Oct 27

This is all i want to say.


but most importantly,



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Oct 24

Oh my, oh my..

Its been a wonderfully long time since i laid my mark here. Anyway just some updates. School for me has turned out to be rather fine, as compared to boredom. And what do we do? Play, meeting, watch others play and of course, eat, AH..

AH! And i can finally come back for Kidzone! get involved again with what i’ve left out before PMR. Last but not least, still have to do some planning la!.. haiz.. work never ends..

Anyway, back to what i do best (or at least i think so, what do you’ll think?)

Lesson 19#:
W-I-N? So what?
Since its an after PMR period, my school has radically set up numerous activities to occupy our time, and most of them is either trips or competitions.

Speaking of competitions, i joined a few, and ended up losing all of them. But what came to my mind today, was “WIN.. so what?”

What is it to win? To me, it is just sheer satisfaction to know where your standard lies. ie If i win in a scrabble tournament in my school, i know that i could very well be the best in my school, although i still might lose to other schools. That is to me, what winning is all about.

Or maybe it could be the very pushing point for you to strive. ie I want to win! So i strive to achieve it. Whatever it may mean to you, How much worth is there in your “win”

If I win by bribing, i have lost.
If i win with integrity, I have won.
If i win unfairly, I have lost.
If i win righteously, I have won.

How much in you winnings, have you really won it all? Recently i watched Stomp the Yard, but like never before, i was somehow, extremely touch right at the end when they won. They won the competition with teamwork, hardworkingness, integrity, without anger. They have indeed deserved the right to have won. The other team lost because they tried to pull down the name of the opponent, claiming him to be a killer, spying on him to learn and immitate his moves, They have earn the right to lose, without doubt.

Have you really won today? It might not even be competitions, it could be anything, really anything. Have you won?

Grace, peace & mercy,

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Oct 17
Time flies, i still remember the day right after my UPSR, i though of how i would fare in my PMR and guess what? Its been 3 years since, i think i’ve finally got an answer for that.

All i can say now is, Hallelujah! Thank you Lord! I really believe that God brought me through all these, otherwise, i would be panicking right now. But as for now, i have nothing to say, i just wanted to post, as a sign of relief.. =]

Oh.. and one more thing. This is my guess:

Out of all the PMR students who blog,
78% will blog about PMR (anything about it even just saying “it is over”
and out of that 78%
60% will do it on friday itself, like me.
the other 35% will do it on Saturday
4% will do it on Sunday
last 1% Who knows? (next year?)

Okie Dokes that’s all from me now.

Wai Leem

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Oct 03

I guess this will be the last post that i will be writing until after PMR, more so, i can’t even go online! haha. Anyway, i shall leave you with this.

Lesson 18#:
Honour your parents.
First of all i would like to thank God, for giving me a very wonderful personality, that is to tahan. *phew*

I’ve always wished that i could argue with my parents, despite them having seniority and all, i can see a lot of flaws. And every time i get into trouble but they blame me, i want to argue, but its not me, just not me, to argue with them.

What is it to honour your parents? first and foremost, what is honouring to you. How you define honouring, will determined how you will honour your parents, and frankly, that’s what many people fail to do!

To me, honouring parents is very simple. The way i honour God, would be the way i honour my parents. Yes i’ve falled and falled, but i get up and run the race again. More so, honouring parents is something ultimate significant to God, because in the Ten Commandments, “honour your father and your mother” is the 5th which makes it the command in the first tablet, and out of the five commands in the first tablet, 4 speaks of honouring God and worshipping Him, but one speaks of honouring parents. For God to predicate such a thing, really makes me think how much i should honour my parents.

Very recently, today, i had to show my trail examination results to my parents. And as expected, my mom blew. Whole house could hear. Sometimes i would wonder, with all these “blowing left right centre” i don’t feel any encouragement. Where is the encouragement that i need? But then again, i never argued about any of these things. I guess that’s what friends are for too. Honouring parents by not argueing with them, has been one of my greatest challenges, and i believe i have somehow, one way or the other, overcomed it. Thank You LORD!

So people, please please, honour your parents. They love you very much, just as mine loves me.

Mercy out,
Wai Leem

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