Jul 30

I believe that love is really in the air. Whether or not its bf/gf kind, or its true friendship kind. Its there, and will always be.

Let me tell you today why i am so inspired to do what i do, whether or not its through the blog, or even in school.

Last Monday i couldn’t make it for school. What happened was when i woke up, i literally couldn’t move my head, and when i forcefully tried it, i experience an excruciating pain at the back of my head. So after much consideration, i decided not to go to school. Only around 8 a.m. I manage to get up, with the help of my brothers. Then about every 10 seconds (according to my brother, i didn’t really count) I would shout in pain. So i contacted a few of my friends from church, and asked them to pray for me. (mind you, these are adults) So from there they started asking, “How are you?” “Got transport to see doctor” etc etc. Yes, they are adults and that’s what adults will do. I’m guessing that is exactly what you are thinking. But they don’t just ask, they somehow took turns and called at exact timings, very equally. Tell me, how often do you find people like these?

Love is in the air. I felt their love, no matter how far they were from me, i just knew that they were there.

I consider myself as one of the most fortunate 15 year old kids. Not that my family is rich, not that we have glamorous things, but simply, i gain an extreme amount of love from a lot of people, so much so that, its just ineffable and astonishing. I truly feel sorry for those who lack it.

But it is because of love, i will write posts on lessons, i will help you whenever i can. YES i will fail, at times i will, but its because of failure, it gives a whole new sense and perspective to me. Whoever is reading this now. I’m telling you, i LOVE you. That’s why i would use precious time writing posts to encourage you and to inspire you.

If you are not encouraged or inspired, its fine with me. But as for me, i will continue writing, that one day, no matter big or small, you will catch on to something that you will learn for a lifetime.

Wai Leem

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Jul 25

Ah.. finally i’m back. Never really thought of anything to write about until very recently. This struck me after talking to a friend.

Lesson 15#:
There is that someone, who is just better.
“Not as good as JY, not as clever as HK, you know what? I Suck”

Will guess what? I do too! and so does everyone. Pn Joyce once said that she was always the top in her primary school, then when she went to secondary school, she was the back of the class, so many people were way better than her.

I guess we can never stop finding out that tons of people out there are better than us. agreed?

Just so you’ll know, I will be running for KP (Ketua Pengawas aka Head Prefect) whether or not i get it, its a different thing. But ever since last year until just few months ago, I’ve always perceived myself as someone, highly chanced, the only one, who in the end, truly cares for the board, prefectorial board. It didn’t seem to me that anyone really cared about it, so it made me think that i was better than everyone, even those who seemed to be the “best”. It all changed after i started talking to the current KD and i realized i wasn’t alone. Not just not alone, i was startled to hear tht some people actually have planned things to change the board. I guess after all, i was wrong. Someone was still better than me.

I can present many other examples, but not now, will re-edit it. Basically, don’t strive towards something, so that you can boast about your supriority.

Yours trully,
Why lame

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Jul 18

Ah, laziness to blog starting to flow within me, again. But will i succumb to its power? Never! hahahaha. Anyway, i’m really sorry that i haven’t been blogging and sharing new things. But i am back to continue! after a short delay, i do have some interesting stuff to share.

Lesson 14#:
You make a difference
There is this email, chain mail, that has been passing around ever since i first had my email. Its about a teacher acknowledging her students and thanking them for how much they meant to her and how much they made a difference whether big or small, in her life. So, as an act of acknowledgment, she pinned a blue ribbon on their shirt. Then she gave her students more blue ribbons, and ask them to take the blue ribbons and find some one else to pin the blue ribbon onto. So there started a chain, whereby people acknowledging someone and how much they mean, until the end, a dad pass a blue ribbon to his son. His son was going to commit suicide that very night, but because the dad said “you’ve made a difference in my life” the boy cried and cried and of course, didn’t commit suicide.

So no matter how small you feel, how stupid you are or how incompatible you are, one way or another, you have done something that have made a difference in someone’s life. Thus making you someone that is not useless or whatsoever.

Then, there was a video i saw, called Christian the lion. Its about these 2 guys raring a cub (which they named Christian) , and in due time, sent it back to the wild. Few years later, they missed Christian and went to look for him. When Christian saw them, it was filled with joy and so were they, and it was truly touching.

