Mar 20

Once again, another one of those “last”, because this year is indeed my last prefect camp.

Last year, I wrote the post called “Perfect Prefect Camp?” and I expounded on how everything went almost perfectly well, when the seniors started to criticize mistakes and failures. But how was this year?

First day
Started off in school with PRAYER. Lie Keat, Shu Min, Hui Xin, Andrew and Timothy Hong were all there. After a  short time of just committing the camp unto the Lord, I just felt energized and started to mingle around with other prefects. The day started off with games and some fun, which I felt it was good, the only thing I feel that the organizers could have work on was not the games or even the logistics of it, but the implementation, as in to get people to be excited, to get them to be “yea! I wanna play!” Other than that, it was good overall. After having lunch, we finally boarded the bus and headed straight to Dusun Eco. My bus in particular had a hiccup halfway. The bus suddenly stopped by the road as we all wondered why until the driver told us that he was giddy and blur, couldn’t continue driving. What to do? Somehow they manage to contact the first bus which have already reached and told it to come back and pick us up. It was a long long long wait, but I personally had some little fun by jumping into a dry drain, pretending to pee. Besides boredom and some random singing, the bus finally came, we switched bus and continued our long awaited journey. Upon reaching, a truck took us all the way to the campsite because the steep mountainous roads was too much for the bus. By that time, a lot of groups already started going through the obstacle course. I personally started taking photos of them as they went through it. Fast forward, after dinner, headed to the hall for a game and we started a perhaps interesting investigation, which I felt the answer to it is STILL, suicide, because it makes PERFECT SENSE also. Supper came and every group started to discuss their fun night drama. However, the Form 5 ended up going back to the hall to rehearse the morning dance which comprised of a few songs, oh what fun we had laughing so hard until my jaw hurt.

Second day
I wanted to start with devotion or prayer, but I was busy taking care of Hong Ken the night before, I was too tired to wake up. I went for the morning dance and danced while losing my ego =P but all is well as it was rather fun and cool. But once again, I still felt that it became more of a duty than an activity because of how it was carried out. After breakfast, we went for jungle trekking which I really loved so much. I drank fresh river water and became refreshed! Excellent! I also had a really fun time with the instructor at the back, we laughed, joke and made fun of some stuff that we did and see. Lunch came and after that was the inaugural station games. I wanted to join my team but I offered to help Lie Keat distribute some stuff. But the games was so long that I still managed to join my team. Ran around with them and solved ‘missions’. This part got very tiring because of the hilly terrain from one place to another. Some prefects in fact crashed out halfway and didn’t continue. Everything ended at the pool, I didn’t participate in the game but I sure did jump inside, I had to, I needed to, the weather was quite hot, but the water was freaking cold. Took bath had dinner and then it was fun night. By that time I was already falling asleep but kept myself awake by clapping doing some standing ovations anytime something cool appears in the various skits done. By midnight it was over, I played 2 rounds of a new card game and I slept.

Third day
I was just too tired to wake up. Heard my alarm but slammed it back off, went back to sleep. The rest carried on with the morning exercise, I woke up just in time to gobble down some breakfast. After breakfast, was the annual talk by a certain college, this time it was Sunway with the all-too-famous Ms Wong. Seen her, known her for at least 5 times ever since Form 2. I must say, it was a SUPERB talk but it is all too useless if the top doesn’t understand, or unwilling to realize. The talk seemed short because it was just too good, after that, groups played tug-o-war in the pool. From then onwards, time seemed to pass really fast. After the game, ate lunch and started the closing ceremony, thanking various individuals for their hard work, gave prizes took photos and packed up, left. All happened in a blink of an eye, we boarded the bus, headed back to school.

This is Prefect Camp 2010. As I went into the bus I lost one of my bag pack, while my luggage is in the bus compartment. Indeed there were important stuff in there, but I prayed and slept nevertheless. The cool part is that when we reached school, the bag I lost, I found, but the bag I put into the bus I lost. AMAZING! Seriously, until now, I do not have it, meaning that I don’t have all the clothes that I brought, including my jeans, underwear, umbrella and of course, my water gun. I am still hoping that I’ll get it back soon.

So what is my opinion on this year’s camp?

As I said earlier, games and activities could have been run more cooler and awesome. Too many a times they make things serious, making it more of a activity in the time schedule than an activity which people are excited. Secondly, if this was really a leadership camp, apparently, the theme was ‘new beginnings’, I didn’t feel that it came out, but what I felt was that after the talk, I am once again hoping for a new beginning in the Board of Prefects, as I have for the past 3 years. Thirdly, likewise, I felt some people could have been a bit calmer, some people could have not been so authoritative, some people could have been a bit more lenient, and some people a bit more understanding. But as for me and my part, since I was not in the committee, I helped out in every way that I can, and unlike Kidzone Fun Camp where at least I was publicly appreciated, this time I didn’t get it, but I felt perfectly well, because now I realize how enjoyable it is to SERVE without any expect of return. Yes, teachers did appreciate me and some friends, and I love it and cherish it.

All in all, this year, I felt that it could have been better, but nonetheless, good job to all those who planned it, to all those to put in time and effort, to all those who were stressed out, to all those who had sleepless nights, and also to all those who participated.

