Mar 05

I literally stand at the threshold of all that I’ve been waiting for, for 16 years.

I was just 9 yet I knew something supernatural had occurred in me. When asked to fill up the 3 empty spaces of what I’ll want to become when I grow older, I could only write Doctor for all 3 spaces. There was just nothing else, nothing that I could think of. Perhaps I was still too young then and unexposed to the world, so for the next 8 years I searched out, tried out, explored and experienced a wide variety of things but nothing fit more than to study medicine and to practice as a doctor.

After many ups and downs, after God’s gift to me to study medicine under a scholarship, after 5 gruelling years of medical studies, now comes the moment, now comes the time of all I’ve been waiting for.

I am in tears of joy, yet stand trembling. Joy because this is truly a dream come true, something I’ve been chasing for so long, yet trembling because its no small task or responsibility, the hours and expectations that are demanded of you, and because the next 2 years to come and even the many years after that have too many uncertainties.

Yet I hold on to my God, my Lord Jesus Christ. If He has lead me this far, He will take me further. If He has sustained me thus far, He will sustain me continuously. If He has been merciful and gracious to me all these while, I know His mercy and grace will never end. If He always reminds me how much He loves me when life is at its worst, I know He won’t stop. That’s my anchor, that’s my sustenance.

And because of Jesus I realise that becoming a doctor was just a small plan, in His much bigger, unfathomable plan. Becoming a doctor was really just a means to an end, just a tool, an avenue, an opportunity. Becoming a doctor was never the goal, never the destination He intended, it was just part of the journey, never the end in itself.

His will, His plans are just way bigger than we can think or imagine. I’m totally looking forward to work and to work those crazy hours as a houseman, but looking forward even more to what He wants to do through me, with the opportunities and avenues to meet 100s of different people, for them to also experience His love.

It started as a 9 year old dream, a dream like no other, supernaturally inspired you could say. And after 16 years chasing that dream I realised that there is a bigger dream that is more worth it to chase after, that that 9 year old dream was meant for something greater than myself, meant for the Glory of God.

So I will commit to do the best of my abilities for my hospital and my patients and to learn to be the best doctor I can ever be, but ultimately to keep my eyes on the greater goal behind it all.

The Time Is Now.

This. Is. It.

So help me God.

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Dec 24

It just so happens that right before Christmas I decided to fast and start a new bible reading plan that ended the Gospels right on Christmas Eve! And I must say, this Christmas has been a very deeply meaningful one for me..

Lets get it clear, I did get more presents than I’ve ever had before and so yay! BUT nothing of that made it why it was so meaningful to me.

So I’ll start by asking, do you know why is it MERRY Christmas?

Merry – characterized by festivity and enjoyment

So what so festive and enjoyable about Christmas? The presents, the gifts, the decorations, Santa or the limited edition cards/discounts/bonus, etc etc?

The cheesy (but entirely true) answer is that it is festive and enjoyable because we remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus, whom we Christians believe to be God.

Mary Do You Know –
Mary did you know that your baby boy will one day walk on water?
Mary did you know that your baby boy will save our sons and daughters?
Did you know that your baby boy has come to make you new?
This child that you’ve delivered, will soon deliver you
Mary did you know that your baby boy will give sight to a blind man?
Mary did you know that your baby boy will calm a storm with his hand?
Did you know that your baby boy has walked where angels trod?
And when you kiss your little baby, you have kissed the face of God
Mary did you know, Mary did you know, Mary did you know
The blind will see, the deaf will hear and the dead will live again
The lame will leap, the dumb will speak, the praises of the lamb
Mary did you know that your baby boy is Lord of all creation?
Mary did you know that your baby boy will one day rule the nations?
Did you know that your baby boy is heaven’s perfect Lamb?
This sleeping child you’re holding is the great I am
Mary did you know, Mary did you know, Mary did you know

As I read through the Gospels (Book of Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), I realised one big thing, God came down to be with us and save us, but MANY didn’t know who He is and MANY wouldn’t believe Him. That’s it, that’s the big truth. Even Mary, didn’t know who her boy would turn out to be.. In fact, no one realised that their Savior was born.. (except a few that God had revealed to them)

And you know what? Many even came against Him, ridiculed Him, called Him all sorts of names, say He is crazy etc etc, but yet He never stopped doing what He needed to do-love the lost, healed the sick, set oppressed free, and taught the Word.

