Mar 25

No, either it will never be, or it is on its way to be.

Not long ago, during the march holidays, the annual prefect camp was once again held, in Nur Lembah Pangsun, on the 16th till 18th of March. And as i promised earlier that i will write about the camp, here it is people!

Besides the constant bombarding on my “stupidity” for going for the camp by Mr T*m*t*y, I still felt that it indeed a camp worth going for after all. Yes, it rained badly, everything was went and muddy, so and so, etc, but to me, brought back old times when i used to go camping with my family when i was just 3 or 4 years old. This to me is a great remembering of the past, and what my family did at that time, though i didn’t exactly remember everything as i was too little at that time.

Anyway, back to the camp, first day started off with rain, heavy rain. Made frantic seniors, go even more crazy, and yes, it was rather fun to watch them stressed just by rain. Despite the rain, somehow everything still somehow fell into place, and we continued the program with some obstacle courses, canopy walking and not to mention, the flying fox. But it was more than that, rather the relationship built within the team and getting to know one another, especially juniors, was indeed something worthwhile. Then came the night where we had to protect eggs and plan our sketch. This ended the first day.

So, the second day started off rather well, with the wonderfully prepared amazing race. I thought they could have named it something better, but oh well, it was an event that they really prepared extremely well. Clues made were spectacular and overall they really put in superb amount of effort, good job seniors. Then the typical talk by HELP UC, not that it was bad, but in fact, i rather liked it, and the way they conducted it was great, not to mention the project they gave us. Yet seniors had to spoil the day with their deep analyzing and such, not that i complain because my team was last, but the comments they gave was just very irrational. That day ended with a night jungle walk which i didn’t go, due to so badly irritated emotionally, just didn’t have the mood to go anymore. So i stayed behind and talked to friends, which i felt was really nice, it was really enjoyable, knowing that its not all the time that i get to talk to them for such long times. Relationships were indeed strengthen and built upon that night.

Finally, the third day, started off normally, without marching. *phew* Then came the abseiling part which was quite interesting though some people thought it was boring. And lastly, the closing ceremony that was held before we packed and left the site.

Overall, i would say that this camp was great. It has indeed surpassed my expectations, yet at one point, they had to do the norm and either bring or pull us down. For green team, the wasabi warriors, congragulations, you guys did well, and sometimes it is hard to see the fair side of things once you win, but its good that you all put effort and stayed together no matter what. Someone’s got to win, knowing that someone’s also got to lose. So brown team, let it go, for as i said before we started, nothing counts, as long as we had fun. Which i believe we all did, at least i had, and if you didn’t, than i’m sorry, you missed it.

Why did i entitle this post “Perfect Prefect Camp”? To be honest, this year i have seen effort and hard work for this camp to go by, and if my batch can, not just keep it up, instead bring it to another level, then i believe that we indeed in for a change. Surely it isn’t the perfect prefect camp, but i do believe it is getting somewhere other than the total norm of the past. Times has changed, time for us to change.

Lastly, like what Lily said and shared, if you want the camp to be good, if you want the camp to be bad, it just depends on your thinking. If all you can think of is bad reports, the only thing you can see is bad stuff, if you want to think of good reports, then you will be able to see the good things in camp. Indeed, just like how this guy puts it, into something called the “lost generation”, which was also shared in camp.

Lost Generation

I wonder how camp will be like next year.

Wai Leem

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Mar 19

Yes, i know i haven’t been updating recently, i’m sorry, yet it isn’t totally my fault, okay?!

So it all started with exams, followed by camps and finally, conference.

Well, exams are, well… sucky, oh well, forget it, be gone with it, I will study harder next term.

Followed by the annual prefect camp, which i would say, it was GOOD. Yes, i don’t really like the seniors and certain things they do, but i do love hanging out with friends, spending time with them, rather than play computer or at most, sit in front of it. Camp was indeed good, and i have no regret to that. Besides, i do feel that relationships between different ones have just very well, increased, and that’s something that will always somehow, encourage me to the end. Well, i will, mark my words, write a post about it and how i feel about it, soon enough.

And so now, i’m currently attending a conference, a children’s worker’s conference. Thus far, it is really good! And i’m expecting more! Guess what, if you’ll know lie keat, he is also attending it! haha. So anyway, Yes, i’m *superman* or should i say *waileem-man*(camp joke). But i’m not stressing myself, so that’s fine, and i love what i’m doing.

As of now, i need to sleep, tomorrow is going to be another long day of more FUN! so goodnight people and cioaz..

Wai Leem

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Mar 05

This happened during my first history lesson of the year.

