Jun 23

To my surprise, many people have actually updated their blogs! Great job to one and all! Except for me..

So the time has come to revive the relatively, sleepy blog. Join me in a shout of “wake up” One, two, three! “WAKE UP!!”

Excitedly getting out of vitual bed: “Yes! I have something for you today!”

Lesson 25#:
Is there always an opposite reaction?

Newton’s third law of motion states that “for every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction” True, in terms of objects, but is that true in life?

Take myself for example. I participated in the drama competition alongside fellow team members and we did very well. But, in the midst of all these, i only had one week left to study, my time was totally all taken out. A lot of times we succeed in a certain way, then we realize that something bad or worse is heading the same direction. Or on the brighter side, sometimes we feel that we just cannot go on, then something happens, you see hope and continue to strive.

I came across a Chinese comprehension passage. Somewhere in the middle, it says that this guy’s beloved horse was lost but not found, the village celebrated for him. But he said a profound yet simple question, “Could this ‘good’ turn out to be bad?” A couple of days later, his son who loved riding horses, fell from the horse and broke his leg. Again, the village came and gave their comfort and showed kindness to him, then he asked, “Could this ‘bad’ turn out to be good?” A few days later, there was a small war, hundreds of innocent civillians died, especially once they leave the house. But because the son could not go out of the house, and the father had to take care of him, both were alive after the war.

Could good turn bad? or bad turn good? Is it always this way?

Its like a balanced force, leveling up between the 2. If you did extremely well, one day, you will fail extremely bad. Why is it like that? I believe the word is karma. Does it really exist?

This topic came to me very randomly, and this is one topic i have yet to find clues and answers. But i will tell you frankly that i do not know whether karma is true or not, whether bad will turn good, or good turn bad, or whatever. But I do know this ONE thing, just one thing. That I believe someone can give a bad turn good, good turn better, better turn best, and best turn *indescribable*. I will be very frank with everyone today, that fella, that dude, that man, is Jesus.

Love to all, all for love,
Wai Leem

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Jun 05

If you haven’t read part 1, scroll down and READ IT FIRST. Because this post is meant to feel in the missing pieces and gaps. Even the earlier post was already long, imagine if you add this in, WOW, TOO LONG! so i decided to split them apart.

The night before CF camp started, Sunday night. Aaron Ng Jin Ting, asked me a question which i believe, was the reason why this camp succeeded. He asked “What do you expect to see from the camp? Because Ps *****(can’t remember who) Once said that when you come to a camp with an expectant heart, God will give you more than what you expect.” At that moment, i was stunned, the words was indeed true, but i was so caught up doing all the physical work like games, preparing this and that, i really forgot to take time and pray to believe what God is going to do in this camp. Taken aback, i started slowing down in what i was doing, just pondering on that question. Just before i went to sleep, I made a decision saying “This camp will bring about a breakthrough and revelation to the campers that CF will not be the same anymore when they step back into the school.” And i believed it.

Our camp speaker was Ps Steven Wong, from Segamat. Surprisingly he was an old friend of my parents, way before they were even married! This was his first youth camp and I believed that he has a word for us this camp that would be able to help us realize and change the core of our attitudes and character. With him, he brought 7 or 8 youths from his church, Bao Qiang, Bao Yi, Tan Min, Joel, Eileen(a-lean, i don’t know how to spell it), Tan Min’s sister (again forgot the name), Zechariah, and i’m not sure whether there is anymore. They were really cool people to meet, very friendly and open to all of us. Great people indeed.

We also had a very good friend present although she has already left CHS, she is none other than Callie Foo Ai Lin! She came back and that alone brought joy to many of us who knew her.

Talent Time Night was one of the main highlights of the camp. Every team was given one fruit of the spirit and a bible passage. They had to act it out in any way they want, and style they like.

Red – David and Goliath
Green – Sick Women and Jairus’ Daughter
Orange – Paralyzed man being lowered by his firends
Purple – Feeding of the 5000
Green – The prostitute being forgiven

That was what team had to do, and i would clearly say very well, that each team did spectacularly well, and it was awesome seeing people throwing out their talent. The surprise for the night was that 2 spontaneous items were to be thrown in and they must use it at once. I think the Man of the Match for that spontaneousity was none other than John Koon, Leslie’s brother, he was awesome when he said “No! this is a shower cap!” Everyone enjoyed it greatly.

We did SOAP for devotion, Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer. Everyone did it wholeheartedly and seem would agree that it was really good because it leaked out truths from the Word of God.

Everyday after everything was over, at night, the committee got together and did a debrief. Which was a discussion done so that we can improve on our failures and strive for a better service to God. It was productive, just a bit mellow, i believe it was because everyone was tired, but there were some who doesn’t take criticism so easily, setting the mood a bit low. But surely everyone was tired by then, even i was, but it was still fun in the end.

In this camp, I as the camp commander, believed that i didn’t do much work, because it seemed as if everything was readily set smoothly, Thanks to my beloved Camp Committee. They did their various roles and responsibilities excellently, although i did hope that they could improve here and there, i still believed that they were the backbone of this camp, holding everything together in unity and one accord. This was a great team, and i will never ever forget it.

There were 5 sessions altogether, each session content was this:

Attitude comes from the heart, not by following rules.
Effortless change
Anger management
Dealing with temptations
Staying full of God

I believe the last session was really the greatest of all, because it really taught us that in the end, when we are full of God, many times we get distracted and forget about it. That’s why we must remember to STAY full of God.

