May 25

Exams on Wednesday!! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!

Well, despite that, i still ended up reading blogs and came across something interesting by Nicholas Lim YEW XIONG, and also followed by the comment by Jo Fan. This was what Nicholas wrote.

“Things happen for a reason. Do they ever happen for a bad reason?

Events that occur may be a blessing in disguise. Are certain events that take place, a dagger in the shadows?

Every cloud has a silver lining. But are there more clouds gathering on the horizon?”

By the way, that post’ title was Doubt. Then it came to me as i read it, indeed there are daggers in the shadows, clouds gathering at the horizon. Then i wondered why. Jo Fan puts it this way, saying that these are the things which help us to mature and grow up facing challenges, which i have no doubt of.

(Then at this second, something else hit me.) The reason why I ever “suddenly” started blogging was because i suddenly had the passion for English, the passion to write, mainly because i got highly commended for a competition. Then today, Mr Chan came to me and said, “Your vocab not good la, no variety, very bad” Just like what Nicholas said, a DAGGER in the shadows. Hearing it was as bad as i could even decide at that moment to stop blogging. Then again, what Jo Fan said was also true. Maybe this ‘DAGGER’ will help me press on to a deeper learning of the English language.

So fine, back to what i really wanted to say, was i had a different view when i read what Nicholas wrote. I suppose when he wrote it, the dagger and clouds were suppose to mean doubts, since he named the title that way. From there, what struck me was, are we ourselves, our very self, that dagger? Are we like those clouds gathering at the horizon?

Basically, Are We The One Causing Others To Doubt?

Now, doubt about what? you may ask. Well i leave that to you, because we can cause others to doubt about so many things, like exams, competitions, friendships, unity, responsibility, and the list goes on and on. And again you ask, what is wrong with letting others doubt? Firstly, for WHAT? Secondly, doubting creates fear, and fear, WORRY. And Worry is a sin!


So ask yourself, Are We The One Causing Others To Doubt?

Wai Leem

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May 23

No! this is not the second part of it! Its the journey to nationals!

On the 21 of May 2009, The CHS drama team has once again emerged as the champions! This created history in Catholic High School, as no one have ever got to that level! Until now…

The previous post on the district level, i ended with “We will do it the next round, we can do it, we will make it! I believe we can” Yes, we indeed did it.

But the victory won with the help of none other than Jesus. Likewise, we prayed before we took the stage, but even after we prayed together, with hands held tight, i could see some others also praying on their own, putting their full trust in God. This is why i think we won, not because of our costume, and also NOT because of our acting skills, we won because of God. God brought us through all these, I believe that God will bring us through once more, and win the nationals.

Now, there was a big problem after the competition, because news say that the nationals is during August. WHAT?! Because of this, the PMR and SPM trials are too near, the form 3’s and 5’s might not be able to make, adding on to that, Ray Aun will be in US, so most likely one form 4 is out. How now? I really don’t know. But as i said earlier, I believe that God will bring us through this, even if we have to find many new actors and characters, i believe HE will still be with us. He will…

So those who can still stay in the team, do not be upset! For as i said again, all victory is God’s and no one else, not because of who we are, not because of what we have done, but by the spirit and power of the Most High God, we gain victory. God help us again, PLEASE? Thank you!

Wai Leem
Sloth (Character)
Sleepy Ghost (What the make up artist calls me, in chinese though)

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May 17

AH! things are starting or already in the process of resolving, or let’s say, cooling down.

again, from the outsider “AH! This looks more like Catholic High School. It was really a shock, but it seems that they found their core values, well done guys, well done!”

Wai Leem

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May 13

My earlier post, was about annual sports day. Now let’s face reality, opposition came and really hurt a number of people.

I knew that there was great speculation in the results of a certain competition. How this house should have lost, and how this other house should have won, justifying each other, thus a war began. An irritant war.

This is an example of irritant, i found it in Li Xien’s blog. “I had read some seniors’ blog, waaa.. They are so sad and some are so gek. We did nothing wrong but why everyone is blaming us? This is wad we should get?” Not to mention, that i also read those seniors blogs and yes, irritant is what its called.

I too wonder why this happened, who started it, and what’s the whole fuss about it. The effort placed in every house was surely evident, yet, what’s the whole fuss on who should have won? Ask Nicholas Lim, he knows clearly that numerous times have i asked him this question, “What does proving that you are the best brings to you?” This was in the context of English. Till this day, i still have not received a good answer (and am still waiting for one) So likewise, what does winning, bring to you? If you are thinking that this is easy for me to write this, since my house won, surely not! Because i will only write this, if i have gone through the same thing. Never will i dare to write something i have not experience.

