Feb 09

I’m so so sorry, to all my blog readers. Yes, i know i haven’t been updating for a long time, and guess what? i’m back! haha.. Been very busy over the past few days, so couldn’t really update it.

I just want to share with you something that i’m affliated with, which is, as the title speaks, One Eighty.

Now, what is it anyway? What so interesting about it, that i should write about? Or just why this topic?

You have 2 choices now, either go here, and try to understand what its all about, or just read what i have to say, and then only you go. Although reading what i have today, might help you just a bit, to understand what One Eighty is all about.

Okay, One Eighty.

It was originally called Think Tank, but why the change? Because i believed that they needed change, but how much change? Of course, why change a little bit, when you can change much, right? That’s why, One Eighty degrees, that’s how much we want to change.

But why? Change for what? Why change, if there isn’t anything to change for! right?  The reason why i affiliated myself with this online magazine, is because it and I, have the same vision. And what is it? I’m sure if you have been reading my blog, you’d know what it is.

We change, because we want to Change You! I told Jo Fan, my classmate, that somehow everything that i do, whether public speaking, essay writing or whatever else, i always somehow, involve a lot of  “you”. He said it became cheesy. Anyway, the point here is, you, everyone one of you, either i aimed to inspire you, or i’m inspired by you, but most of the time, its both. Chances is if i know you, i will do the best that i can, to mould you with what i can. That is, what this whole magazine is about.

As various people write their thoughts, their life, their experiences, It is BEYOND ALL DOUBT, that you will be touched. I’m motivated to change others, but when i read what they write, *gosh*, not just even more motivated, but powerfully inspiring and captivating, making myself think, analyze and reconsider. Why? because these people are first of all, powerful writers, secondly, have the same or more amount of passion to also, change you.

I can only do so much, but if you read what One Eighty has in store for you, it can give you way more than you can ever think. Still, they too, like any other human, can only do so much, and the only thing that can do ALL, is Jesus. But let’s not get there too fast, take it step by step, see how God, inspires us and these fellow ordinary people, to write extraordinary articles.

Go and read it, HERE!

Going to sleep,
Wai Leem

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