And i believe that the reason this camp succeeded is because God is our midst wherever we went, whatever we did. He was there for us. For example, it was about to rain during the game time, but guess what? Natalie gathered a few of them and started praying, and true enough, the clouds flew by and there was no rain! I was glad to see that they knew who was really in charge of this camp and they strived to seek Him first.

After the 5th session, the Pastor prayed for everyone of us, I do not know whether everyone got a word from God, but i did, and i thank God for it, because he revealed to me His calling, although still unclear, but i know he will not leave me hanging, he would not surely.

I expected this camp to have a breakthrough, I believe God has surpassed all that, and not just a breakthrough, but direction and understanding for the CF to grow to become a CF that will impact generations and change lives. God has truly surpassed my expectations. Now faith without deeds is useless, CF! We have to rise up and go forth, Marching for the kingdom of God in our own school, Catholic High School. As for Callie, I do not know what the Pastor prayed for you, but if you sense God calling you to start a CF there, sit down, and start planning, God does not wait for us, we have to catch onto God’s very own timing.

Wai Leem

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Jun 05

This was indeed the first ever CF camp that I have been to, and also the first ever CF camp after many years.

First question many would ask is, “How was the camp?” My simple reply would be, It was so spectacular, that it was so obvious that the camp succeeded not by our means but by God’s grace and mercy and power. Surely! It has to be.

Well, that was my simple answer, here, i am going to present the more, complex answers to that question.

Before the camp, surely there had to be planning. So many meetings were organized, but attendance was not consistent, except for a few. Plannings didn’t seem to go anywhere, until the last 2 weeks before camp. Then again, exams were nearing, we avoided study interference as much as we could. As camp got even nearer, i started to worry (yes, worry is a sin as i said in my earlier post) And i started to suddenly rush people for things, and to finalize this and that. Everything somehow still got done, the only thing was, the real final product could only be seen on the first day of camp, meaning that even if i didn’t like it, it still had to be done. (by the way, if i may sound too authoritative, it could because i didn’t tell you that i am the camp commander, surely i panic when things doesn’t get done!) That being left aside, the last thing left to ponder about was games. I didn’t even know what games to be played and whether or not materials are going to be attended to specifically. Still, making various calls, I believed that they can do it, though I prepared backup activities, just in case.

So Monday, June 1. First day of camp. Aaron and I headed to school in the wee hours of the morning to open the CF room and set up some stuff. Soon people started coming one by one and as people started to flood in, the committee started to prepare. At exactly 9.30 am, everyone gathered and headed to Taman Jaya for some games. Aaron and I lead the games, starting with some old school games, followed by some newer ones. Chicken dance and the banana dance was one of the highlights of the day. After about 4 games, before we headed back to school, we had a little surprise birthday cake for Chieng Lie Keat. Then the guys carried him back all the way to school. We ate lunch there, and then soon, got everything and headed to the bus who was already waiting. To cut the long story short, everything went unto the bus and we headed of the STM (Seminari Theoliji Malaysia). I believe that the games were tiring, causing a number of them to sleep on the way, which actually was to my surprise, because who sleeps on the way to camp? haha. We sang songs on the bus and laugh and chit chatted all the way. Finally we reach. We got everything down and headed straight away to the hall to settle down. By the time we reached, our lovely friends from Segamat with Pastor Steven Wong had also arrived. After settling down with some rules here and there and also groups introductions and familiarity,  we finally got our room keys, thanks to Nat and Hong Ken for helping.

After entering the rooms and scouting the area, everyone gathered back at the hall for what? MORE GAMES! Again led by Aaron and I. We played Human Blob, Weighing, Costing, Snake and Save The Fortress. Mostly originated from Kidzone. I hoped everyone really had fun. Especially so of the times where there was moments of honour and laughter. For me it was great! really great. After games, everyone headed back to their rooms to take bath and finally came back to gather for dinner. With awesome food, we ate and after an hour, prepared ourselves for the session, first session. After a wonderful session, we had supper and soon headed back to our respective rooms to sleep.

Second Day! Woke up and washed up. And soon, we all did devotion together. After that, breakfast! then followed by session 2. Another awesome session, then we proceeded with tea and then group work to discuss the play on talent time night. Soon it was lunch and after lunch, Session 3 started! YAY! then followed by another round of awesome games by Grace, Thong Ding and Germaine. They did very well. After 3 hours of fun filled packed games,we took our baths and then proceeded with dinner and finally session 4! Soon after that, comes the biggest highlight of the day, the talent time night! Everyone had so much fun and that night was simply spectacular. A night not to forget.

Then last day, day 3. We woke and again devotion time. Breakfast was next, and again awesome food. Session 5 proceeded with a great time of prayer and worship. Then we went back to our rooms, packed our bags and came back for testimony time. After which, we ended the camp with a blast by singing to songs, My Redeemer Lives and One Way, while everyone played what Chia Lit called “tu-tu train”. It was really a blast. Everyone was highly spirited and even a downcast soul would turn happy by just watching us, i could assure you that. We had a time of fellowship during lunch and photoshoot. Finally, sooner or later, we had to hop onto the bus and headed straight back to school. I talked with Lie Yang and Shu Min on the bus on a lot of various issues that we currently faced and how it should be related to God, i honestly have learnt a number of things from there.

We reached school, seemingly fast. Time flies. And as i got down from the bus, i really do not know how to react, but i did feel a great workload lifted from me. At that moment, CF camp has ended. I could have cried, i could acting like i didn’t care, I could have just be happy that all is over. Want to know my reaction? Read the next post. (But if you somehow read the next post first, then i suppose you would be able to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.)

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