God, literally, literally, loved people like crazy, and people couldn’t stand Him. What sort of world is that? God, came in human likeness, into such a dark world, and many, DID NOT know Him.

Yet, His name is also called Emmanuel, which means God with us. God wanted to be with us, and Him coming down in human form as a baby, would have been God’s greatest joy and pleasure, to be among those he created and enjoyed their fellowship, but man oh man, many rejected Him. Our INFINITE God, chose to come down as an INFANT.

What would I have done, what would you have done, if we were there then? To realise that Jesus is God and that He is our Saviour, or just like the rest, see him as troublemaker? Can you imagine, Jesus came with a task, and He kept to it every detail of the way and followed exactly what His Father wanted, and the very people called His own, wouldn’t believe Him.

But praise be to God, Jesus kept going and even in the toughest hour, He said to His Father “let thy will be done”, He laid down His life for us as that atoning sacrifice, once and for all, that if you and I believe in Him, we too, will be saved from eternal condemnation. And trust me, whatever you are searching for, once you have the Son (Jesus), you have it all, cause He is all you need.

MERRY Christmas. I have reason to celebrate. Cause my God, born into a dark world, still chose to come, reveal Himself, and save us all. That’s reason to celebrate, and never for a second take lightly what His birth meant to the course of history.

Have a Merry Christmas, its more than just the presents and festivity, remember, that there is Jesus.

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Aug 17

I failed my Psychiatry exam, and this was my journey…


The Journey – 070116
Personally, one of the most devastating news I have had for myself. I cannot believe it. In fact, of all subjects, Psychiatry? This time bound post is my journey of that 1+ months after knowing I have failed my exam, to the time of my supplemental exams.

That 1 clinical exam, I didn’t know what happened. Got a clear fail and the simulated patient he wouldn’t want me as his doctor. Wow. Never in my lifetime would I think I would have gotten such a comment. Worse part is, I don’t know what I did that got to that. I even remembered coming out of the exam perfectly fine, and it wasn’t even the toughest exam to begin with!

Now eyes from the other side. The joy and elation of others moving on to final year while your excitement has been stalled adding on the worry of possibly repeating the whole year, which by the grace of God will not happen to me.

Why does this have to happen now, why me, what went wrong with me, are all questions I can’t answer. But now I just have to take out that big fat book which I hoped to have stored away, and dig into it again.

Its easy to always tell cell that God is good despite your circumstances, well God is! And nothing is going to change that. And I’m holding on to Him all the more.

I wonder what God is wanting to teach me this summer holidays. Not so much a holiday anymore anyway.

The Journey – 050716
Sleepless nights. Or rather hard-to-sleep nights. Throughout the day I’m not too bad, but when I hit the bed, thoughts of how on earth I could have failed, my friends enjoying out there, the things I wanted to do but cannot do.. List goes on and on.

Up to now I have never told anyone I’ve failed except one or two who wouldn’t say anything to anyone. Most still don’t know. Then it bugs me cause I say I’m busy and they are like, “aren’t you on holiday?”. It’s painful, but I haven’t had the heart to tell it to anyone yet. I’m just imagining the shock and possible disappointment in them.

But now I really start to wonder, what is God saying in all these? What’s His game plan here?

Nonetheless, study mode is on, if I’m going to do this again, I want to ace it, not scrap through. (Though final results will just say pass).

Lord, help me.
The Journey – 070616
Sleepless nights. Now for another reason. My time was not meant to be spent this way!!

It’s sad, I was prepared to do many things, meet many people. Now even if I do those, I do it with a heavy heart, I do it with a lingering supplemental exam thought in my head. Gah!

Lecturers have been supportive. No one can figure out how I got here, but everyone expects me to just fly through the exam. I’m confident I can, but pressure is just still there, can’t shake it.

I just want to get this over with, quick.

The Journey – 010816
It is one week away! Classes and revision and practices has so far been alright. Refreshing myself on many aspects and things I may have forgotten.

Having said that, with 1 week left, its beginning to be daunting again. The thought of the possibility of failing, the thought of repeating the year, all these while at the same time seeing post and emails regarding the year ahead.