Likewise, whatever we do now, brings forth an effect to the future. The things we do now, the amount of lives we change whether big or small, will bring to effect in due time. So don’t give up! But it is important to know the way we act, its what people will bring out as a testimony. If our attitude is terrible, our language highly inappropriate, then what kind change are we bringing to others? Good or bad? A change is neutral, its what kind of change, that really makes all the difference. So now, ask yourself, what kind of changes are you bringing to people?

this is the video on the lion and the 2 guys.

Mercy out,
Wai Leem

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Jul 10

Wow wow wow.. its been a long while since i blogged about some lessons. Partly i was very busy, and partly because i was lazy, nonetheless, i’m really sorry, it was all my fault. For this particular post, i was inspired through someone’s writing. Weird part was, she wrote it because it just came to her mind. hmm.. sounds interesting. Nevertheless, i thought of something through it.

Lesson 13#:
So near yet so far
I felt this post came in just on time. reason being my teacher mentioned the same word i’m about to mention too, which is, PERCEPTION, or i would also put it as PERSPECTIVE.

I’ve always liked these 2 words, brings me to think where am i. Where am i in my studies? where am i in my relationship with friends? where am i in my relationship with God? ultimately, Where am i?

Most of the time we always lack to reflect on ourselves. We always strive for something we really wished for, and when we don’t get it, sometimes we cry, get really sad, or do anything to overcome that particular problem. But in the midst of all these happenings, we somehow, always forget to take care of other things. On a whole we have 5 major things in our life (or i hope you should) that would be God, Family, Studies, Friends and Miscellaneous stuff.

Many times we are always so near to certain things in life, yet so far with other things. Therefore, our perception must be right. You must be wondering, what?! Our perception on the things we do, is it worthwhile even if we strive so hard for it? Many people do things excellently, but in the end, they release a sigh, signifying everything wasn’t apparently done for a great good.

So what is your perception? Where are your priorities? even if your priorities are set, is it followed? Remember, everyone of us will never stop growing. So even when things seem to be near yet so far, don’t be dissapointed, for it is a growing process, that everyone has to learn.

We live a life which is always so near yet so far, so in all that we do, be careful and know which will bring more meaning to your life. Is it results or family? Is it family or God? Is it yourself or others? ask yourself.

Mercy out,
wai leem

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Jul 08

Here goes another one!

Part 1
1. At what age do you wish to marry?

Well, i’d say about 34.

2. What will you do when you feel really emo?


3. Who is your idol?
Nah, i never really fancy anyone.

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Raub! and D’ Kidz Club, KidzLIFE, Kidzomi and Kidzone!

5. If you have one dream to come true, what will it be?
Well, there are too many that i don’t even know which too write!

6. What is the purpose of your life?
Obey God.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most right now?

My family, friends and mostly, God

8. What cheers you up for the rest of the day?

Talking to friends, even if it could be arguing.

9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?
Well, depends how old i am.

10. List out three good things about the person who tagged you.
Smart, Strong and Handsome!

11. What kind of people you hate the most?
I don’t hate anyone, do i?

12. What will you do if you get a million dollars?
Well….. (laughs an evil laugh)

13. What is your ambition?

14. What will you do if you got rejected by someone you love?

“Oh man!”

15. If you have a chance, which part of your characteristics do you want to change?
My procrastination.

16. What is your favourite colour(s)?

Red, yellow and orange

17. What do you think is the most important in your life?

God. *duh*

18. If there’s one thing in life you wish to do but yet able to do, what would it be?
Fly in a car, no matter how high or how long it is in the air.

19. What will you do if tomorrow is the last day of the world?

Live like my usual life.

20. What is your favourite thing in your room?
My precious bible.

Part 2
1. 8 things I am passionate about. (not in order)
my God
my family
my friends
my achievement
To inspire
story books, not textbook

2. 8 things I say or do often.
Why la?!
sit in front of computer
read story books

3. 8 things I have read recently.
My bible!
Worship Encounter
The Prison House
CNN news
SMS messages

4. 8 songs I could listen and listen over again.
This is home
Seasons of love
Only Grace
On fire
Here in my home
Love of my life
I Dare you to move
One little heartbeat at a time

5. 8 things I learn about this year
I learn about this year? or learn in this year?
This year was awesome, although it hasn’t ended
This year was fruitful, because i know that it will be
This year was interesting, it already is, will be even more

15 people I want to tag:

15? wow, i don’t think i can list out so many!
– Pui Yi
– Hui Xin
– Jo Fan
– Hong Jian (although i know that he might not read this)
– Zhi Min
– ai ya! if you want la! =]

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Jul 08

I thought this was lame, but since i’m part of it, so yea, here goes!

