Dec 31

Yes indeed, for many of you bloggers, this last post for the year is like a must!

Honestly, I didn’t read many blogs to see what others have written and to know what they perceive of this year. Well, my previous post are all generally long, so I’ll keep this as short as I can.

Honestly, this year is indeed a good year as a whole, though there were some bad parts here and there, nevertheless, it didn’t stop me to do what I do.

Let’s have some good news then, starting off with winning the drama competition national level and getting a opportunity to become a CF president. There is nothing much I can say, just look back at those previous post and you will know what happened.

As for the bad parts, results, sadly is one of the factors again, which includes my first time failing in a subject. Thank God I never went into depression or that sort like last year. Another major issue is in the board of Prefects whereby I didn’t succeed in getting the position of a Head Prefect.

But what do I really think of this year? Despite the good and bad?

Well, personally for me, I lost my sense of priorities. Which subsequently affected my results and personal relationship with some people.

I’m glad on one issue is that I have a stand, and I placed my stand so firmly on the ground, that whatever has happened in the board of Prefects cannot shake me. Ray Aun asked me to work my ‘magic’ and I am, and I’m glad to know that what I do is not based on peer pressure, not based on the surroundings, but on my belief. Previous years, I have always easily conformed to certain standards and agreements by following the majority. There is a post that I have written, a lesson in fact, called “stand”. It clearly states that if we do not stand firm, we easily fall for the world. I made my stand, that is why nothing can take me away from what I believe in.

Which brings me to the Christian Fellowship. I’m very grateful and thankful to get this opportunity, and I really appreciate the current committee that I have. This is another perfect example of a crazy yet serious bunch of people, aside from Kidzone. They really have the desire and passion in what they do, and I pray that as we enter 2010, nothing can stop them.

Speaking of which, Kidzone has indeed risen another level, grown their capacity. It is simply amazing. The joy every week, despite a tiring week, and the enthusiasm to serve the kids is just spectacular. Nothing can beat this team of people. And no doubt, I’m not just glad to be a part, I’m excited. Each and everyone of them have been an example to me in various ways, as I bring it into my school, I have indeed learn so much, more than words could express.

More than words could express the joy, of victory, as I am reminded yet again on the joyous victory of the national level drama competition. I love acting, and I have indeed got this opportunity and this honour. I doubt I will join next year, but this is really a great experience, something I will surely never forget.

Speaking of opportunity, I was asked to go for a camp done by the MPPJ city council. In the end, its about forming a child council to basically make PJ city a Child Friendly City. What I went through this year, really was just the beginning, and I’m anticipating more to come. Finally, my dream to serve the community around me is slowly coming through.

Well, these are just the major ones which I have experience throughout the year. 2010 is surely another set of different tides, different waves, but bring it on, I’m ready to step into the first decade of the 21st century.

So, I’m ready, are you?

In for another awesome year,
Wai Leem

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Dec 29

“Wake up! Its the season of the year!……..”

For those who knew, my church had a musical for the Christmas season, the musical was entitled season of the year. But don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about the musical, though it was splendid, I should say.

Well, Christmas is over, A new year is dawning. For me, this season of the year, wasn’t as grand, wasn’t as WOW, wasn’t something that I looked forward to. Not that there was something unhappy or discontented about it, just that, it didn’t have that excitement that it used to be.

Before Christmas came, a group of Kidzone teachers were just sharing about what Christmas means to them. Well, for some, they didn’t grow up celebrating it, yet for some, it was a gathering of families, and for some, it was a indeed a season of relax and remembering the reason for the season. I grew up in a Christian home, Christmas was celebrated every year, and I DO KNOW what its all about, and indeed its about the birth of Jesus, who came to sacrifice His life for many. Every year, I hear and at times say the same thing, because no doubt it is true, but over the years, it became a knowledge than a conviction.

Because of that, I didn’t feel the “wow, Jesus came to save me” feeling.

