Nov 13

My previous post, indeed, was about graduation day.

Little did I realize, its near the end, end of my high school life, in just another year. I really love what Nicholas wrote in this post, read it.

Well, during the graduation day, I did hear many people saying things like next year is our turn, so fast la, we should appreciate every moment and etc. But it never came across my mind that bad, as it did now.

Just a couple of hours ago, I was talking with a friend on the phone, and I said that the one and only reason I stay in the prefectorial board now, is because I love the connection and interaction with people, something I realize not many love doing.

But yet, to have the desire and fully realizing that its coming to an end, at times, I wished I did better, at times I just wanted to be where they were, but sometimes, certain factors doesn’t permit me. The people I meet tomorrow, I might never meet again in just another year, the people I worked with and argued with, I will not have them to support me and at times, teach me anymore. So, what does all these come down to?

Like what Nicholas said, we got to treasure every moment that we have, here and there of.

Whether in the prefect board, like Ray Aun, Wan Jin, Hong Ken, Timothy Goh, Nicholas, Tian Yoon, Ley Kuan and etc.

Or whether in the CF, Yu Song, Grace, Germaine, Eelaine, Jo Fan, Timothy. I don’t count aaron because I’ll see him in church anyway.

Maybe those friends I’ve met in my class, Chun Yeen, Ching Yeap, Suat Li, Hoong Kiat, Sian Wei, Ryan, Daenevan.

Even teachers, Mr William, Miss Sharmini, Pn Lan, Ms Toh, Pn Chee, or trainee teachers like Ms Koh and fellow discipline teachers like Mr Lean, Pn Joyce, Pn Hoon.

Why? Because we will never ever find the same person anywhere in the world, but them, as we meet them everyday. Treasure it, whether in the midst of arguement, joy, fun or even discouraging times, because we will never see the exact replica of that person in years to come.

A note to my juniors, to enjoy all that you can and be glad to meet whoever you meet. And as for my peers, let’s treasure every second that we have, shall we?

Wai Leem
p/s: Names NOT mentioned here, its okay, because there would be too many to type, but everyone is as dear to me. Once a friend asked, who is your bestest of best friend, I said I don’t know, because I believe one is just as best as the other.

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Nov 04

Well, I don’t know how many people will also have the same title, but no doubt, it was really true. Today did start with a “bang”, literally.

It was the typical morning assembly where students gathered, but today was different. Today is the last day for the form 5s and upper 6 students. Today was their graduation day. So besides the form 5 and 6, there were hardly any other students present, except for all those who had to perform or did the line of honour. So after a couple of announcements, the students were asked to go back to class when suddenly….


It was loud, really loud, so loud that it caught some people jumping off their feet. So that’s where the excitement starts. I saw Pn Joyce elegantly walking towards the origin of the sound and as she passed us, she quickly told us to locate the culprite.

But the thing was we could not locate that fella, so everything went into danger mode. Head of spotchecks were immediately called to assemble prefects and spotcheck. I don’t know how many classes we spotchecked, but accordingly, we didn’t manage to do all the classes. The cool part was, all these turned into a threat as we said that if whoever did it does not reveal him/herself, then the whole form 5 would sufer greatly because illegal items especially handphones will be consfiscated. Even after the teacher’s threat, Timothy Goh also made another public threat. So yea, that is how the form 5s start their last day in school.

Throughout this whole time, the spotchecks were fun, but what was more fun-er was that we came up with some theories behind this happening. (It’s all joke, so to certain people who read this, this is all JUST FOR FUN, adding essence into our daily life)

1st. We have a Osama apprentice trying out with fire crackers first, and his alias is Osama Tan. (and because he didn’t try the real thing, next year will be our turn to do the REAL STUFF.)

but that isn’t as cool. This one is better.

2nd. Mr Lean secretly lighted one and dropped it there. Why? So that all these spotchecks can go on and we can consfiscate all the handphones. Then today when all the students have gone back home, they will be rejoicing in the discipline room with all the handphones. Then the next day, don’t be surprised if you see a store at digital mall with a overhead banner saying “Lembaga Disiplin” and they are selling handphones.

This is what happens when something drastic occurs, theories make up so much fun. It spreaded to a point that even the form 6s were also checked.

My day also ended with a bang. Both literally and figuratively.

