Jan 30

So what so different about my birthday this year?


Let’s start from the eve, on Friday, 29 January 2010.

I came to school, already knowing that there will be a party at my house at late evening, but that’s all I knew. To be really honest, I was also wondering whether I would receive any other stuff. Anyway, I went to school, and on normal routine, went to the CF room for morning watch.

People started to come in, Jo Fan came in, but this time his face was suspicious. He took out a birthday card for us to sign, but it was for Jaclyn’s birthday, on the 31st. Nothing for me went on in the morning. As usual, school started, and more work piled on.

After school, as usual again on a Friday, it was CF time. Quickly set up everything and got it running. Everything was going on well, until I ask Jo Fan about something concerning that week’s CFprogram, he gave an odd reply. I was suspicious AGAIN, but I was more worried whether the program is going to be okay or not. And as I expected, they called all the January babies and we sang the birthday song CF style. Had a great time laughing while being called oldest among the January babies, it was really a fun time.

Anyway, after that, CF was over and we put back everything in order. Then Jo Fan revealed Jaclyn’s card. Had a great time laughing out loud, but at the same time, was wondering whether I would get a card this year, cause in my entire 16 years, not once have I receive a card made by friends. After laughing and all, Jo Fan said “switch sides”. I was “huh” then they turned towards me and Jo Fan presented my birthday card, which was followed by deafening screams from Laine, Mellisa and other crazy fellas. Yes, it was heart warming. While the rest was making sure everything in the classroom was properly set in its original position, I took a quick glance at the cards and everyone’s wishes and I stumbled across Aaron saying “I hope you like ice cold water” How could I not be suspicious AGAIN? I asked Jo Fan, and he ignored me, but he was also busy, so I didn’t want to pester him.

Rumah Ungu was about to start, I wanted to go and change my clothes first, but Jo Fan asked me to wait for awhile. We all then went down together, and gathered in between the CF and Prefect room. They pointed to me a corner where a lot of boxes were stacked up. They told me that it was my birthday present. So they asked me to open it by tearing the boxes. I was firstly scared it was some sort of prank, so I was ready to run. After much hesitance, I placed my hand on the box, and as I was about to tear it, Aaron jumped from within and was pouring water over me. So from my running stance, I RAN, and once everything was over, only to realize that because I ran, half of my body was wet, the other half was dry, it was so weird.

So after all these, I met Ms Koh! and went for Rumah practice. After which, I got ready to go back home, Timothy and Lie Keat followed me back for the small party. After taking bath, only then one by one some started coming. We had fellowship around my house’ marble table. Had a great time again talking laughing and what not. We even went to Mr Wong’s idolized website, ngsir.netforms.com, which was actually good. (I’ll put the names later) We had dinner at ss2, though wasn’t classy but I felt so much more relaxed, not to mention they bought me a birthday chicken, literally. Like how a candle is put on a cake, they bought chicken and put a candle. LAME but AWESOME. =D

After dinner, came back home and had the real cake. And as expected, they tried to push my head into the cake. Well, half succeeded, and that was all thanks to my mum, EVIL mum. Again, sat around the table eating and eating food made by Tian Yoon. Then slowly one by one, everyone started to leave, only Nicholas stayed over for the night.

That was just the eve, and now on my birthday,today, actual date itself, there wasn’t any party or whatsoever, but it was already awesome for me. Had breakfast with Nicholas and by noon he too went back. Not too long after, I headed off to church for Kidzone! Had another great time of fun with the kids and they sang me a birthday song just now =). Really, another family to me. Had dinner with my bro, then came back home, on my computer and starting typing this.

After what has happened, I still haven’t mentioned the countless sms by so many friends and relatives. Not to mention calls too, and not forgetting a call that I would surely remember, by Callie Foo, who called at 1.35, around there, intending to wake me up, but sadly, I was still awake, haha! Indeed, she’s an awesome friend. We talked a bit, I was very speechless, as always, laughed and hearing her voice made me remember of so many other friends that have either switched school or migrated, like Matthew, Jonathan, Kimberly and so many more.

So that is my birthday, 17th birthday, in year 2010, indeed, a remarkable and memorable one. A big thank you to Tian Yoon, who organized the little party at my house, Shu-Li, Amy, Lie Keat, Timothy, Nicholas, Yu Song and Aaron, who came to my house willingly to celebrate with me. Also Jo Fan, Mellisa, Germaine, Eelaine, Justin and other CF fellas who enjoyed it with me. A separate and big thank you to Jaclyn for making my card, my first ever card signed by people. And finally everyone who at least took a few seconds to type “happy birthday” on my facebook wall. Thank you everyone, thank you all!

Now off to say my “thank you” to many people!

17 liao,
Wai Leem

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Jan 29

Well, I don’t know about you, but after quite awhile, I’ve been anticipating this post, just waiting to write it.

If you were following, well, I decided to leave my blog’s 100th post for the eve of my birthday which also happens to be my blog’s 2nd anniversary. Just a brief history, 29 January 2008, I started off in blogspot, then after awhile, I moved to mediarakyat.net and then not long after, shifted to mejournals, here, and I believe I’m here to stay. =)

So, how was the last 16 years of life?

Well, I started off as a kid, naughty and talkative kid wherever I went, and so friendly even to a point I would let anyone carry me (according to my mum). I used to like lying, *gasp*, and still have clear memories on the times I have to bend over and get spanking from my mum, but it all was for the better. Entering primary school was no different, still remember the times I chased people around the school or played ‘pepsi cola’ and how I used to be the MASTER of it, I owned that game. I also almost stood a chance in my school’s table tennis team and I just had one more set to win, but nah, didn’t make it.