As I pondered why this is happening, I remembered seeing this video in my youth camp, the camp I mentioned in my earlier post. Its called “That’s my King” As I just happen to remember about it, and since at that point in time, my computer was right in front of me, I went to search for it in Youtube and watched it again. After I watched it, I could only think of one thing. How can I not celebrate, if ‘THAT’S MY KING’? I surely have to!

Not that I’m obliged, but because he is that kind of KING, I want to celebrate! Then onwards, I celebrated Christmas this year a very different way, though not loud and screamy, but subtle and truly from my heart. This is year, is indeed different.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all, remember, That’s OUR King.

Wai Leem

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Dec 21

Narrowstreet (NST, no, not New Straight Times) is a youth group in my church. And this time round, they had their camp from the 16-19 of December.

If you read my post earlier, you realized that my mum fetched me from Timothy’s place after the annual sleepover at 6.30 in the morning, why? Because I had to rush off to church for NST camp.

I will not go much into detail, but for all 4 days, it was indeed a very very tiring camp. This time, it was army style, but it was only army style for only 3 hours per day. The rest was the sessions where either Ps Sam Phun or Ps Andy Loh would share. Knowing them itself, really, the sessions just come to life and it was really really good.

First day, once we reached Felda Trolak, we started off with some games and also went into our first ‘military training’. I was also the group leader and because of that, I had to do suicide runs for 6 times, and that can kill at times. But with that ‘military training’ left me dead tired, and didn’t even give me any appetite to eat dinner. At night, after the session and supper, that was when I realized, I have to suffer without brushing my teeth for the next 3 days, because I left my toiletry bag in Timothy’s place, so not cool.

Second day, started off with prayer meeting, devotion, and sessions, and it was all good. Likewise, after lunch, we prepared for more military training, which was once again, TIRING. Nevertheless, my team endured much and we managed to secure our prisoners. There were much more than what I’m saying here, but that would be in too much detail. There were a lot of decisions to make, a lot of dilemmas to go through, and surely, a lot of letters to hold. At night, dinner and then sessions again, which was again, EXCELLENT.

Third day, more of less the same like the second day, just that in the morning, Ps Andy did the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. During that session, I could feel God really moving mightily in the midst of many and lives were really filled with the Holy Spirit and lives were given wholly unto God. After lunch, was the last military training. I expected a bit more, but it was tiring enough. In the end, when we all ended up in the hall and at the final part where we lifted up the word IMPETUS. Not just everyone clapped, but everyone clapped in unison, and the sound of that was like the roar of an army of God as one body, fighting the enemy. After military training ended, we all were so relieved. Night session was once again,wonderful.

The last day, there wasn’t much, besides one more session and a photo shoot. Here comes the part where I really share about the camp. I will talked on different segments of the camp. Firstly, the praise and worship is awesome, especially when they sing songs which have actions done by kidzoners, Ps Andy, che che Alice and myself would be happily dancing behind. Praise and worship was indeed a very lively moment and I enjoyed God’s presence A LOT, though there were hiccups here and there.

The ‘military training’ was indeed tiring, but I did feel that it could have been a bit more intense, a bit more awesome and cooler. Perhaps the army style, could have been the camp, rather than just that 3 hours. BUT, I also do know why it cannot, but, i mean, the real sense of ‘army’ wasn’t enough.

Coming to the most important part, the sessions. This time around, sessions were no doubt good, but the thing was I didn’t really feel much. There was no stirring in me, there was really nothing for me that made me like cry out to God, kind of a thing. I was really sad and angry why this is happening because for many years, I have always received something, but now? why Lord? So I asked and pleaded with God to tell me why, and what I felt God was telling me was, that he was already shown me things last year, things which I personally realized I have not fulfilled, because I am not done, God is doing a step by step fulfillment, he will not reveal until I accomplish. Along the years, I’ve always received something from God, and those things come and pass, God comes with something else. This time, I personally have not fulfilled, that was why God doesn’t want to bring me too far yet. Because of this understanding, I began to think why, why I have never succeeded in accomplishing what God had told me, and at one point, I felt that my whole year was wasted, wasted on things that I shouldn’t have done, or gotten myself involved with. I believe, that this is indeed the greatest lesson of all, that before we ask God for more and more, we must also remember to do what God has asked of us step by step.

