MeJournals- Live.Think.Write

Version 2.0
Compatibility & security update.

1. Mobile browser viewing optimised.
2. Akismet spam filtration integrated for comments.
3. Javascript compatibility now stable.

Version 1.0
OFFICIAL RELEASE after a long time of refining and tuning.

1. Random bugs previously detected fully removed.
2. More themes added.
3. Javascript filtration (causing Nuffnang widgets to fail to appear) removed.

The VERY FIRST version of MeJournals opened up for critiques!

Bugs Detected:
1. Javascript Shoutbox/Cbox in sidebar doesn’t appear. (RESOLVED)
2. YouTube and other Flash embeds do not appear. (RESOLVED)
3. Imports from Blogspot/Blogger resulting in broken links and HTML errors. (RESOLVED)
4. New account activation email links results in ‘Page Not Found’ errors. (RESOLVED)
5. ‘Page Not Found’ error for things like ‘comments’ (RESOLVED)
6. Some plugins don’t work and the links on the plugins lead back to MeJournals homepage. (RESOLVED)