The CF with conjoined effort with the computer club were doing the line of honour and  before we got ready, someone suggested to do the can can! So we quickly thought of how we could do it and then practised. But that isn’t all. We first pulled Kelab Kebudayaan in and they happily joined, followed by Kumpulan Harmonica and Guitar. PMO was about to, but Hong Ken wouldn’t allow, taekwando almost but also didn’t in the end. But I tell you, no matter who joined, whoever did had a whole lot of fun and laughing, not just doing it but also the process of it. I personally laughed until my jaws hurt.

So that was the figurative bang.

Sadly for many, who joined in the first literal BANG, didn’t get to experience the last one. While I was in the CF room, it went off again, I personally didn’t see who, but some CF members saw. But because this time it was even closer to me, the BANG was even louder.

So in the end, my day started with a BANG, ended with a BANG. It couldn’t have gotten any better. WHAT A DAY!

Thank you Lord, for a BANG-FUL day.

Wai Leem

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Nov 03

In accordance with my previous post.

I feel like I really lost touch of my ‘circle of friends’. Not that I have no more, but I just don’t feel connected to many people anymore.

It is as if people have started to grow links and produce more connections, and here I am, stagnant, no new friendship, gone no where.

This is not good.

Sorry all, if I hadn’t been there with you. I guess I have some issues that I have to fix with myself too.

Wai Leem.

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Nov 02

On the 28, 29 of October and 2 of November, I took this great opportunity, and chance, to NOT GO TO school. Yes, JOY indeed.

Most of the time, I still woke up relatively early, around 8, though much later than usual, and I would be doing my own things. On the computer, books, some chinese essays and A LOT of cleaning to do.

It was also interesting even as I was cleaning my room, then certain objects that I saw, letters, magazines, name tags, booklets, etc. just brought me into memories even as I think back of what I could have done, or said, and some stuff I shouldn’t have also done.

In the midst of all these, one thing I know is that it has past and now, I have to move on, learning from it. But the more amazing thing was, there also were certain things that have not changed in me, and I try remembering it, find ways to change, and stuff. All these started, as I clean my room. So the moral of the story is? Clean your room. Sometimes, you might be, just might be surprised at what you might find laying around in those drawers.

So yea, 3 quarters of my time was cleaning, the rest was reminiscing the past. So yes, it was a joyous time that I had at home. Yet.. things were going on in school, did I miss out anything?

For the past 3 days that I didn’t go to school, I did ask what was going on, and did any teacher teach and such. Yes, most of the time, the answer made me feel that I made the right choice not to go to school. Yet, today, Jo Fan asked me a question “do we have to be there for something?”

At first, I was like “there’s something on that I need to be there?” Soon after, I started to see the light in a whole different manner, especially when I read this story. To cut a long story short, A man saw a boy throwing starfishes into the sea and the boy replied, the tide is pulling away, if they don’t get into the sea, they will all die. But the man looked at the stretch of the beach and there were just too many starfishes, so he said, “you would not be able to throw all of them into the sea, it makes NO DIFFERENCE.” The boy just looked at him, then bend down and throw another starfish into the sea and said, “It made a difference for that one” Wow

Yes, at times, we really cannot impact everyone, we cannot please everyone, but whoever we can please, whoever we can bring an impact, we can start to make a difference with that one life.

What hit me was, what am I doing here at home? I have the opportunity to make a difference, but I’m not doing it in school, why? However, remember earlier about what I said about cleaning the drawers, I realized, how can impact if I hadn’t “clean my drawers” and have the desire to change? I would still be the unpolished Wai leem, having fellowship with friends until only a certain level, then other factors become limiting factors.

How joyous it is to stay at home though working yet relaxing, but am I missing out on what I could bring to others?
Ans: Yes it is joyous, but just like Jonah who needs to be mould before he could proclaim the gospel, I too need to realize certain areas in my life, change, and then make that difference. Yes I do miss out on some stuff, but sometimes, sacrifice brings much good later.

So I’m going to skip another day of school and also next monday and tuesday because plans were pre-planned way way ahead, I cannot cancel them, but I will go to school and be a friend to everyone around me.

Wai Leem
p/s: My point being, not going to school isn’t bad, but we need to also have the balance between the 2. If not going to school is over done, it segregates us from our social life, then that’s not good. My next monday and tuesday are plans that are not personal but i’m out with somebody, and thus social element is there.

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