But today I began praying again (oops, confession) and the one thing that prevailed throughout my time in God’s presence was rest and peace.

At the end of the day, no matter what the circumstance, abide in Him.

The Journey – 070816
After all the chilling, only the day before I suddenly became so stressed.

How I know? I scratch. So when I take bath I can feel it’s slightly painful due to some small open wounds.

But I hate exam stress, worse still when it is an exam I truly really cannot afford to fail.

But my hope and trust is in the Lord, from Him I draw my strength.

Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting to get over with, tomorrow, I overcome! By the strength of the Holy Spirit!

The Journey – 170816
It has been a long wait. Though I knew I did well in my exams, but until I actually see the results, I can’t be satisfied.

But thanks be to God! Who has provided a way and brought me through to the end!

Now, I can call myself a final year med student. But nah I’d rather not, too much stress. Haha..

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Aug 29

Typical me, its been 9 months since my last post and haven’t written one bit! But think about it, its already 8 months into 2015. 4 more to go, and what has happened so far?

Basically things just went crazy lah, but exciting.


1. I began doing my hospital attachments
ABSOLUTELY not used to it, but ABSOLUTELY more exciting than sitting in class. I have this fear of beginning conversations with patients, but once I do, and if they’re nice, I get along quite well, though my history taking and examination skills definitely have much to work on. I think what was even more exciting was the opportunity to pray for some of them. I remember clearly this one lady, shared about her illness, then began to share about her husband’s cancer and how both their illnesses were affecting their children. I knew I just had to pray for her, and when I did, she just crying and crying and crying.

Whether you like it or not, there is more than physical illnesses in the hospitals. Brokenness all around in people’s lives, sometimes even in the doctors, whether you see it or not. But this is fertile ground to build boldness for me, and I want to press in, pray for more people, touch their lives with the love of Jesus. So so.. EXCITING!

2. Street Evangelism
In 2014, we watched a film called Father of Lights. It basically just showed people being used by God to reach out to what people may think are the unreachable. I mean, we’re talking about devout Hindu priests, big time gangsters who have done jail times, and even simply random people they meet on the streets. Would we do it? Yeah! Maybe one day, one day in the not-so-near future.

But God had other plans. We were connected with an amazing man of God, John dip Silas. And we found out that actually have been going out on the streets for 2-3 years already, just simply praying for people, talking to them, and by the power of God, healing their sicknesses! These kind of things are so much easier to do with a bunch of people, thank God for them. So we thought we should just “check it out” and see what or how they do it. My first time joining them and when this guy had pain leave his body, I felt God just said to me, “this is your new normal“. Bam! What was supposed to be a one time event, became an every week thing, and for many of us, we try to make it a daily lifestyle. From their usual 5-10 people, we now have about 80-90 people coming and joining every week, all from different churches, backgrounds and what not, with just one goal in mind, bring the love and power of Christ to people.

So what have I seen? Countless of people’s pain leaving, and when you ask them the week after, they’d tell you their pain never came back! I’ve personally seen a guy with a right-sided blind eye open! And have heard many many other testimonies of healings, such as broken/crooked arms made straight, legs straightening out and lengthening. What more? Many lives invaded with the light of Christ, that people cannot help but to cry, to accept Jesus as their Saviour. For me, its beginning to be countless, and I’m asking God for more amazing, creative miracles! I pray that I will never lose the wonder of how great God is!


So basically with these 2, plus my ongoing church small group responsibilities, I was swamped.

But what else happened?


3. Nepal!
I’ve always wanted to join my dad on one of his mission trips, and finally I did! Amazing time of learning and exposing myself to new things, new cultures. So much to say but don’t know how to, so you just got to ask me.


God has been so so good. Revealing more of Himself, pouring out His love and presence in my everyday, and transforming me from the inside out. I know its God when I just reflect on how good He is, and I can just began to cry. When I realize darkness in my life and when His light suddenly reveals it to me, bam! I’m undone, I cannot help but just cry knowing that despite all that, He loves me, He is still drawing me closer to Him. This love is powerful, its more than I can ever ask for, but whether you like it or not, you and I need it. If you have not known Him personally, I urge that you do! And if already have accepted Him as your Lord, don’t stop there, you and I can never have enough of Him.

