Jan 29

What a way to start my blog on the eve of my birthday!!

I’ve always wanted to blog since my bro started, but apparently i never did until my friend said that “good speakers surely always have something to write” so i guess i shall start and i did. until the server crashed and i stopped blogging. In the end, i felt that i had start it, so i guess today’s the right day!

Since my birthday is tomorrow, i guess it should be a new beginning for me this year. Fresh from oven priorities and goals.

  1. God (deeper in Him)
  2. Family
  3. Ministry (rise to the next level)
  4. Studies (PMR *duh*)
  5. Everything else

Amazing that studies are the fourth, but i guess this the way it should be then.

Its 2243, time hurry up la!
Wait wait wait..

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