Like I mentioned earlier, this leadership camp is a new beginning, if and only if, certain people, and you know who you are, take a stand and change for the better. So many times a group of us have been mentioning changes, but we stopped because we were tired, now you hear a professional, and like the shirt I saw Zhi Cheng wearing, written on the front was ‘same same’, at the back was ‘but different’. At first I didn’t understand it, but now I do. If a leader is in front leading and followers are all behind, when we encounter people, we can have the same personality, same posture, but behind us, a different system, a different power, different followers, followers that follow out of freewill, not forced to.

Thank you once again, and as of now, I had a good rest before school started, now I have to rush all the freaking homework left, I bet you too!

Participant of Prefect Camp 2010,
Wai Leem

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Mar 15

This is a long owed post to everyone, ever since last year. Forgive me, my bad.

July last year, I wrote this post about continuing learning piano. I promised to write another post on my answer, but until now, just didn’t have the mood to write it.

So what has been my decision since the past 7 years? I have stopped.

Yes, many shared on how times like these will come and how I should at least finish grade 8 or how surviving through this ‘tough’ time, will surely end up worthwhile. But my decision, is that I still stopped.

Nevertheless, as I also said previously, it wasn’t that I didn’t like it or didn’t enjoy it, it was just that as a priority compared to many other things, it just couldn’t climb the ladder. I know of people who love it so much that they rather play than do other stuff. For me, probably I just didn’t love it that much to that point, or perhaps I loved valued other things more.

But nonetheless, though I have stopped, I still love running my fingers through the keys, figuring introductions of songs, and just playing on my own freewill. At times when I feel like trying something new, I’ll just do it. Not to mention times where I just take out chords, play and just spend time worshipping God.

Perhaps my time learning piano has ended, but my playing has not, and I pray that it will not.

My piano has been with me through exams.
My piano has been with me through joy.
My piano has been with me through stress.
My piano has been with me through laughter.

I cannot leave it alone.
Piano player (not pro though),
Wai Leem

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Mar 13

Forgive me, blog was not updated because I committed myself to a computer fast throughout the whole period of examinations, which i must say, was very very worthwhile sacrifice, might try that again.. =P

First term exam passed relatively well, NOT TOO BAD.. I have hopes for it. But throughout this time of computer fasting, I just wanna share one thing.

Lesson 27#:

I realized that I’ve never talked about this value in my blog ever since I started. Most probably because I was not even self controlled, but sharing about it now doesn’t mean that I have mastered it, just probably, got a real better understanding of why its so important.

Having the computer on during the exam period is ALWAYS the greatest temptation, not that its a sin anyway, but still, having being scolded by parents and constant nag, I still fail to actually succeed to just leave the computer alone for that 1 week ++. Not only that, problem usually occurs MORE, when parents nag, I get all frustrated and irritated, all the more can’t focus because I will be complaining on how going on MSN at times could be an advantage (because can ask friends questions that I’m not sure) Which till this day, I still don’t deny it.

So anyway, on Facebook, I made a public declaration that I will NOT on my computer for the next whole week.

Did it work? YES. To be TOTALLY honest, I went to the library one day to study with a group of friends, and he showed my all the comments on my status and the ‘likes’, I also had to on my computer twice because I had to send a very important email to a friend who needed it urgently and for a certain research. Personally, I still felt I succeeded. I’ll get to why I say so soon.

So the only way to really keep away from the computer for the most amount of time, was to stay back in school and do my studies there. I would only reach back from school at 5 plus. Late? Surely, Beneficial? 101%. Because of the reduced amount of nagging, it was so much easier for me to concentrate. I just hope it all pays off..

But despite me having on the computer, why did I say that I still succeed? Self-control is probably one of the most controversial and hardest values to attain to, yet it really depends how you define it. Going on a fast and making a sacrifice ALWAYS brings self-control into place. Yet in times like these, what we sacrifice have to COST something of value or not, even GREATER value to us in life. So what happens when for example, an email MUST be read or sent, or perhaps you get gastric from fasting food or maybe you will get punished for not checking your a sms from a senior? Now, which overrules which?

Answer for me, its very simple. As long as I know for myself that it was more beneficial to do whatever it is, and in terms of Malaysian moral education, that act would have been more ‘rasional’, then yes, I’ll go ahead with it. But usually when one is fasting food, one wouldn’t get gastric, and dying to watch your football team play is not a good reason to overrule the sacrifice of watching TV. Generally, boundaries of a sacrifice is set by YOU and YOU determine how much of self-control you wanna build.

Which brings to my next point. Self-control in times where you intend to compromise but have second thoughts, is your self-control low or high enough? I always have this strong inclination to Proverbs 25:28, every time the topic of self-control is mentioned. Proverbs 25:28 Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control.

Which brings me to 4 questions that I started asking myself,

What is my wall made of? Strong concrete believe/Shaky, wavy and unsure understanding?
How thick is my wall? Thick to withstand or thin that crumbles?


So, is my wall broken?

But it doesn’t end here, because if it breaks the most important thing of all is,

Am I going to rebuild it?
Answering those questions for yourself makes up the crux of my lesson, because only YOU yourself know your own wall. Imagine you being the king, you MUST know your own wall the PROTECTS your city. Being the king of your own decisions, do you know how powerful your wall is? Is it powerful enough to protect you?

But how do we build of self-control? I believe it comes through a group of people that you trust, could be a family, friend(s), or even God. Knowing what is right and wrong, strengthening our values and Rebuilding and Repairing every part of the wall.

Strengthening my wall,
Wai Leem

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