Here’s to the rest of the year, to a very extremely powerful ending to this year.

And Bersih4 is happening in about 2 hours, pray for Malaysia!

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Jan 01

Even as we all part ways with 2014, the “This Is It” series are all about the things I’ve had to let go. You can read about my letting go of 2014 here.

But another one thing that I have had to let go, is my Perdana University Christian Fellowship. You can read my first post about it here, and how it was all illegal and how we still kept pressing on, and being a blessing to my university.

I thank God, I truly truly thank God for how He has guided my team and I through the past 1.5 years. Always providing resources, and the right people at the right time, despite weird schedules, somehow everything ends up falling into place, and my prayer was that people grew more in the Lord, that people fostered a better relationship with one another. Most importantly, to be able to let go, and how God led us to select out the next leader, was to me, amazing enough, and I trust that God will lead them every step just as He had led me.

But what I’m going to share here is just something simple, something that comforted me more than I could have imagined.

When we were choosing the next leader, we came to a conclusion (with various facts and as God led) to choose a guy named Solomon to be the next leader. So when decided, the next day, I went to approach him and asked whether he’d be willing to take up the offer. As expected, there was no immediate yes, and he had serious legit concerns about taking up such a leadership. So like with any other situation, we both agreed to go back and to continue to pray about it. Thankfully, 2/3 days later, he agreed and I started passing down things to him and imparting what my vision was for CF.

But on his end, it was quite interesting. He just happened to start reading Joshua, and days before I asked him Joshua 1:5 popped out to him. It reads, “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.“. At first it stood out but didn’t make much sense, but then after I asked him to take leadership, this verse came back to him, and he held on to it even as he made that decision.

But funny enough, it didn’t just speak to him, it spoke to me too. The verse gave him strength and courage to make that decision, but for me, it gave me peace, and assurance and a whole lot of comfort, that whatever I did, God was really with me. *phew* In leadership, there are good and bad days, and good days you can just somehow know that God is working. But bad days and uncertain times, though knowledge wise you know God is there, but with the choices and decisions and hindrances that come your way, it can be tough to know whether God was the one leading, or was it all out of my own strength. This verse, assured me of all that. And Jesus, thank You, thank You so so so much.

Its not that I didn’t make any mistakes, its not that everything went perfectly, but to just know that God was there throughout the whole time, that every  mistake had a reason or maybe could have been worse, and every good thing was hopefully to its best, that I’m sure lives were impacted and touched, and hopefully changed, that was to me, God being with me the whole time. Prepared me for things that were to come and to deal with issues that came up, it was also God’s plan for the start.

And at the end, the last revelation I just suddenly realized as I was conversing with a friend, was that Moses never saw the promised land. Moses never fought certain battles that took control of the promised land, and to be rested in the promises of God, yet, he could only see it from a distance, a glimpse of what is to come. This semester, 2 things that kept ringing in my mind is this: Salvations and Miracles. I was so eager to see people come to know the Lord and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour, and secondly miracles happening right in university, especially supernatural healings. Why should it be impossible? And I still feel till today, that it will happen. But if it doesn’t happen in my time, just like Moses, I pray that Solomon (Joshua), will see what God implanted to me (if it was from God), and move in the power of the Holy Spirit, and if so, trust me, mark my words, Perdana University will be the MOST sought after medical university Malaysia has seen. Not because of the programs and the fantastic teachers that are there, but because of the power of God at work in the lives of every student, faculty and staff.

I have let go of responsibility, but my passion for CF and the work of God through it, has never died, rather it burns even more, even as I write this.

Thank you Jesus, for guiding my team and I, for those amazing 1.5 years, please, guide the next team too.

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Dec 31

This, was my 2014.

I started off this year on a high. I felt 2013 ended well as I talked about “Being the Better Man” and I felt like I entered 2014 all charged up, all ready to take on the year! Then my birthday came, my 21st birthday. Family planned a surprise, uni friends planned another surprise, and with loads of gifts and wishes, it was really one birthday I could not forget. You could read it all here! But if anything at all, coming to a close, I just wanted to say I’m truly sorry if somewhere along the year, I have offended you, or in whatever way become someone I shouldn’t have been. This feeling or thought came even as I was reorganizing the stuff in my room, and coming across this book filled with birthday wishes this year, and those who wrote more than just “Happy Birthday”, wrote words of thanks, gratitude and appreciation for who I was. Then as I looked back, I could only think of all the events that I wasn’t who they seem to say I was, and for that, I am truly sorry.