So this year, NST camp, with the theme “IMPETUS” may not be the BEST in some parts, but it did teach me a great lesson, a life long lesson.

NST camper,
Wai Leem

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Dec 21

A couple of days ago, once again, I went for another camp. But before the camp, I went for the annual sleepover at Timothy Goh’s place. Both events took exactly one whole week, consecutively.

On the 14th of December, Timothy organized yet again the annual sleepover for the board of prefects. As a whole, I would say that it was the BEST sleepover compared to the past few years.

That Monday morning, around 10+ I got ready my stuff, and headed off to fetch Tian Yoon from her house. Around 11, we were surprised to actually be the first to reach Timothy’s place. Not too long later, other started to pour in. We had our lunch and as usual, the guys owned the computers, which left Tian Yoon sitting alone, carving floral designs on paper for Leong Hooi’s little surprise gift, that alone, took 4 hours. All of us signed the little paper carving by Tian Yoon and gave it to Leong Hooi during lunch. As usual, the part I love most of the sleepover is the meal times, where we just fellowship and talk and have fun with each other. We watched Zombieland, and continued playing some games, not to mention the dancing PS2 game, twister and my dutch blitz card game. Of all things, we also watched the nostalgic Tom and Jerry movie, which was really fascinating. At night, after dinner, we practically did the same thing, computers were set up like a REAL cyber cafe, and those who didn’t play somehow found something to do.

Next morning, we all got up early, which was surprising, and we ACTUALLY played some sports, basketball in specific. All in all, we had fun and enjoyed one another, not to mention Leong Hooi and Kai Lun just totally owned the game, and the rest of us just fooled around. Sadly, Tian Yoon got her injury and interestingly, Timothy Goh actually can play! Besides him NOT knowing some basic rules, but its still cool. =) After having our breakfast, likewise, just our own activities and games. Soon it was lunch and after lunch, that was when the highlight of the sleepover came, the WATER part. This time round we had a string across the yard, and like last year, balloons and pails of water. We really had fun this time round, for whatever reason it is, it was just a more exciting experience, and enthusiastic one compared to previous years. When it ended, we were all dead tired and very hungry, dinner later was finished really quickly. After hanging out outside just talking, it came to the 2nd highlight of the sleepover, the campfire. Likewise, we had it outside at the playground and it was just so relaxing and unwinding. Indeed, a wonderful experience. By the time we finished, packed up and went into the house, it was already about 4 or 4.30 am. That day itself was a Wednesday, which I have a church camp starting on that very day. I changed my clothes and somehow couldn’t sleep, so ended up talking to Tian Yoon until about 6.30 when my mum came to fetch me.

Nowadays, I describe events without going into much detail, but as I left Tim’s place, I said this earlier and I say again, that this year’s sleepover may be the last, but it was surely THE BEST. We had new people, first timers and we ALL had fun in the end. Splendid indeed.

Consecutive sleepover attendee,
Wai Leem

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Dec 13

Kidzone 2009 has ended! Everything now, is just a memory, mere reflection of the past.

Indeed  it was a great year, ever since January right up till today’s Christmas Celebration, the Kidzone team have indeed grown in stature and in favour of God, the unity and one-ness has increased tremendously. In the end, ALL GLORY and PRAISE to our father, Lord and KING!

This year, we added Kidzone Day of Prayer, a mv challenge  game (Wheel of Fortune), even revision games were all raised up to another level. Even from bible lesson, to memory verse, to object lesson and life application, everyone improved in their own special way, and most importantly, everyone learned and in whatever circumstances, was able to give God the glory.

