Jun 26

Are you lonely? Are you afraid? Are you terrified? Are you nervous? Are you happy? Are you joyful? Are you excited?

1 Year
12 Months
365 Days
8760 Hours
525600 Minutes
31536000 Seconds

Have you ever wondered whether there was someone always noticing you every second? Have you ever wondered whether someone who understands you totally, ever existed? Have you wondered when times that you were down, someone cried with you. When you are happy, someone laughed with you? Basically, Have you ever wondered whether there was anyone who really cared for us so much, it just can’t be described, totally ineffable?

No doubt that time flies, not just fly, but flies very quickly. Nevertheless, our every second in our life counts.

There is this song, its called “seasons of love”. (I’ll be using parts of it in this post) It said, “525600 minutes, how do you measure, measure a year” then later “525600 minutes, how do you measure a year in the life” finally “525600 minutes, how do you measure a life of a woman and a man” Really, how do we measure just a year of our life, every second, every minute.

Again it says “In truths that we learned, or in times that we cry” What does all these boil down to? So what if we have learned truths, so what if we cry?

How about love, how about love, how about love
Measure in love, Seasons of love, Seasons of love
Why don’t we consider love! “Seasons of love” does not mean only now you get loved or love others, but now is the time to know what love can do for us and others. Love is the source of all things, it can drive you, it can cry with you, it can shout for joy with you. Then you have to ask, who is the one who loves us? God is the one, the only one, who can love us to a speechless point, that no one can ever fathom.

So after knowing this, what are we to do?
It’s time now, to sing out, though the story never ends, lets celebrate remember the year in the life that we share. Remember the love, remember the love, remember the love
Our life continues, so lets sing out and celebrate, for no matter how downhearted or excited you are, someone loves you the same yesterday, today and forever.

This is the original song, it was composed when doing a musical

This one is sang by my church!

mercy out,
wai leem

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Jun 23

Before i write any lessons, just want to share something about myself.

I have a very dangerous weakness, that ever since i was young, i had already possess it.

Very simply, competition, but not just any kind of competition. Its those kind of competitions where i do not want it, but i have no choice but to “join it”. Not my choice but because of the mindsets of others, which naturally creates an atmosphere of competition.

The reason i hate it is because, simply, the effect of losing. I have never won. Yet it is not about winning or losing which i really care, more so the effect of it. I’m sure most of you agree with me, not everything is about winning, winning and winning. Definitely we have lost many times already! But sadly, as i said, it is a weakness for me. Many things have i done before which i do not continue anymore, neither do i want to mention it, for it brings back too many hurts. It was all caused by this particular weakness.

I guess this blog will be my fighting point to overcome that weakness. There are many people who can extremely better than me in all these ‘psychological’ stuff, i can even recommend them for you, still, why then do i continue? No matter how terrible you think it is, simple and contains no specific meaning for you, find it boring whatsoever, i am determined to continue, no matter the circumstances. Because ultimately, my main aim is still to inspire and to encourage others. But as a secondary aim, is to overcome different weaknesses of mine, what i shared its just an example of many.

I pray that none of you will catch this weakness.

mercy out,
wai leem

p/s: to those who realize that you have done a certain thing to discourage me, don’t worry, i forgive you, sometimes it’s critical to receive discouraging comments to push you forward. Although i’m not asking you to keep it up(because if you are too used to it, something people cannot take it, but fortunately for you, I’m a very easy-going person), I’m still glad that i know you as a friend!

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Jun 21

*yarn* finally, i finally am able to release all stress after the exam, despite 2 more are on the way, i’m glad that at least half of it is gone now. This post was inspired when i was chatting with a friend and after a while, when he had gone offline, we continue a little short conversation through sms.

Lesson 11#:
To know and to apply

This particularly is a very short sharing, nonetheless, it is critical for our everyday lives.

There could be a thousands, millions and billions of things that we know. So the question here is, so what? So what if you know so much? what use is there? Therefore most of us would reply, we know so much because we need a lot to do things we do in our everyday lives. Wonderful! The things we know at least its used for something!

I’m just going to stress on moral values, lessons, etc etc. The very discouraging fact here is, many people now in our world today, we know plenty of moral values. We not just know, but its on our own fingertips. We can easily tell others what to do and why they should not do this and that, but we should reflect on ourselves first and ask, ‘I’m i committing hypocrisy, if i tell them not to do it yet i do it?’

We know so much! Yet to a certain extent, we do not apply it. So if we do not apply it, ask yourself again, ‘So what knowing so much, its not like we use it anyway?’ (after you thought of the answer, come and tell me!) This post applies differently from everyone. Some will feel guilty some will feel good because they know that they are keeping themselves on the right track.

As i said to my friend. ‘Rather not say anything than to be a hypocrite.’ There are many people in the world who wants to inspire and help others, you and I, yet before we can inspire and help others, make sure that every word that comes out from our mouth is applied by us first.