The other high note was being awarded the Dean’s Award! Its not an academic award, it was an award by voting. I am truly grateful for what my class did for me. You can read how I felt here. But this also brings me to my earlier part, where though at the start of the year being given an award for “Most Outstanding Contribution to Student Life”, I felt like somehow along the way throughout the year, I didn’t perform as well, didn’t do as much, didn’t produce enough/satisfactory results. All of which again, I am truly sorry for.

My 2nd year 2nd semester wasn’t particularly too tough, though didn’t exactly get the results I was hoping for, nonetheless, survived. Nuff said. Haha

But one of the things that happened even in that period, was the passing of one of my lecturers, Prof Hemantha (or we call him, Prof H). If there was anything I would remember of him (aside from the way he says ‘Sarawak’, always gives us a laugh each time he says it), would be his passion for the speciality in public health. It was definitely a module that most students didn’t enjoy taking, but when you talk to him about what he does, or what he did in the past, it just gets you so excited. What was also really beautiful was after his passing, someone started a Facebook page dedicated to him and for people all around the world, to share stories of their experiences with him. I tell you, just reading some of these stories can make you cry. One I remember clearly was a story of how they woke him out of bed, then he quickly ran to the guy who was choking, opened his mouth, saw the fishbone, put his fingers in and pulled it out! Quite literally, saved a man’s life. He was really, such an amazing figure. You can read some of these stories here.

Of course then, one of the greatest journeys I have had in my life, was what I called, Wander 2014. I was granted the opportunity to conduct a research in Dublin, Ireland, but since I was already at that side of the world, I got to visit parts of the UK and Ireland! It was always my dream to travel overseas and study and this came real close to it. I thank God for the amazing friends and relatives I have and made along the way, who really helped me out throughout my time there and shown me life as it is in that part of the world. What was interesting was that I found a postcard from my brother, 9 years ago, telling me how nice London is, and at the end he said, “come here next time!“. Who’d knew, 9 years later, I did!


Postcard from Wai Nyan, 9 years ago.

You can read the many accounts of my travels and see some pictures in the links below :)
Wander 2014
Wander 2014 – London Part 1
Wander 2014 – Dublin Part 1
Wander 2014 – Dublin, Wicklow, Kilkenny Part 2
Wander 2014 – Dublin, Galway Part 3
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Wander 2014 – Dublin, *and a whole lot of places* Part 5
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Wander 2014 – Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Oban, Inverness
Wander 2014 – Guernsey, Jersey
Wander 2014 – London Part 2, HOME

And then there were the smaller experiences, like being a part of the Student Representative Council (you can read my struggle here), how John Hopkins broke ties with my university and the response from the students were amazing (you can read it here), and how for the first time in my life, I actually made use of the number, 112 (you can read that here), of course not to mention CF! Earlier half of this year, my committee stepped up and started doing the sharing (which I’m totally proud of them for) and then the second half of the year we did ALPHA, and we had a nice time of fellowship, and food.

But among all these, nationwide news of bibles raids, and people saying really stupid stuff, and then up to today, 3 aviation disasters, and massive devastating floods, has really shaken Malaysia. As for each plane incident, the degree of separation of someone I knew got closer each time. First it was my brother’s friend’s friend. Then it was my friend’s friend, and then it was my friend’s father. Its sad yet at the same time very awakening, to realize how many (and sometimes even us) become desensitized towards devastating news. On an international scene, ISIS going rampant and its viral violent video of beheading, and ebola killing thousands, are just the few major saddest events that has occurred throughout the year. This really is a wake up call for most of us, and I pray that 2015 will get better, and if it doesn’t, that hopefully we will already be woken up, to put our hands and feet to work.

3rd year 1st semester. Toughest I have been through by far. And all I can pray for now is that my results come out good. But this is a checkpoint for me. 2 and a half years have passed since I started med school, this is my halfway mark! This checkpoint also marks the separation of my ‘pre-clinical’ and ‘clinical’ years, meaning that from next semester onwards, I’ll start to be based in the hospitals and its going to be a whole lot more practical based teaching. I’ve looked forward to med school all my life, and I’m looking forward to having patient contact, the very reason why I chose medicine.

