Jan 29

And it shall.. END! muahahahahhaha (in your dreams la!!)

No, it shall continue on (as expected) to do what it was made to do.

Exactly last year, around this time, 10.43 pm. I started to blog. Wow? well, i started of very very enthusiastically, writing my first post on, my priorities for the year and so on.

But nah, i’m not going to do the same, i’m just going to say…..

??  <- Chinese
?????  <- Japenese


Because you have spent time reading and commenting. Sometimes laughing and sometimes emo-ing because of what i write. But all in all, my goal prevails and i hope that i have succeeded. THANK YOU ALL! i don’t know how often you come and read, especially now that i have shifted, and yea, its a bit slow loading, but thank you for your patience and kindness, reading and tirelessly spending time understanding my musings.


and i shall end with a lovely picture… (of me la! *duh*!!)

Aren't i just so ********? you know la..

Aren't i just so ********? you know la..

Brought to you, none other than,
WhY lAmE?!
Wai Leem

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Jan 25

No. I don’t know the exactly time, all i know is Sunday morning, he left.

Now, who is this ‘he’ exactly? None other than dear Yee Sook.

No. I didn’t know him as much, as suppose to many of you people. Just the occasional hi and bye, and once in awhile, borrowed some props for acting. Never had he and i talked as a friend.

But why do i want to write about him? Just one thing, respect. He deserves it all.

There was not once, have i seen him sad, despite his leukimia. Always the joyful person and character. Yes, i might not have known him enough to see the “bad” side of him, but who cares? Its the first impression that counts. He has always a cheerful heart, hardly ever expressing downcast-ness. In the midst of his cancer, he was joyful on the outside, rather, than someone who whined. But the greatest of all, he never failed to stand above his sickness, always an optimist, keeping a clear conscience that he can and will survive. Unfortunately, his time, came to a close.

One of the earlier post, i wrote about legacy. This is what he left for me. Yee Sook, he never failed to smile and to entertain others. Caring gentleman, full of passion and determination, friendly. He impacted me greatly with one thing, his joyful heart. No matter how much hurt he may feel inside, or outside, i believe, he had always a joyful heart.

Yes. I didn’t know him as well, i didn’t, but he is someone worthy of respect and honour. He was someone great, he was someone, not many people are in today’s world, he is indeed, that great friend. He deserves it all. Yee Sook, you are the man.. you are..

Just one thing broke me, and its the greatest sadness to me, that he wasn’t a christian.

To a lost friend:

“Hey! despite you leaving, your memory will still remain with many of us.
The joy and gladness you have shared to each and everyone, is truly unforgetable.
But i just wanted to say, i’m sorry i didn’t get to know you better throughout your lifetime.
If i did, maybe you could just have been saved by Jesus.
I’m truly sorry. Still, nothing can be done now.
I assure you, that i will comfort those who loved you dearly,
those who cherished you deeply,
and those like me, who knew you partially, but yet, impacted with great depth.
You are indeed one awesome and special guy.
Your presence, will always be cherished.
Goodbye my friend, Rest in Peace”

Wai Leem

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Jan 21

Let’s start here by saying, “Let’s leave guys”
This, is what brought me here.
Earlier this morning my very faithful CF president came running to me saying “Wai Leem! hurry and call the other cf-ers! Callie is changing school today! and she is at the canteen.” Without hesitance, i quickly got the others and headed to the canteen in an instant. The typical moment of “sadness” that she has to leave, even as girls shed their tears (as usual), and 2 guys, i don’t know what Aaron felt, but in me, there was something stiring. Something i’ve felt before and i know its from God, but what is it actually? Kept me thinking until this very moment.

As i hugged her, and said those uneasy words like “goodbye” “miss you” etc. I felt God giving me peace that she will be alright. Which led me to wonder, so if she’s alright, then there must be another reason, a supernatural reason behind all these happenings. So i quickly shared with Aaron what i felt and he agreed somewhat.

As i finished my piano class today, turned on the computer, suddenly, it hit me. “Leave Wai Leem, leave”

As for today, here’s the lesson:

Leave it ya’ll!

I asked myself, leave what, where, when, who, why, how. But i couldn’t get a clear answer. So then i decided, let’s leave everything behind, and yes, EVERYTHING means EVERY THING.

Just some random examples, this blog itself. I used to be using blogspot as you all know. But because of this, i have changed. Why? because its not whether i prefer wordpress or because its nicer or what, but its basically an outward expression and action of saying, I’m leaving.

more examples for you, but its also what i aim now.

leave the laziness and read the bible more
studies and avoid procrastination
leave fear and put on love
set focuses and not just dreams
leave just planning and start doing

So what about you? Are you going to leave where you are now? Are you going to put the negatives and the past behind and say, let’s leave this place? Join Me, and you will be able to embark on a journey like never before, a journey that you will never expected to see fulfillment, an unforgettable journey through life.

Even as i write this, I’m going to have to change my plans for the MPH essay writing competition. I used to think, staying to make a difference, leaving is just for cowards. Which is correct, because its a total different context, but i feel that the judges needs to listen to this more than ever. “Get up, rise up, and leave. For staying, brings about regret” How about that?

