Sep 27

Hey! in my earlier post, i wrote that we will all face different types of giants and the fact is, we will face them no matter what!

But i lack to say how to overcome and what really is the ultimate solution, so guess what?

Let Jo Fan say it all!

Please click here to read on what Jo Fan has to say, he portrayed a wonderful understanding on this topic.

mercy out,
wai leem

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Sep 25

PMR is just around the corner, about 2 weeks plus left. And guess what? I watched another amazing movie! FACING THE GIANTS!

I thought i would dedicate this post to all form 3 and 5 students.

Facing the giants basically revolves around a team of american football players who have consecutively lost terribly for the past 6 years. The coach himself was going through all sorts of difficulty in his personal life. Nonetheless, he believed in God and never gave up no matter the circumstances. Soon he changed the team phylosophy and ultimately, everyone had through it, undergone a revival and in the end they won! YAY!

The team that they faced in the finals, was named, Giants. Literally it was just as how they title said it was, but let’s look on the unseen sight. Giants, are tall, strong, fast, quick (in accordance with the movie) So how could they have possibly won, when they are just small, midgets compared to the Giants?

We faced that everytime in our lives. Giants constantly appear in our lives, to intimidate us, make us seem small and useless. The giants we almost always, run away from. But let us narrow it all the way down to exams, what i like to call, the exam giant. We could be so intimidated by them, we would be so freaked that the only thing we know how to do is study and study! To a point that we neglect things of much greater importance. Not that i’m lazy to study or i’m against it, but what i’m trying to say here is, where ultimately is your priority. That’s what giants love to do, they love to distract you from what is right. They love to deceive you into thinking that studying or knowledge is everything. Well is it true? “Tepuk Dada Tanya Selera”

We are facing the exam giant, but are we going to run from it (Study like crazy, literally) or are we going to keep calm, and have our focus right on our priorities. Study in essence is almost the ultimate way of obtaining good grades, but studying like mad? You try la. I’ve personally never tried it, but i know how it affects because i see it in various people.

But for me personally, i’m not bothered a bit by the exam giant. I personally, am facing the lazy giant. This guy loves to make people lazy, like me. GREAT! now what? I have to face it and overcome it, just like any other giant.

mercy in / out (what?)
Wai Leem

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Sep 19

Despite the upcoming PMR aka Pertandiangan Memori Rendah (Jofan’s blog) I watched a very intriguing movie called The Genius Club. Its is a very amazing show, although my brother fell asleep after an hour.

Just a short summary. It is about this guy, supposedly having the second highest IQ in the world, has created an atomic bomb. He then created a game, and gathered all the geniuses in America to play his game. He basically wants them to solve the world’s problems, and obtain a 1000 points. If they fail to do so, he will detonate the bomb in an instant, causing 50% of America to die immediately. So in the end, did they succeed? WATCH IT!

I like his last question, “What is the meaning of life?”

Almost everything that they discussed, in the end, had boiled down to just one word, FORGIVENESS. Is that everything? Surely not, but surely, it means a lot. If we all learn to forgive each other, will war ever start? will dissension even occur? will hate arise? If we learn to forgive our own hearts, we will learn to be caring, we will learn to love, then world hunger would not occur! poverty will not happen! But i guess, what happened last time, has caused a greater effect on today’s world, and it is all because of our sinful nature.

In the end it was very simple, just one question of three simple words, was the main idea on how to solve the world’s problems. It was simply, “Who Am I?”


So simple yet so profound. To know who you are, is to live by our values, culture, and what ultimately matters most in our lives. If we live by values saying don’t lie, we don’t lie! If we say we don’t kill, we don’t kill! That is who we are! Sounds easy eh? That’s why i love this show, because do we really know who we are, are we really who we think we are? We say we don’t lie, but we do. We say greediness is horrible, but one way or the other, we are. We say money is not everything, but we chase after it. Are YOU really YOU?