I truly believe that the Kidzone team has really increased their capacity, in accordance to the church’s theme, but it all starts with a willing heart to increase. For many, even myself, wherever I go, I will never find the same team that is present here today. Someone once asked me whether I will want to go back to Kuching to stay or not, I said that I would be really really happy to do so, and the only thing that will hold me from doing that is this team of teachers and helpers, faithfully serving God every week without complain but with full excitement and enthusiasm to impact the lives of children. This is a team and more of a family, that I will regret leaving behind.

Kidzone made up a lot of my life. I started as a kid in Kidzone, an audience to the teachers. Then when I was 11, I was selected to attend a Monday night cell group thing. There I really grew in the Lord under the leadership of my dearest Pastor, Pastor Andy. So as I became 13, I started to serve in Kidzone as a service back to them, more of a sign of appreciation for what they have done for me. But as time grew by, I caught unto the vision, the vision and goal of Kidzone, that is “to train a children in a way that he should go, that when he is old, he will not depart for it” I truly believed in that vision and that was when my service in Kidzone was not people centered but turned into God centered purpose. Even after 4 years in the ministry, I’m glad to say that I’m a Kidzone teacher and I’m also glad to say that I’m not free on Saturdays because a child’s life is important to God.

Many people started to come on board, some adults and some youths like me. And those who knew my ‘grieve’ when I saw people around me start to pick up in skills and start to excel way better than me, I was discouraged. Well, those people did come from school, but there were some who also came from church, from this ministry. Not that I despise them to be better than me, but I’ve always wondered where would be prominent. I write this post, is because everything suddenly dawn upon me that when the phrase, “not everyone is prominent, but everyone is SIGNIFICANT” is spoken, it really carries a strong meaning for me. Also, my Pastor has also been saying, “I have seen many increase their capacity, NOT JUST IN SKILL SET, but also IN GOD” I took it very well, but I never really had that kind of revelation that I just had, to realize that people define you not as what you do, but who you are. In fact, Christians should not look at skill set, rather focus on the person, and the relationship with God. I was blinded by trying to be someone prominent in what I do,  obviously to the fact that my relationship with God is far more important than skill sets. For this year, I tried being on top, but instead, I’ve really learned to understand that there is also a need of people to “fill in the blanks”. I’m glad that God indeed gave me that chance to “cover holes”.

Before I finish, I would like to thank every teacher and helper, because you all gave essence to the whole team and to me. Giving me a sense of belonging and I know truly, that this team is more than a team, its really a family. In the prefect board, we like to say that we are family, but I would like to propose that you join Kidzone and really see what a family is, then you would understand how awesome and exciting when a strong family is present.

Specifically thanks to Pastor Andy and Alice for being there whenever I needed to really give me the sense of family, also to che che Fay Cheng for faithfully fetching me home without complain, che che Wai Yi and Shen who have been patient with me when I was playing piano for Kidzone, Uncle Kim Soon, Aunty Karen, Uncle Nick and Aunty Noelle for being excellent superintendents and keeping Kidzone in order, koko Vincent, koko Veng Lye, koko Nicholas and the rest of the gang for always brightening up our day. Many more indeed, but I can’t remember all, sorry people. But remember, everyone is SIGNIFICANT! Amen?

So that’s the end of Kidzone 2009, and it has been a fantastical, awesome, splendid, indescribable and BREATHTAKING year. I believe, we have a lot ahead of us, so all of us! Let’s get ready for another year of EXCITEMENT!

Kidzone teacher,
Wai leem

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Dec 11

Have you ever attended a camp organized by the government? Well, now I’m glad to say that I have!

Well, in an effort to promote a Child Friendly City (CFC), in accordance with Local Agenda 21, MBPJ have organized a camp to invite youths from PJ to be trained as a leader and to learn the CRC (Convention on the Rights of a Child). The camp was open based on recommendations of different NGOs, communities and some of those parents who work with the government. I was fortunate enough to be invited through Generasi Gemilang, an NGO.