Mohd Ali : What is your ambition class?
(he goes around asking one by one)
(then he comes to me)
Mohd Ali : Apa cita-cita kamu?
Whylame : Pembantu rumah!
(He thought he heard something ‘correct’ and was about to walk away, suddenly……)
Mohd Ali : AH?!?! APA TU?

So yea, that’s what happened during our first history lesson, but wait! There’s more…….

Mohd Ali : Nampaknya, memang banyak daripada kamu ada cita-cita tersendiri. Namun, selama saya ajar kamu, kita akan hanya ada satu cita! YAY! iaitu…… SEJARAH A1!
(whole class went ‘huh?!’)

It stunned me equally. What kind of ambition or aspiration is that? Its either a lame or… nah, lame is the only choice!

Until today….

Lesson 21#:
A1 in character

Just a slight information for those who don’t know, A1 is a significant grade, a grade that everyone wants on the SPM result slip. Its the highest grade one can ever get for SPM.

But today, i realized that its not just about exams and all, but it was about every other thing too, here, i shall stress character.

We learn today that during the Chinese Civilization, studying was only for one reason, that is to pass an exam. But that exam can determine your future. If someone passes that exam, that particular person is eligible for the top jobs in the government, therefore, that exam is very very crucial. This is the cool part, because if anyone cheats, he/she will be killed. Wow, that’s really new! and cool! well, maybe not that cool.

So since then, a whole conversation on cheating started. Like how he used to also cheat, tactics and skill of cheating of others, and etc etc. Then in the end, he said that after he was caught in form 4, he never cheated since then. This was his policy, “i know, i answer. I don’t know, too bad for me then.”

Then it struck me. Yea, everyone can get excellent results and all, A1 can fill their result slip, yet if their character isn’t an A1 character, what possibility could it bring them in the future? I recently had failed, again, to represent the school in public speaking. But the topic given, was ‘academic excellence does not guarantee success in the future’ I cannot agree more! Academic results, really cannot bring success!

Success can be determined by so many things, yet i feel that character and attitude plays a very big role in it. Likewise, if our character and attitude is not an A1 standard, success? Don’t even think about it!

So yea.. A1 we all can get, but where the A1 is, that’s the ultimate question.

Where is yours?

Wai Leem!

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Mar 02

It’s not that i lost the passion to write, but i guess, when you suck up to stuff, stuff sucks you in, leaving you no time to do many other stuff like these. Blogging.

I’m sorry fellas.. It’s been awhile since i wrote, it’s all my fault! But not to worry, I’m back!

Today, continuing my series of lessons.

Lesson 20#:

It all started, when my very wonderful physics teacher, Mr Wong KK, introduced this very obnoxious word to us. “You must be PROFESSIONAL!”

Sooner or later, it started to become really irritating, how he never fails to say it every single lesson. Which kept me always thinking , “why would he keep on saying that?”

Besides that particular word, he always emphasize on how much knowledge is so important, how much hard work can get you, not to mention his 2 tag lines, (in Chinese) “huo dao lao, xue dao lao, qian xu dao lao” and also “HELLO! (Wong KK style)

So, i kept thinking about it, not that many realized, and after today, i decided that i should write about it, on how i feel what he means. His meaning of PROFESSIONAL is simply EXCELLENCE.

He never fails to talk about excellent work, work well done, attitude towards work, character towards studying, and all these after mentioning PROFESSIONAL. Basically, i believe that he wants to cultivate excellence in us, but why? Because excellence is the KEY to success for anything.

Why do i say so? Excellence covers any field of work. Be it a doctor, scientist, nurse, clerk, teacher, or even a janitor. When you have excellence in your soul, and apply it in whatever you do, you would do very well in that area. For example, a doctor who is excellent, rather than just telling you your symtoms and diagnosis, he/she would make effort to explain everything to you, helping understand the picture of what you’re facing and etc etc. Or maybe take example of a teacher. An excellent teacher wouldn’t just read from books, but will cultivate new ideas and new ways of thinking, to enhance the students ability to remember. BUT likewise for negative fields. A robber who is excellent would go an extra mile to learn and figure out new tactics to rob a bank, or maybe just rob a person so “professionally” that whoever that was rob couldn’t even had a chance to identify or scream. Or maybe a kidnapper, who thinks of new tactics and styles to avoid getting caught by the police, yet getting what they want.

Excellence brings everyone to another level, but first of all, you got to take the first step of being excellent.

Excellence takes us onto a new level,
Excellence teaches us to go the extra mile,
Excellence brings forth the best in us,
Excellence is the KEY

I think i would actually agree with whatever Mr Wong KK is saying all these while, he truly is motivating.

Wai Leem

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