I’ve been so angry at what life has been throwing at me, I feel that I am so blinded by my frustration. Things haven’t been going the way I thought it should, the way I thought it would. My frustrations have led me to making really stupid decisions, which I am ashamed of and live to regret them but let’s not go there.

I still don’t understand many things that are happening around me. People always say things happen for a reason but, why is this prolonged? I know God always make things work for good for those who love Him, but I still have so many queries, why? I feel like I am constantly having a internal conflict with myself. I guess this has got to stop, soon, before I actually become a nutcase.

I wish you’d let me see, see something that I can hold on to, make me understand. Then again, it is faith I have in you that keeps me running back to you every time. I wish you’d stop protecting me from all the truths. I deserve to know, don’t I?

Searching for something more.

I search for You God of strength
I come to You in my brokenness


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