Mercy out,
Wai Leem

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Jun 18

Finally, this would be the first time i screamed in my blog. “EXAMS ARE OVER!!!” ah, its so wonderfully satisfying. Now the aftermath of exams is what I tent to worry about. Wow, this post would mark a milestone in my “lessons”. its really not easy to think about what to write and all, but it gives me great joy to hear that others are encourage through this series. So, to mark the milestone, here’s a lesson i like a lot.

Lesson 10#:
Where does thy passion lie?
I’m a school prefect, used to be a assistant head prefect for the afternoon session. When i was younger, during my primary school days, i had great joy fooling around with the prefects. Not fooling around as in hanging out, but like irritating them, basically, kacaoing them from their duty. Until i came up to secondary school, somehow, i became a prefect very unexpectedly. Everything happen so fast that its hard for me to remember why i made the decision to become a prefect. Still, having become the assistant head prefect, i didn’t regret taking up that position. Firstly, it made me see things in a different perspective. Secondly, you have power! haha *joking*

So being the assistant head prefect, i put a very considerable amount of effort in it, i wasn’t very passionate about it. So where was all my passion? in what things was i passionate about? Honestly, i didn’t really know, neither did i realize, or care. That’s why i felt that last year was a fun year, full of excitement, but it was very empty.

The situation in the world now, is not about whether we have passion or not. This is because everyone has passion. But the question posted here is, “where does thy passion lie?” It can be in anything ie. studies, work, food, relaxing, or even the things of God. But in the end, wherever you put your passion in, would it be able to get you what you wanted like happiness, joy, satisfaction?

If we do not place our passion in anything, all we will end up doing is beating around the bush. In whatever we do without passion, its also meaning doing things without heart, which also means that although it might be finished and completed, its not a job done well.

Not need to say anymore, ask yourself now, what are you passionate about? Will whatever that you are passionate about give you what you want? and what are your priorities? The highest priority in life should be the thing that you are most passionate about. So if you haven’t started asking yourself, quit thinking now, take a short moment, and think about it.

Passion for God, that’s where my passion lies

brought to you by,
wai leem

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Jun 13

Ah, feels good to start continue blogging again, after a very long pause due to exams, studies and so forth. To highlight a few interesting things, was I finally got to go for Enrichment Week! Most of you’ll won’t understand what it is, but its a conference, a wonderful children’s worker’s conference. It was really great. Before the Enrichment Week, i could only think of “study, study, study”, so very well, after the Enrichment Week, i had exams till this day, and will end only next week. One week has already passed, a very fast week indeed. Just want to thank God for helping through the exam period and also sitting next to me through the exams.

Well, back to what i do best, or at least i hope it will help you.
Lesson 9#:
Paradigm-ers? or Paradigm shifters?

First of all, allow me to define paradigm. It is various patterns or models that one lives by, or a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline. So paradigm shifters are people who dare to make a change, a good change i hope. And paradigm-ers or so i call it, are people who doesn’t want to change their paradigm, or mindset.

One day, there was this little child, his mum bought him a balloon, a beautiful one with helium pumped in it. The child was excited, playing with it, pulling it up and down, wow, he had so much fun! But his buttery fingers suddenly gave way. Oh No! the balloon flew higher and higher. The boy starting to express his grumpiness and finally tears starting flowing, drop by drop from his innocent eyes, streaming down his cheeks. The mum quickly took him aside, and said ‘ hey you! hurry up and say goodbye! the balloon’s mum is calling it to go back for dinner! hurry hurry!” the boy, then realizing the balloon was going higher and higher, quickly stretch out his hand and waved goodbye to the balloon. He went back happy, without that guilty and discourage heart.

Who was the paradigm-er and the paradigm shifter? Many times we are like the boy, always one minded, this is this, the balloon is no more, its our fault, then cry. We do not see another way around it, or maybe we never placed any effort to do so. Unlike the little boy’s mum, quickly, without hesitation, being paradigm shifter, change the son’s paradigm to help him see it in another way, much more pleasing manner.

*WHAT?!* you might be thinking, as how can balloons have a parent. Or why did the mother tell a factual error. But forget those thoughts, its not about the balloon, but its about who we are. So who are you? a paradigm-er or a paradigm shifter? Again you might ask, What’s the importance of knowing?

Well, in life, a very true fact is that we tent to focus ourselves onto one direction, one path. Have we ever asked ourselves, is there any better way to go about doing this or that? Especially in school, many clubs, in fact maybe, like to use the word “tradition”. Doing the exact same things year after year after year. But its not just doing the exact same things, its the ideas and the way to do it, which is also the same! Not to say that it is wrong or it will surely fail one day, but ask yourself now, Is there a BETTER way to go about doing this? whatever ideas we think of, can never be the best, but it can be worse or better than the original, so that means, in whatever we do, there is always another way about it. Once we understand the importance of moving forward with excellence, we know that we cannot stay in the same mindset, we must continue to push forward. If we do not be a paradigm shifter soon, everything will soon become boring, because its merely a repetition. Now that’s what a paradigm shifter is.

Are you one?

one and only,
wai leem

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