To start off, I went to rendezvous at the MBPJ office with 34 other participants, among which, I only knew 2 of them. One happens to be a family friend and the other a church friend. I looked at 33 other people and wondered what would the result of the camp be, if you wanna know, read on!

So the registration started, and Uncle Sonny called our names one by one. After which he briefed the parents on what is going to happen for the next 3 days. The bus came slightly late, but came at last, and we all boarded and headed to Selesa Resort, Bukit Tinggi, my third time there. In the bus, some of us took the opportunity to speak and break the ice and got to know a couple of new people and how they knew about the camp, their age and etc. Upon arrival, we had a short short orientation and we split into groups and proceeded with some ice breaker games. Groups were Sirap Bandung, Teh Tarik, Limau Ais, Teh Ais. After having some fun, we went on with learning about child rights. Indeed it was interesting! But a bit draggy, as some started to doze off. So we learned about the 4 categories on why the child rights exist, that is for survival, protection, development and participation. Throughout the whole day and right until at night, we started with understanding want, needs and right and then an understanding of the 4 categories in detail. At night, everyone was so filled with information that it was hard for some to sit still anymore. Nevertheless, we understood something important, also, all these was done by 2 representatives from UNICEF. After the sessions and all, we all went back to our rooms tired.

On the second day, it was filled with games after games after games. Many of which is to train our leadership skills, to make us realize things about being a servant-leader. Its hard to describe every game, and I better not also, because you must experience them in order to learn. So the second day, it was just filled with fun fun fun! But of course, there were a lot to learn. And I believe the greatest thing taught was LOVE. Because everything else wouldn’t work without love. We discussed about giving, leading, thinking about other first and many more. At the same time, I personally really got to strengthened relationship with many participants there and it was great knowing them.

Finally, on the third day, we didn’t play as much, this time, it was a lot of thinking. Each group a category and brainstorm and choose one issue regarding the category and discussed about that topic. It was really interesting because a lot of people had a lot of views on certain things. But in the end we all had one goal, to make PJ a Child Friendly City. After the session, packed up, ate lunch and headed back to MBPJ. The night before I was asked to do a short sharing on the camp and so I was preparing it on the bus. The closing ceremony in MBPJ was interesting and exciting because we met top people! like the ADUN of Kota Damansara and some others.

It really was an interesting camp, and like what I said in my facebook status, from knowing no one, to missing everyone. It was that good and that inspiring.

Well, in the end, the camp is the starting of a great cause, to change PJ city, to change my city to become a child friendly city, not just by protecting them, but by providing an environment for them to develop and to participate in society. Before the camp, You and I know that when the government does things, a lot of people like to ridicule and look down on it, well, I stand before those people today, to say that the government at times don’t achieve anything because of people who don’t care. The saying goes “If it is to be, it is up to me”. I’m glad that I can now say, I am a part of a cause organized by the government, in an effort to make PJ city a Child Friendly City, and when that is achieved, I tell you, the city will be filled with values, because being child friendly requires values, strong values.

So its time to show love to people around us and be a role model, than kids will learn after it.

Wai Leem

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Dec 07


Got up about 6.30, rushed to change clothes and got into Fay Cheng’s car and headed to church.

Day 1

I was stressed. Went for briefing, prayed and lifted up the camp to God and soon later, we started to be with the kids, get to know them and have fun together. My team, Mercury, was a very ‘mixed’ up team with kids coming in blur and seemingly unexcited, but to my surprise later on, they were full of excitement and enthusiasm. My team’s cheer, “Mercury, Ganbatte. Mercury, Ganbatte. Mercury is the best, we will beat the rest!” We taught the kids our cheer, and of course practiced with them a couple rounds and started to ‘compete’ with other groups already.

To cut a long story short, we got the kids together, lined them up and brought them into the sanctuary. The kids were awed to see the stuff from the corridor onwards, not to mention the spaceship itself. They were all indeed, so hyped up and so excited for what is to come. We started the camp with really a blast, and every team shouting their cheers and Ps. Andy giving points to various teams. Then was games, my part. Well, I could see that they were excited, but I felt that I could have done better, a fault on my own part.