The rules are:
1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the question about themselves.
3. At the end of the post the player then tags 4 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and to ask them to play and read your blog.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?
When i was five, i played police and thief!

2. 5 things on my to-do list today.
Wake up, read bible, work, eat and play.

3. 5 snacks I enjoy.
5 only? why so few?

4. 5 things I would do if I were a billionaire.
Ah.. *numb struck*

5. 5 of my bad habits.
Eat too much, play too much, sleep too much, work too little and procrastination

6. 5 placed I have lived.
Tabuan Heights, Pasadena, SS2, ….where else?

7. Jobs i’ve had.
to inspire others, and still having it as a job.

I tag:
1. Tee Yin Suan
2. Fan Ray Aun
3. Phoebe
4. Nicholas
5. Esther

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Jul 01

Giving up is always very easy. Ie. I was playing football, then since i was losing already, why continue? Might as well go back and sleep la! See? its so easy to give up. Ignorance is bliss, agreed? No i don’t, personally. To pretend that something never happened actually happened makes you happy? Ie. Rather walk away from picking up a banana skin which you’d never know could cause a person slip and fall would make you happy?

Lesson 12#:
I was listening a song by Relient K, which i saw it on Jo Fan’s blog. Its one of the Narnia Lion, Witch and Wardrobe movie songs, named Always Winter (or something like that).

I personally liked the chorus because it says:

It’s always winter but never Christmas
It seems this curse just can’t be lifted
Yet in the midst of all this ice and snow
Our hearts stay warm cause they are filled with hope

WOW! Despite always winter never Christmas, logically it never happens, but even if it does, just imagine how sad will you be? Its even said that this ‘curse’ just can’t be lifted. YET in the midst of all these, Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy and the other animals never gave up. Why? Simply, they had hope.

This is the problem which many of us face now. We give up so easily, losing hope in ourselves. In ignorance we think become happy, but on the hand, it just shows that we do not have hope that in whatever we do, one’s life course might change. Where is our hope friends?

Every week, i go to Kidzone (or more so, known as Sunday School, but this is a Children’s church, Which is a little different, yet very much the same) There I aim to teach and impact at least one kids life, why? because i have hope that these kids which i have impacted will grow up and be smart, focused, careful people. Everyone of you knows how the world is going from bad to worse, not just environmentally, but socially. Crimes, juvenile cases, relationships and young age, etc etc. How can our world go on like this, if the next generation is not taught the right way to live? I cannot confirm what they will turn out to be, but i pray and believe and of course, have hope in this kids that one day, they will be examples for other people. Even you and I. Without hope, i might as well stay home and do my own stuff.

There is this guy (i will not say who). He and I were very hyped up to start a class unity program or something like that. Basically, to promote class unity so that we as a class can propel into another level of friendship rather then “May i borrow your exercise book to copy please?” It was very exciting in the beginning. Don’t ask me what happened, it turned out that he just seem to give up. He claims that he will only do work which is under his ‘territory’ otherwise, he wouldn’t care. Hope? for me personally, i don’t see it. When one loses hope, it can easily cause a chain reaction, causing others to lose it too. And i’ve already seen it. But what can i do? Hope is not like passion whereby we can help others to catch hold of it, but hope must come from within, deep within one’s heart, in order to last. (If you read this and know that it is you, surely i feel like whacking you! but i will not because i pray that you will change, not just for the class but for your own future).

Its been awhile since i blogged, this post i feel might turn you away from reading because I, myself find it hard to write it as it is a very post, very hurting one indeed, for some of you. I just hope that whoever reads this will start to place hope in whatever you do, its a leap of faith, I too, am going through it, so why don’t we go through together.

Mercy out,
Wai Leem

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