I want to end this post on a high note. Again, I found this RM1 note among all the things I was looking through while rearranging my room. And I wrote on it, “like this guy (an arrow to a picture), its like he’s at a crossroad. That’s me. I have peace and rested-ness, but I still have decisions to make. I NEED GOD’s WISDOM… … DESPERATELY“.

I found this old RM1 note!

I found this old RM1 note!

It was one of the things we did in my lifegroup, and this was all before I started med school. 2.5 years down the line, I thank God, I truly, really, thank God, because He really gave me a lot of peace, and a lot of rest, to make decision I’ve made, to bring me to where I am today. I could only have done it with God’s wisdom, and many times, I was pretty desperate! But it all worked out, somehow. Its something I’ve learnt throughout these years, and its something I’ll rely on as I move into 2015, and even for the rest of my life. At the end of the day,  I’ll always be at a crossroad, I’ll always have to make decisions, but to continue to have that relationship with God, to continue to chase after Him and what He has in stored for me, I believe I won’t go wrong.

This Is It, 2014.

2015, I’m ready.

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Sep 23

So this was a first for me, to call an emergency number.

I did my 10k run and headed for dinner, alone, at a coffee shop in Serdang called Boh Loong. Had my usual rice and veges.. YUMsss. Then just when I was about to leave.. *BANG! chiinnggg chiingg changg chaangg* Immediately, more than half of the people in Boh Loong very quickly stood up and everyone just walked out to see what had happened.

I personally didn’t see it myself, but apparently 2 motorcycles clashed with each other and somehow it hit one of the girls on the motorcycle and she fell off hurting her backbone. In pain, she could not even sit up properly and kept crying whilst holding her back. Instinctively many people crowded around her, some looking more concern than others, and some just waiting for it to be over because the commotion was blocking their car. Anyway, it was an interesting experience for me, and these were the few little things I got from this little incident.

1. I SAW what it meant by diffuse responsibility, yet it could just be shock.
The young lady who fell and was in pain, was not alone. Her brother was there, panicking, unsure of what he had to do, of what he even wanted to do. The obvious, probably most important and simplest thing he knew how to do, “panggil ambulance! cepat! tolong panggil ambulance!”. Legit, but if he wasn’t calling, no one around seemed like they were calling. Everyone just standing around, watching, some maybe tried to help, but everyone was focused on the girl, no one really seemed to be taking out their phones to dial an emergency number. Now I’m not too sure whether they were all in shock and didn’t hear the brother shouting, or maybe no one just wanted to do it, ie diffuse responsibility. So, looking at how no one was doing it, I called in. I guess I may also know why some people don’t want to call, because in such a moment of panic, the only contact number you can give the ambulance, is not the brother’s, rather yours. This also means that then, you would have to stay through the whole thing and wait for the ambulance (and we have heard our own stories of how long ambulances can take) then only we can leave, that is, if one is responsible enough.

2. Medical students (or any other healthcare professional) would make the best ambulance callers.
You may have heard all those stories of those on the line asking too many questions, sometimes not understanding what the caller is saying, sometimes taking too long to respond, etc. To my surprise, none of that happen while I was doing it! But as I was thinking of it, I think I figured out why. I knew exactly what needed to be said, I knew exactly what was needed, why? because as a medical student, I was able to assess the situation to my limited capacity but still able to provide the necessary details for them to understand the problem. At times they did say “tunggu sekejab ya”, and well, I don’t exactly know what they were doing or why they had to do what they do, still, it was not that bad that it would kill someone.

3. Cultural and Religious issues can be a hindrance, to a certain extend, we should understand each other to know what to do in such situations.
She was a Malay. Now I had some experiences whereby Malay girls do not have any physical contact with non-Malay guys (though I’m not sure about Malay guys). So, what do I exactly do? Honestly I still don’t know the answer. But basically the problem was that because her backbone was affected, I wanted to assess how bad the injury might have been and wanted to test her senses and movements of her lower limb and arms. But technically, I can’t, if I wasn’t allowed to touch her, or could I?

