Dec 28

Hey Hey!! How was Christmas for YOU? I had an awesome time, doing what? None other than *ZzzZzzZzzZzzZzz* isn’t it a cool way to celebrate Christmas? =] jk.

Today, i want response, response!! Because i have an interesting question that poopped(sorry, i meany popped) into my mind. Can you help me?

So here it is……

….What are the key values in life?

Easy question eh? Ah ha! Then it shouldn’t be a problem for you’ll to answer it! But if you can take a short time to think through it carefully, that will be all the more better!!

Remember, its YOUR OWN opinion, so please, write write and give your answers in the comment box! Or otherwise, contact me using whatever way possible.

Terima Kasih, Thank You, *Xie Xie*

Botak Boy,
Wai Leem

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Dec 25

It is 1 am, 26 of Dec, 2008.

This gave me a full one day of Christmas to think, and reflect, what Christmas is all about.

I have been brought up in a christian family, so every year i know Christmas is all about the One who came to seek and save all of us, from sin, from eternal death. Because of this, i never really put into great thought of what Christmas really means to me personally.

Early December, a team of Next-Gen Kidzoners prepared of the annual Christmas Celebration. We had many meetings and as usual, disagreement, bla bla bla.. But we came up with the main thing that we wanted to tell the kids, that is, there is A Hope In Christmas. Hope? they would ask. And we explained, the hope to live after we die, the hope to have eternal life in Christ Jesus, A hope that can be wholly trusted in, A hope that can only be found in Jesus.

WOW! amazing hope indeed! But i wasn’t impacted one bit, whether it was preparing the lessons with friends, or even that day itself, it was just another Christmas Celebration when we tell kids about hope and that Santa doesn’t exist.


PMR results is going to come out real soon, and as said in the newspapers, 30 Dec. Throughout the time period after PMR and 30 Dec, i have been trying to clam myself, trying to relieve myself of fear. Every now and then, it strikes, especially when people ask how was it. But all in all, i trusted God fully. Its only 4 more days from now. And today, the same fear, only stronger, came crashing on me once again. Scary isn’t it?

That when it hit me. Yea, Jesus came to gave hope, but not just hope to life, but hope to move on. Yes, i’m still scared of what my results may be, but there is just one thing that matters…

‘How Will You Live After That?’

Earlier this year, during one of the term exams, i was extremely shocked. Why? nothing but because my science results went down the drain, maybe sea, it was that serious. And you can ask certain friends and they would agree that i was angry and depressed. Most of the time i tend to lose focus when teacher was teaching and was just soaking in guilt and shame. I mean, i want to go science stream and this is what i get for science? MADNESS! Most would encourage me saying “exam only mah, not PMR yet” Or “aiya, I’ve got worse before la!”. Somehow, i decided that it was killing me internally, so i got over it, in order to focus and get ready for PMR.

But now, if PMR results are all beautiful colours and all, there is no worry to that. But what if I fail to get what I want? Here are a few possibilities that i can do :
1) Blame God (for not giving me what i want)
2) Blame parents (for not giving the optimum environment)
3) Blame myself (for not putting enough effort)
4) Go into depression (no need to explain why)
5) Sulk for the next.. (who knows how long?)

But do i really need to do all these? Is it that worthwhile? Do I need to go into self suffering?

Many people said that i’ll do well, what if i don’t? What kind of impression am i giving to them? What am i to do? I’m not a very experience person in this, because this is only my second major exam. But what i do know is i can trust in Jesus. Jesus told us that everything will work out for the good of those who love Him. But the thing here is, many of us expect real good stuff, excellent results, PSP in our hands, or whatever else.

But i’m sorry to say that, that might very well happen, but it also might not. It is good to us, but just not from our own perspective. This year’s youth camp, God told me something. The last night, i saw a bug, not that small, not that big, and easily visible with our eyes. It was flying really really slowly. Out of a sudden i heard a load cracking sound like a glass which fell 28 floors, echoing from behind me, not very far away. Quickly i turned and tried finding the origin, but i just couldn’t find anything. As i turned back to look at that odd fly, it went missing, all of a sudden, it just went missing. You can say it sudden flew fast, you can say that it suddenly died or whatever. But this what God told me. When we follow that bug, we are like looking and following God’s purpose and perspective. But when we get distracted (ie depression, blaming people), we lose out on what God wants to do with us, just like that bug, which went missing.