Then was a break time, and I had a great time with the kids. After the break, we started with praise and worship, then the awesome drama where the kids really loved so much. Bible lesson followed, which was very clear and straight to the point, then was lunch. After lunch, the 6-9 had an outing to the science center. They really had a great time watching and playing with things, as for the teachers, fun was surely there, but so was extreme tiredness. Once they got back to church, the kids were dismissed and everyone went back safely. After that was debrief where various comments were made. After that, some started to go back home, some stayed for drama practice and other stuff. We went back about 10 pm.

Day 2

Same like the first day, briefing started, and after that, fun with the kids and fellowshipping with them. Then they were brought into the sanctuary. Because of the first day, they were all the more excited and enthusiastic the next day. Everyone had fun cheering and also at games. Then went for a break again. After the break, we carried on with praise and worship which was like a concert style and the kids were so overjoyed singing songs unto the Lord.

Not to mention, the intriguing drama that simple captivated the kids in awe. Then was a bible lesson which the kids was a bit rowdy, but controllable. Yet Uncle Kim Soon and Aunty Karen did a good job teaching about the enemy within. I do believe that God was doing something in their lives. Then was lunch and after lunch, we had a movie time for the kids, where they were equally excited. the pre-teens and 6-9 years old split up after the movie time and since I was with the 6-9, we had a short video, an interesting video on creation and asked kids some questions. Then the kids did some tile painting about creation and some were really really nice. Soon it was dismissal, and debrief, then like the day before, many went back, some stayed on for various reasons.

At this point, I was extremely worried and stressed, BUT BUT BUT, thank God for Shin Neng, because I already had no more ideas for games for the third day, and he came up with 4 fresh ideas, AMAZING!

Day 3

I slept well, knowing that today’s games is prepared. Thanks to Shin Neng. Likewise, after briefing, we were with the kids, but this time, on the last day, it was different. We managed to get every team involved to play a “bomb” game. Which was really really really fun. The kids really enjoyed it, and it really brought the kids to get ready mentally and physically for the day.

Started off as usual, and games was a bit chaotic but yet, it was still really really fun for the kids. Then it was break time. After that, praise and worship intro was really cool! and so was the whole worship time also. Some kids cried and poured their heart out. Then it was the awesome drama, which I personally also cried at the end, because indeed, truth will always reign. Ps. Andy did an amazing lesson on ‘The father heart of God”. Towards the end, it really brought many kids and teachers included to tears. Lunch was next, and after lunch, was again, movie time.

After the movie time, the 6-9 years old had station games. They really had fun though it was a bit chaotic and messy at the beginning, but in the end, they did an amazing job and they still have much to learn but at least this is the stepping stone. The kids really did have fun and they were excited for some stations. There were 5 stations in total and 10 teams altogether. Well, soon it was dismissal and then by the time we got back upstairs, some were already starting to shift the chairs back to where it belonged. Everyone quickly fell into place wherever needed and played their role. In the end, without grumpiness or discontentment, the job was done really really fast and everyone still had their smiles on.

Soon it was debrief and it was also a time of short sharing. So there were a lot of ‘thank you’ going around, and others acknowledging others. It was a splendid time, as during that time, I’ve learned one of the most important things in my life, maybe not learn, but a tight slap, a big wake up call, something that also answered my issue on success of others (some of you might know this from my FB status awhile back) Well, it was indeed an important lesson to learn, and I will not forget it again. Did the final clearing up and once everything was done, we packed up and left the place.

Kidzone Fun Camp 2009, Nova One X: The Enemy Within, had ended.

As of now, I still think about it and remember the time we had fun with the kids, and to see the smiles on the kids, it makes everything worthwhile. No doubt it was tiring and exhausting, but it was really an encouraging experience and an unforgettable journey in life.