Very soon, I shifted to over to Selangor, and at first, it was YEA! But after awhile, it was HAIZ.. But then, my life in Kidzone started. I’ve mentioned kidzone in my blog many times already, so you could check it out if you don’t know what it is. As I starting to get used to the lifestyle, my spiritual life then started to grow and accelerate so much more. This was when I started to change from kid-ways to more perhaps matured-ways. (Although you see me sometimes acting like a kid, remember, its ACTING. =). As I used to tell my mum when I was in primary school, that somehow, I never had problems mixing around with people. And no doubt, changing to Puay Chai when I was in primary 4 wasn’t a problem as I blended in quite well. Then came primary 6 being the tai ko and bullying prefects (ironic eh, since i’m one now). And in primary 6, being under peer pressure and facing teenage-hood, I had my first girlfriend! *gasp* I bet many of you don’t know about this, even my family. But very soon I broke up, because I was convicted by God through what my pastor shared about BGR (aka BurGeR or Boy Girl Relationship). Ever since I was proud to tell people that I’ve gone through it, and having that kind of relationship is a no no at this point.

Well, another big part as I came over is, Kidzone, as mentioned earlier, made up a lot of my life. Starting as being a kid, spectator, to a helper and teacher. Its been an excellent journey and a joyful one no doubt. Meeting people like Ps Andy, Uncle Kim Soon, Aunty Karen, and so many more, especially those who faithfully send me back home every saturday. All their little effort or even much, impacted me one way or the other, they all filled some sort of gap in my life, whether big or small, it was all important nevertheless. Here, this was I grew so much more in my walk with Jesus. Despite not going for youth, I always pressed on to go for Kidzone, and God has blessed me so much. My commitment was so high that there were certain areas that my mum stopped me from going, that was how much I loved it.

So what about my secondary school life? Form 1, 2 passed like wind. If there was anything to remember, I was the assistant head prefect, but the years after that, I regretted not doing so much things, so much things I want to do now but can’t do. So form 3 came and PMR was the pressure. Thankfully, God helped me to ace it, except for my chinese. Then quickly was science stream, form 4. Tough year doing many new subjects and going into ‘club politics’, but although I didn’t get what I wanted, God showed me that He had more things planned for me, and it was evident. I managed to buck up my final term exam results, and the year soon ended with me going for 4 camps during the school holidays.

28 days from the 1st of January, and here I am today.

This is going to be a longer post than you think, cause I just have one more thing to write.

You would have noticed, I changed my blog title from “The LIFE Bomber” to “Building a ship” Why? you might ask.

During this years Kidzone Teacher’s Retreat, Ps Andy talked about relationship and he touched about blogging, for say 3 minutes? But whatever he said made me do what I’m doing now.

I made one very big mistake throughout my 2 years of blogging, I’ve always wanted to write to “impact lives and change lives”. I’ve realized one thing, that I can impact lives, but I cannot change lives. Why? This is because I can only do so much, only God can change lives, and takes you to believe it. There was nothing wrong in my previous blog title, because I really just wanted to share my life experiences with everyone. But I also feel that this year, what I really lack, is a relationship with many people. Many times its just high and bye, or perhaps touching on homework. But have I really build a strong relationship with people? Yes, with some, but not with many.

This year and from now on, I want to learn to build that relationship with many people. I have this vivid imagination, that if one day, someone comes to me and says “Wai Leem! I’m very touched by your post!” And then sadly, I have to secretly peek a glance at the name tag and cook up something to encourage or to seem as if I understand what he/she is going through. This ain’t the way its suppose to be. I don’t just want to cook up some words of encouragement and be off with it. I really want to know that person and really be a what a friend means, that is to know someone WELL.

I’m going for a start!

And now, thanks to a group of AWESOME friends I have in school, I’m off for my pre-birthday party!

17 years old in a few hours time,
Wai Leem =)

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Jan 08

If I’m not mistaken, this is a title of an album by Reuben Morgan.

Today’s CF committee meeting really opened up my eyes on certain things. Certain things that I realized I have not been doing or perhaps avoided or even neglected doing.

After much talking with Jo Fan, which he seems rather frustrated (sorry Jo Fan). I nevertheless needed answers. In the end, I realized 2 things.

Relationship and the Expression of it.

In CF today I talked about relationship with God, and ultimately, that is what he is looking for. But what I didn’t share, was what would or should happen next is actually the expression of it. What kind of expression? This is something Jo Fan didn’t explain but he put it in a way that I realized something.

When we were talking about recess revolution, I asked him what are we going to do, he said we will do something, but I don’t know what. At first, that to me, is not my culture, but I accepted his premise anyway. But what I think he meant and perhaps what is also true, is that when we have a relationship with God, we will slowly catch on to His heart. When we have the heart of God, one words stands out among the rest, that is COMPASSION. Compassion in simple words is this, loving from the heart to the hand, which in itself defines the relationship with God from the heart, and the expression of it through our hands.

Then I concluded again, that this is indeed, seeing the world through His eyes. But it cannot be done without a relationship.

So despite my restriction to Kidzone for this year, I believe that God has a reason for it. God is calling me to do something, perhaps like Jo Fan, I DON’T KNOW WHAT, but I believe just as he believes, God will ultimately show the way, all God is waiting for, is our one step closer towards him.

“Father, forgive me, for at times, I have been ignorant and unteachable. Teach me Lord your ways that I may know you more. And ultimately, may your name be glorified and magnified in my school, that not just CF will have a relationship with you, but the school, students, teachers, admins, will come to know who you really are. In Jesus name, Amen.”

God is awesome,
Wai Leem
p/s: I believe God also had his timing because I recently obtained an album by Steven Curtis Chapman, and about 5 songs spoke so clearly to me. I knew I had to write this post.

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