This Christmas gave me a new meaning of having a hope in Jesus, and that is TRUST

What are you going to do? I’m trusting Jesus, I pray that you will too.

Trusting Jesus,
Wai Leem

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Dec 12

The time has come once again, for the one and only, annual Sleepover! In none other than Timothy Goh’s mansion!(oops, i mean house)

This year’s sleepover, is surely a fantastic one. With more familiar faces and wider range of activities, it is something not worth missing at all.

Day 1
It all started on the 9th of December 2008. Yes, i came late. Why? Had to send my grandmother back to Ipoh. So i reached Tim’s at around 5.30, and instantly blended in with the crowd(not big one though). Soon it was dinner time, and we ate and ate and ate. Not to forget some fellowship around the table with Tim’s wonderful parents. Can’t really remember much after that. All i know, is we ended the day with a horror movie, a real old school one. Of course, with many irritating yet sarcastic screams from different ones of us, made the atmosphere exciting, yet chilly.

Day 2
Second day started with me and Nick wakng up at the same time, followed by Ker Leet. And the rest? Still slept like pigs! haha. Somehow, everyone still managed to wake up, and just like last year, breakfast was none other than Roti Canai.. Mmm.. With 8 of us around the table and 21 pieces of Roti Canai. We quickly dug in and again, ate until we were stuffed. Not to mention, Tim, Daniel and I went over stuffed, how bad can that be? The girls! finally came. Together we had lunch, played some dance games and watch Jeff Dunham, time flew easily. Finally, one of the highlights of the sleepover, the WATERGUN FIGHT!(although there were balloons and pails available.) Just like any watergun fight, everyone was drenched. And it was fun! By nightfall, we had a splendid dinner. And of course, photos were taken. And at 10 o’clock pm, our very own, (not so tall, oops!) Yin Suan, finally came! Soon, the second highlight came by, the CAMPFIRE, nothing beats it. With the charcoal burning, and everyone ready to eat, we all got into the mood quickly, took the boxes and sat down around the fire. Wonderful time of talking and joking, and Zhi Cheng flashing(i mean camera flashing), it was something, many would desire. Although what destroyed its main essence, is that there were spotlights glaring at us and a very stale air, no wind at all. Around 2 or 3 we packed up and headed back inside the house, getting ready for round 2 of horror movie. But some of us slept during the movie. Why? 1st, because we were tired. 2nd, because that show had no music to fill the blanks! BORING KAO!! What to do? Can’t help but sleep, haiz.. And the day ended (started actually)

Day 3
Woke up at 10 something, with some of them already awake(i don’t know how they did that), and Jia Yee and Ray Aun already left the house. Coincidence? Hmm… This time, no breakfast, no lunch, but branch, with nasi lemak being the common food around the table. That day mainly focused on outdoor activities such as Ping Pong, Hockey, and not to mention, our (nick and I) Rugby drama, filled the day. Although some still like staying indoors, either using the computers, or playing the dancing mat game. One by one, slowly, people started leaving. And soon it was just a few of us left. We just sat around the table talking and eating donuts and ice cream (which was reminded to us by Zhi Cheng later on). Huey Yee left, and not too long later, Daniel left, and i tagged along.

And it all ended.

Wow, that really marks another year. We next year, we try 4 days 3 nights! how about that!

But it was really and spectacular sleepover event. Despite some coming late because of various activities and so on, everyone present, made the sleepover a memorable one.

Of course, BIG THANKS to Timothy and his parents, and sorry for the increase, hugh increase of budget.

It might not have been a very wonderful or amazing year, but this sleepover sure made the holidays a great BANG!! Thank You everyone.

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Dec 01

Day by day people die, to a point, you ask yourself, What is the whole purpose of living then? If the big picture is live and die, then we might as well do all the bad things (since its fun) and some good stuff, and then die! right?

Yea, you can, but what does it leave for other people? This is what its called, LEGACY…

A legacy is something left behind from someone for others to remember.

I’ve just lost a very dear family friend, of mine. My ‘godfather’ if you like to call it. And this is his legacy that he left for me.

“He was a wonderful man, a man full of hope, a man of strength, a man of faithfulness. He always cared and loved his family as much as himself. A man who trusted God wholeheartedly and never doubted God. He is no doubt, one heck of a man, he rocks!”

I loved him.

What kind of legacy are you going to leave?

Wai Leem

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