Nova one crew,
Wai Leem

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Dec 07

What happens when you have 300+ extremely excited kids? You get an amazing and spectacular event, not to mention, with the assistance of over 80+ teachers and volunteers. Indeed, Kidzone Fun Camp (KFC) 2009 was splendid with it ran with the title Nova One X: The Enemy Within.

Well.. let’s start with before the event. 3 days before the event, on a Sunday afternoon,  a team of teachers started to bring stacks of chairs from one floor to the other. Some went shopping for stuff, some were cleaning up masking tapes on the floor. I was involved in transporting the chairs, and indeed, it was really really really exhausting carrying few hundred chairs up one floor, despite having a lift to our aid, nevertheless, those involved always kept the enthusiasm running. Not long after having all the chairs sent upstairs, I started helping out in the rewiring of the sound system from the wires, to the mics and musical instruments, at least this part, I know how to do, so it wasn’t that much of a problem.

It soon was nearing night time, when Uncle Eric, who did most of the lighting, ask for my help. Since I was free and had nothing to do at that moment, I offered my help with wiring. Now, this is the part I never expected. That is, I had to help him do wiring for the lights, something which I have never really done before in my life, so obviously, I was totally blur and had to start from scrap. Fortunately, Wei Shuan was there, so he aided me in my distress and taught me what I needed to know. While I was intensely fixing up wires, worship practice was running concurrently with a full dress rehearsal. A couple of us sang along while we were doing the electrical stuff. Well, the wiring and all took up almost the whole night for me, and the remaining one or two hours, I observed Uncle Eric use what I’ve done and connect more wires and etc, and formed a circuit running along the whole corridor. Then after he was done, Sunday more or less, ended.

Early Monday morning, I already had the intentions of going to church, so I used the LRT and bus to get there. As I entered, despair came upon me. Why? Because along the corridor were a lot of boxes hanging on the wall and also some specially designed Styrofoam to make the whole corridor look like a spaceship. Well, sadly, a lot of those styrofoam and boxes fell from the wall, causing some wires to disconnect. At that time, I didn’t know what to do and I was the only one there. Luckily, some of my peers, girls, came not long after but they also didn’t know what to do about it, so we proceeded with doing the name tags. Soon, Nicholas came with materials for his point system and I helped him in the early stages. During a short break, I took time to stare at the fallen wires, suddenly it was as if God threw back my memory of KH and I started to remember how to handle wiring and how to form circuits and how to connect this and that. Then, I looked at the wires again, I saw it no more from a blur perspective, I knew what was needed to be done to fix it up. Immediately asked permission from Veng Lye to do the necessary adjustments and I got to the job right away. But, it wasn’t that easy too. From late afternoon till about 9 pm, I did nothing but that, just wires, wires and wires, partly not to mention that those boxes continued to fall (some of them). With wires, wires and nothing but wires, I ended Monday.

Knowing the amount of work that still needed to be done, not to mention some alterations here and there, I knew I had to go in the morning again. So likewise, went there, took my necessary tools and got down to work without wasting time. Everything seemed to be going really really well, and by late afternoon, I was almost done. But then, during that time, I started to stress again. Why? because I have not finalized my games yet. Not that I totally left it aside, but the fact that the camp is the next day, all the more I was stressed terribly.

By evening, I got the wiring already done, but there were some tubes (hard to explain what it is) that weren’t done yet, so I had to do it, not knowing that it is actually hard. So that in itself took awhile. Thankfully, people like Alvin, Aunty Nancy and Jimmy came in to assists when I needed most and I must say this, they really helped me out greatly and not just that, they did an excellent job doing it. By around 8 pm, I had to help out for the drama lights, so I couldn’t handle the corridor deco anymore. After the drama, I still couldn’t really handle the corridor deco, because of games! So I discussed with Shin Neng and Ps Andy. After done discussing just the next day’s games, we immediately went to prepare it. After that, helped out Nicholas to finish the last bits of the point system. The spaceship deco was also not finished yet, so we helped wherever possible and cleaned up the place. After doing this and that, guess what? It was already about 4 in the morning, and we got to be in church by 7, 3 hours later for the briefing! So some of us went back first and took bath and a very short nap and woke up, prepared,


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Dec 01

Everyone, welcome to my 90th post of my blog! WOOHOO!