Let’s do this together, shall we?

Wai Leem

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Jan 10

when we depart……

Today’s moonlight, is apparently the brightest! (according to Fareen) I do agree that it is rather bright than usual, just didn’t know that its the BRIGHTEST! cool!

Which let me to think, even if i am still rather far from graduating from high school, this particular topic seems to be well spoken of and being under concerned by numerous form 4’s.

The time will come, when we depart from each other. The time, could be even now. One of my earlier post i wrote about “legacy”, about leaving a mark in the next generation. But now, i don’t want to talk a legacy, i want to talk about impact.

Every bomb that blows, gives a significant amount of impact. An impact would create an impression, that will be seen forever. (unless someone covers the hole, =]) So basically, the impact causes all the marks that can be seen.

My life ever since form 2, has always been about impacting people. It all started very gradually, from normal talking, to letters, to email, to blogging. But why is it so important to impact people? I think it all started when i finally understand God’s love for everyone. Adding on to that, a very old movie called “Pay It Forward”. If God loved everyone, what more I? I want to impact others through love, so that one way or the other, they will be able to learn something meaningful. They can forget who i am and how i look like, but as long as they remember what they have learnt, i’m more than happy. But what pushed me to really do this was partly because of this show “Pay It Forward” Basically speaking for itself, instead of helping others back in return, why not help others. Its like pass on the love, not return the love. understand? he counted, if one day, each of us helps 3 people, and that 3 people helps another 3 people each, and then those 9 people helps 3 people each, and so on, in 14 days, 4782969 people are being helped, more so, impacted. WOW! This is what really pushes me to impact people’s lives! So that hopefully, whether what i say its useful or not, somehow, it will help them be a better person!

The time will come, when we depart from each other. But as long as this time has not come, i want to impact as much as i can.

Yet some of you who are reading this, has already departed from me physically. Change school and etc. You know who you are, and i hope that all these while that i’ve known you, i have been able to impact you in any way, and you haven’t left empty handed.

Well, whether you’re leaving, left, or going to leave, i pray that you will not leave empty handed.

The moon will always shine at night, let us stop to think of time spent together, after all, its the same moon that you and i see anyway.

Impacter (cheh wah…pride destroys =])
Wai Leem

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Jan 01

Oh well, my resolution took longer than expected. But i shall just continue sharing.

Well, 2008 started with a blast! Kidzone retreat really gave me a vision for 2008, and i held tight to it, although didn’t really believe that it could be possible, but i still held the goal of reaching the next level for everything.

Well, things went back to normal in school, went to 3A1. Although not like 3A2, but its still was an awesome class, in its own unique way. Oh well, the year went by rather fast. With Jin Yee becoming the head prefect, I becoming committee for CF, and PMR coming closer and closer.

Things in Kidzone, well, had its ups and downs, but it was obviously, by time, getting better, more effective and started to reach out to the community. More than that, I, myself, started to rise to the next level, bit by bit.

So life was boring, but it was rather routinal. But as it progress, things got more interesting, got more lifely. I still wonder why, but can’t really understand how it all happened, but it just, happened.

Also not to mention, a great friend, and leader of the afternoon session prefect board, Ms Ng Hui Xin, received the Lord Jesus as her Lord and Savior. For that i was thrilled, because i have prayed for 6 months for her. But what i didn’t expect, is that answering her questions and perplexity, brought me to open up my mind to see more to the world and the spiritual realm. But i really want to thank God for really keeping her faith, and not falling for the world at any point.

Well, PMR soon arrived and after “overcoming” it, it was indeed relaxing. But it wasn’t that all relaxing, as Kidzone Christmas Celebration was coming soon and also Kidzone Boot Camp. Well, preparing was surely fun, irritating, enjoyous, but still “tough” time. haha, but all in all, both went by really great, and not just the kids were impacted, i was too! Not too long after, NST “STAND” camp came by, and gladly went for it with my heart prepared. It was truly an amazing camp, something i rarely experience, but was glad that i could experience it. Lives got touched, but most importantly is that how we live our lives after that. But well, that’s the challenge!

After that, numerous friend’s houses visit and sleepovers and dinners. Great time of fellowshipping and building, strengthening relationships.

Soon, the year, *lights off* ENDED! with blast of fireworks everywhere, looking from Nicholas’ house. From his house, it was truly an unforgettable experience to just be with 2 great friends, standing watching fireworks. For me, i stood speechless, at just how God has so really brought me through this whole year, from physical to mental to emotional to spiritual. I stood in awe of what a year it has been. Ups and Downs flooded, yet i survive till this day. “WOW!!” is the word, it really is.

BUT! that year has past, and i have really risen to the next level, 2008, its only just a memory of the good and bad, nothing more.

If there is really one thing that i learnt this year, to sum it all it would be this…

…God won’t give you more than you can take

I really learnt this because this year started with numerous complaints about this and that, but in the end, i did it. God really is a merciful and gracious God, THANK YOU JESUS!

Well, that ends 2008, i loved it, but its just a memory now. Goodbye, dear dear 2008.

Most of all, Thank You Lord Jesus Christ. Without you, nothing would have succeeded, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Love from me to you’ll,
Wai Leem

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