Feb 28

Oh Finally! Yes, I know that it has not been updated for long, but since the first day of CNY, I thought I should write the next post on the 15th day of CNY. I mean, why not? =p

So how was my Chinese New Year 2010?

As for many, either you headed back to your respective hometowns, or you ended up like me, staying on in Petaling Jaya/KL. So the first day, as tradition and annual customs would suggest, my family and I did the usual visiting to our relative’s houses. From our first granduncle all the way down to the 7th granduncle. But before all the visiting started, because that day was a Sunday, my family went to church first. After a great sermon, the “roundings” started.

Nothing much to say, because every year is always the same. Having a lot of tidbits in the first house and by the 3rd house, every year we have pizzas, and because every year the weather is generally very hot, my dad would be sleeping on the couch. (Yes, even sleeping in that particular grandaunt’s house is annual, seriously) Even the pizzas are annual, never fail. This year also my uncle from Singapore came up, so bigger crowd and more cousins, more fun. Not to mention, playing DoTA with them (since its the easiest LAN game) until about 3am on Monday morning. Also another annual and a MUST to be played is Pictionary! At night, we will always end up at my 7th granduncle’s house for dinner and their specialty food. There, with another younger group of cousins we will always play Pictionary, to a point that I don’t even know how it all started, but yea, VERY FUN!

Yes, the first day always filled with annual stuff, but still, it never fails to be enjoyed.

Throughout that whole week of CNY, many were away, people on msn also so much less, and those away were having a good time I’m sure. Sadly, I got stuck at home, so with nothing much to do, I had to finish all my homework lo! Plus peek at some reference books a bit. But that was how sad my Chinese New Year was. During this time, I also finally managed to reformat my mum’s com, which I am currently using, because I gave away my previous one for a GREATER CAUSE. Even as school started, my CNY mood was still kicking in, woke up terribly late on Monday, and for the very first time in my whole schooling life, even since kindergarten, I WAS LATE! It was more of a joy than grieve, cool le?

And yes, everyone who was busy having fun and maybe those lazy, perhaps, all were rushing this and that homework, starting to worry about exams and all, such wonderful sight, when I know I personally and safe from all these (except exams).

THIS ONE I SPECIALLY WANT TO MENTION. My late birthday gift was also given during the 15 days! It was a sneaker, Adidas Superstar 2, and its SO FREAKING SPECIAL, that I when I google image it, there isn’t any that I can find! So that is how special it is, and THANK YOU to all who put in your part, I really appreciate it, its wonderful! I really cannot hope for more, this is already an addition to another great birthday I had this year.

So as the Chinese New Year festival starts to come to a close, and many taking the long weekend as the great opportunity to study, I on the other hand, ended up watching Book of Eli, and later on, today night, I’m watching Little Big Soldier. I must say, Book of Eli started of pretty blur, rather unsure of where the show is going to go, but I tell you, right at the end, it just simply BLOWS your mind away, gives the WOW factor that I’m still having even as I think of it. Its a very powerful show, I encourage especially all Christians to watch it. I’ll do a review on it soon enough.

So that’s about how my 15 days of Chinese New Year went about. Started off with all the annual stuff yet still so fun. Followed by nothing-better-to-do, ended up studying, my birthday gift and movies. This year, just seemed a bit more smoother, relax and more calming. I just hope every year gets better!

My 15 days,
Wai Leem

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Feb 08

Yes, I’m back in business.

Before I continue with all the tons of work that needs to be done desperately, I also need to write this as a reminder to everyone, so I’ll keep it short and simple.

And particular, I hope that there is this certain group that will read it.


During the recent event, Merentas Desa 2010, which I wrote about in my previous post, there have been a lot of complains especially from those who were disqualified.

But the interesting part was this, news came to my ears that some who openly cursed them either upfront or even sarcastically, were called to have a little chit chat, and they were asked to apologize otherwise discipline action will be taken. And yes, news came to me that they were pissed ALL THE MORE.