Yes, many have reached way above 100, but as for me, I have made it thus far, and I’m glad at it. So welcome to my 90th post, as I recap and unify all 25 lessons that I have previously written. Something I call the unifying lessons to reach the goal of application.

Let us begin a journey that I will embark, shall we?

We all know that life is unfair, but before we can move on, we got to learn how to embrace it and do something about it, rather than just complain and speak, we should use our hands and work the plow (Lesson 8). Now knowing that we got to do something, we also have to know to stay whole and not sway with our character and values. We got to learn integrity, by living our private life the same as our public life, and not be “good here bad there”, basically, walk the talk (Lesson 7). Therefore in life, by being whole and having integrity, we got to learn to make our stand, stands on values, stands on politics, stands on religion, stands on the economy, stands on social issues, etc (Lesson 17). Knowing to have integrity and make our stands, we got to first of all accept it, because we have don’t even accept it, we cannot live it (Lesson 16). Then after accepting, we got to apply it because acceptance without application is useless (Lesson 11).

In fact, in life, personally, it doesn’t suck, but problems and hindrances try to make it suck and we must learn to overcome them (Lesson 2). But if we don’t know what drives us to move on, we will only be stagnant in front of the problem, and so we have to identify what drives us (Lesson 5). Now knowing what drives us, we got to place our passion at the right place because everyone is passionate, but its what we are passionate about which counts more (Lesson 10). But even if life now turns out well, we must continue to remain humble, a critical attitude in order to continue learning and to teach and pick others up on their feet (Lesson 23). In the midst of this, never boast about what we have achieved but take it as a blessing and continue to be humble (Lesson 24). But sometimes we are so near yet so far because when we set our priorities and start doing well in certain areas, we end up forgetting the other parts of life (Lesson 13). That is why we need to understand our focus and set our focal points because we have to major and major and minor and minor (Lesson 22).

When we do things, we also have to know that sometimes its not always about the work that needs to be right, but instead it should be our attitude first which needs to be made right (Lesson 4). Once we got our attitude right, that isn’t enough, because we got to let it get an A1, so that wherever we go, its the best character for all (Lesson 21). As we aim to reach an excellent character and attitude, we then got to understand that doing things and doing it well, are 2 major differences (Lesson 1), or in other words we got to do things to our best, the very best, and doing the best is indeed being professional in what we do (Lesson 20). But doing this well, will there karma? Is there an opposite reaction? There is nothing to worry, because as long as we do our very best, God will guide and lead us through (Lesson 25).

We also got to change to become paradigm shifters and change mindsets and the way of thinking in a positive way than to sit around and follow norms or “traditions” (Lesson 9). But in the midst of change at home, we still cannot take our parents lightly like a toothbrush (Lesson 3) and we must respect and honour them, all the more so knowing the importance of it in the bible (Lesson 18). Therefore, mean what you say, whether at home, in school or any where else, we have to watch over our use of tongue (Lesson 6). At times, we end up winning, but we must ask, did we really win? Because some people cheat to win, bribe to win, but they don’t really end up winning, so when we win, ask ourselves whether we have really won (Lesson 19). But sadly, the world is such that after we have won, be reminded that there is someone out there, who is better than you and strive to improve rather than be discourage and give up (Lesson 15). But we can have the assurance not to be the best, but to have hope in God, so that in whatever we do, as long as it is pleasing and glorifying unto God, we just have to do our part and God will be there for us (Lesson 12).

So all in all, I do all these so that I can change to be a better person and by being a better person I hope to impact others so that others can impact others and it goes on and on, because I do believe that the very little that I do, I and so do you, can make a difference in one’s life (Lesson 14). It is said, “I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one”

I’m aiming high, but more importantly, I have to stay high and last long, oh help me God.

Wai Leem

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