The Genius Club, watch it, it is just simply cool.

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Sep 09

Oh no! BM results came out!

i guess sometimes enthusiasm has it’s limits.

I was very ambitious this time, trying to do an interview (wawancara) and guess what! Everything came crashing down on me as i received my paper.

I did worse than Elkin and June Weng. Not to say that they are lousy, but losing to them gave me a new feel to life.

Interesting? I felt that they needed a whole lot of encouragement and support. So i guess to tell them that i lost to them, would give them something to treasure, meaning like they actually have achieved something.

3A1 people, you should have seen June Weng’s reaction when he stood to receive his History paper. No doubt that he heard it has 60% he jumped for joy, literally, even clinching his fist in excitement. I know of people who get 95% and still dissapointed at themselves, trying so hard to get even more.

So i guess everyone has levels of satisfaction. I obviously failed myself to it. Nonetheless, i guess one thing that will boost me in my BM now is whether or not i succeed in at least getting consolation in a BM essay competition.

mercy out,
wai leem

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Sep 06

Well, it is from my dear friend Shawn! but i find this tag rather weird. anyway, enjoy.

The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his / her perfect lover. Have to mention the gender of his / her perfect lover. Tag 8 other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

Gender of Perfect Lover:
Well, well… female lah!

8 Different Points About Perfect Lover:
Love God first
Love me
Wants a family (at least 2 kids la)
Attitude is good
shorter, same height or TALLER! nvm la
Stick with me through whatever different times i go through
Have different personalities than me
and of course, don’t cheat la huh…

I tagged –
Ray Aun
Jia Ahn
Pui Yi
Jo Fan
Eu Fern

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Sep 04

So trials are finally over! Let’s see what are the things to do :

1. Spend some time with God
2. Sleep (surely! i need it!)
3. Play some games (release unwanted stress)
4. Do some more blogging (for your sake =])
5. Then, finally, study! (only if i can, otherwise, forget it)

Anyway, despite trials that just passed and PMR on its way, i’m back to business.

Lesson 17#:
Where do you stand?
Some would say “I stand in Malaysia!”, some would say “I stand in my bedroom!” and some would say “huh!? what?!”

Let me tell you what i stand for.

I stand for Malaysia. Every bit and every part of it. Surely i do not want to live in a perfect country, because there is nothing that we can learn from there. But i love Malaysia, as much as i would love my friends. Despite the “wonderful” political situations that are going on, I rather grateful and would clearly acknowledge my country as “Politik yang stabil” (like in our geography textbook)

I stand for what is right. Yes i fail many times, but if it isn’t right, it isn’t right. But if we do not stand for what is right? who will? If we complain that Malaysian police are corrupt, and we ourselves act corruptly, we are not standing for what is right!

I stand for God. Yes! i believe that there is a God among us. It may be totally of logic at times, but that’s the point! Faith, might mean belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. But guess what? If everything about God was logical and rational, come on, everyone could then become God la! Which is impossible! That’s why there are so many unexplainable things about God that cannot be answered, because God is God, He is someone, no one can fully comprehend.

I stand for unity. Racial tolerance has always been our prime asset for our country. But guess what? its not enough. Racial unity is something i just recently learned, and it is something that is more important that racial tolerance. To be united among races, means not only to tolerate, but to care. The most simplest example is, when we mock other races. Yes, that is totally unacceptable. To be united, means we DO NOT mock and joke about other races. To be united, means that we help each other through difficult times, ie car accident. Don’t stop only when you see the same race involved! Let me tell you what racial unity is like. Misbun Sidek and Lee Chong Wei. No, despite them having a coach-student relationship, its way more than that, they care, they console each other when loses surface, they are always with each other no matter where, when. That’s what racial unity is all about.

I placed my stands here. Although there are many more, there are the main few.

What are your stands? or for starters, do you even have one?

Where do you stand, friends?

mercy out,
Wai Leem

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