence.
Remember the question on the first point, what difference? This is the difference. Doesn’t matter what detail it is, but just one criteria, its all about a positive influence, and positive change. Why would we want negativity?

4. Doing it together.
United we stand, divided we fall. And this is why we should do it together. Its not just gathering Christian students from around the school, but to do something glorifying to God. Simply by picking up rubbish wherever we go, or giving ‘Jesus Loves You’ cards, whatever it may be, its all about doing it together. If one man cannot change the world but able to change the world of one, what more if there could be 5 or 10 or 15 people! Even if we only change the world of 15 people, God’s names is still glorified.

5. Bringing Christ to people
Too many times we try to get people to go to church and give them an opportunity get connected to God. Though good, but its time that our school needs Christ. If we can’t bring the school to Christ, let’s bring Christ into our school, because God’s everlasting sacrificial love is available anywhere, everywhere we invite Him. So Christians, let’s invite Him to come, and my other friends, don’t worry, we won’t force you to become Christians, but expect love and the presence of God to pour in like never before.

In the end, like what Ps Andy Yeoh said, its a vision. Something that hasn’t happen, but when we have a vision, we are driven to accomplish that vision. If you believe in this vision together with me, then don’t hesitate to join us, God is always waiting for more and more willing servants of His.

Wai Leem

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