On the other hand, in this war, do you actually know how terribly Ungu members are bombarded? Do you know the amount of work put in, just like any other club? Like what Li Xien said, “Why us?” I speak on behalf of Qi Hui and Khai Xian, the plea to stop is going on! I actually didn’t know that it was seemingly serious until i read Chang Meng’s blog, “STOP THE WAR GUYS. WE’RE HERE TO BRING PEACE. CHILL” right after an advice given out to all purple house members.

This is the greatest irritant war that i have ever seen.

Now, i do not speak on behalf of Ungu (although i LOVE them so much) neither do i speak on behalf of anyone. But i speak as if an outsider were to see all these. “I thought i heard the cheers ‘CHS ROCKS! CHS ROCKS CHS ROCKS!’ echoing on the field? I thought the cheers for other houses was so undeniable? Wait, is this a mistake? Why do i see a glowing war, an irritant war within Catholic High School? Wait, this can’t be! Even if it is, I urge you people, stop it! STOP IT! PLEASE! what happened to all those moral attributes within us? Oh no! I see arrows, great hurtful arrows pierce the hearts of man(which also means mankind), no, not the physical cry, but cries of pain from the inside, AH! WHY is this happening?”

“Why” is my question? Can someone actually explain it to me?

We bring peace, please don’t open fire.
Wai Leem

p/s: Its great to know that after reading many purple house members blogs, they knot and strength bonded together so powerfully, that every tearing down is brought back up. Now that should be a universal spirit, that’s the way Ungu, that’s the way.

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May 08




Well, this year was to me, the most anticipating year of all. Only leading by 180 plus marks, was a very risky gap to have. Yet as everything happened today, it seemed so smooth for us, exactly like how i prayed it would be. Thank you Jesus. See? God can work wonders even in this situation.

To me, i really regretted not being part of the team, although i really tried my best to help out, time just would not give in to me. A big THANK YOU to all those who stayed back till late hours to finish the deco especially, and for those marchers who have indeed willingly gave their time to be THE TEAM! indeed, you all are a wonderful team to work with.

I heard that during the practices and also deco time, you all were very easy going as compared to many other houses who are so strict and all, well it just proves my point that at times fun is really the key to success, although certain amount of  “strictness” is required. But thanks to the seniors, it became a joyful time spent together.

Also, a big THANK YOU AGAIN to all the runners, you are also really the best! Chang Meng, Chye Leng, Joyce, Abhilash, Leslie, Jerry, Rui Hua, Wei Pang, Tat Shing and many more. You brought the fame, you brought the joy, you brought the smile on every one’s faces.

But what i really was glad to see, was the spirit of Catholic High School. I realized that the seniors knew each other really well, the harmony between houses was inevitable. Nearing the end, during the prize giving, each house really supported each other, once awhile cheering each other, with “thank you” and “welcome” that went across the crowd. I also realized that every house had that certain amount of strength and unity, which made almost everybody equal. Yes, those fellas at the back usually never say anything anyway, still, whoever cheered and shouted, that strength and power was there for all the grasp.

Even as i write this post, I’m still overwhelmed by the success that PURPLE house has made, not that i’m boasting, but i’m just so overjoyed that other people who say they don’t care about their houses just makes me so irritated. This year is really an unforgettable year, i will never forget it. The smiles i kept seeing on fellow purple house members, just really kept the spirit high.

Because of being so overwhelmed, I started to get pressured even before Chang Meng took the podium. I don’t know whether other’s felt it, but i surely felt the standard we have to meet next year. Names of talented people just started pouring into my head, although i tried and tried to keep it out. Everytime i hear the cheers, next year just keeps coming to mind.

But all in all, i believe the we can do it again next year, i believe that purple house will rock again, before i leave school. We will show them that….


The third year is up to the juniors, but as for my dream and hope, is that we will own the field next year. Watch out my friends, purple aliens are coming back, this time, in……..(wait and see la)

This comes to the end of this year’s sports day, the time spent together and joy shared was really something to treasure, especially knowing new seniors(which some i never knew existed) like Yu Bin, Khai Xian, Qi Hui, Su Ling and many more, Thank you all for setting the example, I assure you that we will reset it next year, this time, higher than you all! haha.

A true Ungu!
Wai Leem

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