So what’s my point here? Now I’m not saying that cursing a group of people for their failed action is a good thing or it should have been done, I also do think that it is in fact not that good, but I want to shift to the attention of those receiving the criticism.

Openness, is something I’ve learn to develop over time. Its something hard to birth but yet it can be so very useful in life.

Basically, as insults and criticism is thrown at us, it is always not about reacting, but responding. Reacting would mean upon receiving an insult, an action is immediately produce to counter it, most of the time, it doesn’t go through thinking, rather mainly emotional reaction. Whereas responding would require one to actually sit down and think before taking an action.

Perhaps those who insulted them should have apologized also, but to FORCE someone to apologize and to act as if being insulted is a BIG THING, something seems so wrong about it. Take for example the prefects, we practically get insulted from the time we start officially being a prefect, to the time we finish our term. Only those who stand out as a people person would be safe from harm, otherwise, trust me, no student actually likes the prefects.

So my point here is, be open about it, don’t react and cause small things to become a big issue, to a point as if the world will fall. When I heard about the news, I was all the more sadden because when people know about this, it just speaks to the world that that group is just unable to handle criticism. I do acknowledge the hard work and effort put into all these, but since matters are bad, spend time fixing it than to make matters worse.

Please, be open.

Concerned runner,
Wai Leem

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Feb 06

Indeed like what Nicholas said awhile back, this year, there will be and have been a lot of “last” stuff. During that time, it was my last Gerko Day, today, was another one. My LAST Merentas Desa in Catholic High School.

After the announcement of results, and hearing people cursing and some crying because they were disqualified, I went to the CF. Throughout the time in the CF room, eating lunch and walking back home, I was just wondering how I could have done so much more, how meaningful this year’s merentas desa really is to me, and how I will never be able to run as a purple house member in a cross-country race anymore (Unless I end up in Form 6).

Today was indeed an experience to remember.

Before today, there was a big hype of people just training and training after school. It was like some kind of health craze or something like that, but a group of us concluded it as peer pressure, seeing our friends running, we all also want to run.

To be honest, I was one of them. I’ve always liked running long distance, whether or not its time consuming or what, but its something I like to do. The odd part is, despite my liking to run, I have this weird dislike, that is I don’t like getting tired, because most of the time, there is just so much work to do, getting tired is not a very good circumstance, energy is greatly needed. So that always held me back from running. But because of the recent hype, I was also excited, because now I know that “if he/she runs and gets tired, surely he/she also can’t finish his/her work, die, then die together lo!” So I started training too.

Whether it was at school, the real track or even at my housing area, I’ve always had someone to accompany me, and it will always be part of the 2010 Merentas Desa experience. You know who you guys and gals are, Thank You.

So this year, as the whistle blew and we started running, I only had one thing in my mind, “GET THAT FREAKING POINT” So I ran without stopping, a pace way bigger than I’ve ever ran before. At first, I started getting tired, and the person I was pacing was slowly getting¬†further and further, so I tried to pick up my pace and stride, but my legs were still getting me very tired. And as I pondered about something, can’t remember what, tiredness left, I managed to gain control over my mind and the¬†psychological aspect, I managed to press on and get ahead.

Because of that, I have achieved my own personal goal. I’ve always wanted to be in the top 60, and I FINALLY DID IT! Form 2 I got a point, but was way back, far from 60th placing, Form 3 I failed, Form 4, I got a point, but didn’t get any number, but was suspected to have gotten about 60 or 70 something, around that area. So this year, with clear determination, but honestly, a bit of uncertainty and low confidence, God was ultimately there to bring me through, and help me 58th placing. Perhaps not THAT GOOD compared to the 57 placings in front of me, but God has given me enough to remember what an awesome Merentas Desa it has been for me.

So congratulations to every house and every runner, you all did your best, I HOPE. And to every person on duty, I would prefer that you ran, but its okay, someone needs to be on duty, and you filled in that gap, and a special thanks to the PBSM for rescuing some of the runners and taking care of all runners medical needs, WELL DONE.

But it ain’t over yet people, this is just the beginning, and more is yet to come.

Purple House runner,
Wai Leem

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