4. Work on all your languages!
So if I couldn’t touch her, at least I could explain it simply and tell her brother what to do! But, though on the phone with the ambulance I was surprisingly so fluent in BM, but somehow when it came down to “how can I help the girl”, I was lost for words. I tried getting words out of my mouth but I just felt like I was gagged. These 2 scenarios combined (religious consideration and language barrier), I looked like a random busybody standing around, looking here and there, and the only connection I had with the victim was that I called the ambulance. I felt so helpless!

5. Ambulance was actually, in a rush!
I didn’t stay on because someone offered to send her straight to the hospital instead of waiting for the ambulance (which the police was quite pissed while whispering to me, “betul lah, dah panggil ambulance, tunggu lah. Sekarang jika pergi, ambulance datang dan tiada orang, itu jadi masalah” and then he shakes his head). So after she got into the car, I had no more reason to be there, I left. Then just after I left, I heard the sound of the ambulance, then when I saw it coming, it was rushing, honking, winded down the window and shouting at motorcyclist to give way. And I mean, no matter how long sometimes it might take to wait for the ambulance (by that time it was already about 10-15 minutes after I called), give them the benefit of a doubt that they are rushing, that they too care for the patients they are going to pick up, that they too have a heart for the weak and injured, rather than just keep insulting them for being slow and late.

It was a nice sight as those working at the stalls that night would actually let down their utensils and come and help or at least see what they can do. Many people were just standing around and some started to help by directing traffic. Nonetheless, people just don’t stand around watching someone injured for fun, so I would want to believe that though they did not do anything then, if anything were to happen and in need of their help, I’m sure they will step up to it.

Thus was an interesting night, unfortunate for the girl though, but the fact that after awhile she could sit up, stand up and get into the car though still in pain, I’m sure she’ll be just fine. The other 2 motorcyclist who caused the accidents were just standing around in shock. But I kesian them la cause everyone just kept pointing at them as if it was solely their fault, but I think the police were relatively nice to them la.

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Aug 21

With the recent news of the prestigious John Hopkins breaking affiliations with Perdana University Graduate School of Medicine (PUGSOM). My university has once again hit the headlines and smacked with all sorts of criticism and bombarded by friends and family with questions, worries and concerns.

Nonetheless, despite even the students’ own ‘grievances’, we still stand together as one.

Here are just 2 of the long post posted on FB which left me feeling secured in the fact that Perdana University’s students are just utterly amazing.

“I’m very sure that some if not all are disappointed with what has been said in the media. I urge all to maintain our heads high as individuals and rise up head and shoulders above the rest. It is in this time when people doubt our university, that we should strive even harder to achieve what we have always dreamed of. Let our university and AMC do their part and we do whatever we can to launch our university to greater heights. Network more, publish more, present more and go the extra mile to make a good name for ourselves in the hospitals.”


“It has been a day of anxiety and shock for most of us, and many of us feel the pain, sadness and confusion which has accompanied the news concerning Pugsom today. We stand together with them in the face of all these battering waves of bad news and sensationalism.

We might feel terrified of what the future holds for us; some of us might be thinking ‘How am I going to answer my friends if they ask me about Perdana?’; some of us might currently feel that we are standing on shaky ground; some of us might feel that the rest of the world thinks we would soon be holders of a banana certificate.

But dear fellow Perdanarians, tonight, as we retire to our beds, we urge all of you to be at peace, and to bear in mind that the power and fame of our Mater lies only in her children; she drives her power, not from her laurels of times past, but from the exploits of her children in the future to come.

Be at peace – worry no more. And remember that in such a time as this, the people who now wield the honour of Perdana, the shapers of Perdana’s fate, is no longer Hopkins, neither is it AMC, neither is it merely RCSI. The true standard-bearers of Perdana are her children – all of you. You may have felt that Perdana’s might came from her collaborations; but now we say unto you – nay, her might comes from her children and what they can do.

Good wine needs no bush.

Remember who you are, and what you stand for. It is now up to us to defend the integrity of this Institute. The days of trial may be upon us, and this duty now rests squarely upon our shoulders.

Be at peace, and tomorrow we shall awake with a new duty. A new reason to fight. A new ethos to unite us.

We stand together – and though the world may think us fools, we think not; but we shall defy empty words borne of sensation with sterling integrity and unassailable reputation. Here we stand united, and lest God wills otherwise, we are infallible as one.”

