Sep 13

A couple of days ago, on my facebook, I put my status as “Wai Leem Au Yong is learning to be an eagle…. I’m sure everybody is wondering, huh?” Indeed some did reply with a “huh?”

Its nothing really that complicated. Its just that a pastor, Pastor Victor spoke about an eagle, and his whole message was so awesome, because he related everything to that eagle. Of all the eagles that he used, he chose the Bald Eagle, the national animal of  USA.

So let’s move on.

First thing. Did you know that an eagle doesn’t flap it’s wings? I was surprised. Because apparently, it will wait for something called a *tur-something* wind. Its a type of wind. So when it knows that the wind is coming, it will glide and catch unto the wind, then it will fly high. But when it feels that it is too high already, it will get out, and glide down, without flapping its wings, it just swoops  down. Then when it is low enough, it will catch another that kind of wind and fly up again. But what I want to draw here is, in life, people do work without thinking carefully, without consideration and just get on it immediately. But I believe sometimes we really need to wait. Wait to do the right things at the right time. Just like how the eagle waits for the wind, then it will be able to fly very high. Rushing, could sometimes be the very thing that cause whatever we do to be just so insignificant. Rather, waiting, basically just knowing when is the right time, could be the key factor and also could save a lot of time on work wise. In fact, if you wait upon the Lord, he will reveal to you when he will want it to happen. Just like how David never went ahead and build the temple for God. Instead, he asked God first, and God revealed to him that his son will do it. So because of that, the temple was magnificant and in fact, it was a very friendly construction as a couple of nations contributed their treasures. What happens if David never waited and went on with his plan? Waiting is very important at times.

Second thing is that the Bald Eagle at one point in history, was categorised as a near extinct animal. In fact, the were laws created to protect it so extremely. To a point that there was a law which says “no molesting this bird”. That was how much to a point it was protected. Because of the laws that protected it, it managed to populate back, and today, it is nowhere near extinction. Are you a near extinct species? I tell you, leaders are not an extinct species, but GOOD leaders are nearing. Men and Women of God are also nearing extinct. What else? Even good hearted people willingly bringing a old person across a street, yes that is also nearing extinction. So, are you an extinct species? That is why sometimes we need boundaries, we need values to teach us, we need direction, just like laws that protect the eagle, we need all these so that we learn to go from extinct to a lifestyle.

There were I think 2 more things to draw from an eagle, which I can roughly remember, but might not be able to explain it here. Just that there is just one more which I like the most.

An eagle lives the longest amongst every other bird in the sky, but there is just one condition for that to happen. When an eagle reaches about 30 years old, its feathers starts to fall, muscles and bones are all weaken, and its claw is frail, and cannot catch any food. So now it has a choice, either to die, or live. But if it wants to live, it has to go through an extremely painful process. If it chooses that painful path, it will fly to a very high place, a mountain top. There, it will first pull off all of its feathers. After pulling out its feathers, it will then break its beak by hitting it on something hard like a stone. Then it will break its claws likewise. By this point, it will not even look like an eagle, and it is suffering really terribly. Then it will be on that mountain top for 3 months or so, waiting for everything to grow back. But once everything does, it can live for another 30-40 years.

Sometimes, when we feel weak and no self worth, we can have a suicide, or we could look to God for help. And most of the time, during this tough period, God will continue to break us, ‘destroy’ us, so that when we are nothing, we can be filled by Him, and from there, pick ourselves up again, start anew, start afresh and continue to live long.

A couple of years back, Kidzone merdeka celebration theme was “Fly high, Last long” personally, I can’t remember much of the message, but what i know is that in order to fly high and last long, we have to decrease and He has to increase in us, in order for us to Fly High and Last Long.

FFT (food for thought):
Do you wait for the right timing?
Are you an extinct species?
Do you want to Fly High and Last Long?

I ensure you, with all my heart, that there is only one way to truly know that you can do that.

Learning to be an eagle,
Wai Leem

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