Amazing isn’t it?

The students uphold the standard and image of this university. We had to learn how to do so 3 years ago, we are doing it now, and we will continue to do it in the future. Our university management may have their weaknesses, but as you continue coming at us (especially us students) for ‘making the wrong choice by choosing PU’, all I will say is, just watch us coming at you in the hospitals.

They started this university and made mistakes along the way, but right now it doesn’t just belong to adults wanting to make money and supposedly “changing the landscape of malaysian healthcare system”. It belongs also to us students, your future doctors.

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Aug 21

I refer you back to an earlier post of mine, back in March 2011, when I was still studying A Levels at HELP University. Read it here!

After you’ve read it, and those who know that I have now taken up a position in my university student council as Vice President, I have just shot myself in the foot. OUCHHHHH

But that’s just it. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to push myself to do more for the place God graciously gave me and led me to be in. I wanted to leave a mark.

The real question and challenge here is, in this kind of body/society, how can one make use of my current position to be an impact, to love, to care, to advance the kingdom of God, when there is so much mindsets and paradigms that needs to be broken, systems that need changing?

Just recently I was pretty agitated by a small issue. I pushed for my ideas because I had valid reasons for it, but people supposedly in charge didn’t like the idea because it was not “part of the system”. I would have left the matter as it is, except for the fact that now I know that they are not flexible. Worse still when at the beginning, we were elected to improve and to change the atmosphere in the way student activities are run and now telling me that systems cannot change. Anyway, so after that whole thing, I let it go. But then I was thinking about it again, and I asked myself, “what kind of character was I portraying?”. I’m not turning back on my idea that the system needs changing, yet how do I do it still maintaining the right posture and character?

Suddenly all I imagined myself doing in the council comes crashing down. Because I realize that the whole time I thought of all my plans and ideas, I assumed they will all accept it but now realizing how I can get so easily agitated when I don’t see eye to eye, I realize I have to work out a different strategy.

Sometimes I don’t even know why its so tough. There seems like this barrier that I can’t break through, I feel like there is only a certain limit that I can go. But we’ll see, this is just the beginning, there is more to come, more to look forward to, more to change, more to improve.

I’m excited because at the end of the day, the SRC is carving a better future (at least I hope so) for future batches and generations to come. I want to leave a legacy, I want to leave a lasting impact.


The Student Representative Council and all their handsome and pretty faces.

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Aug 12

So I got back to London on a Friday. I have 4 more days! These 2 months plus, has really been an unforgettable experience.

Nothing much that I did during these few days. On Saturday I went to the Armoury Store! (Arsenal Official Merchandise Store). The whole Emirates stadium tour I did 2 months ago, and then now coming back again to buy some stuffs, just standing there, its really like a dream come true. I may not be the greatest Arsenal fan, but just being a fan, being there, was so amazing.

And on Sunday I went to a church called Holy Trinity Brompton. This church is home to people like Nicky Gumbel and Tim Hughes (if you’re familiar with those names). The beginning was like so drama. Dimmed lights, spot lights bursting with a video background, like full on concert wei! And even the first song they sang which I was very familiar with, sounded like it came straight out of the CD that I listened it from! After church I met with Jin Yun for lunch and had a great time catching up with her. Then I went walking around just trying to find baby shirts with UK flag on it but couldn’t find any :( And the whole I was just trying to get internet to keep updated on how Arsenal is doing in the community shield. (Which they won, ohyea!)

Stayed in on Monday, packed up and got myself ready for flying the next day. But I saved one last nice part for the night. I had to watch a musical, at least one musical while I’m here in London! So my friend and I chose Wicked. Friends all say its good, I got to see it for myself! And it was! I loved everything about it, the story, songs, acting and the whole AV effect, superb! Now I wished I should have just starved some days to save money and go for some more musicals while I still could!

Woke up the next day, grab my stuff. From Canada Water to Green Park on the Jubilee Line, then from Green Park to London Heathrow on the Piccadilly Line. The same train I took when I was coming into London, into this whole journey, into this whole experience. Now, I’m taking that same train back, back to a place I call home, a place that raised me, a place that at this point in time, I would still rather live and serve in.

I’m coming home, Malaysia.

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