Oral Surgery

Oral surgery, as the name suggests, is about operational surgeries performed on the mouth and jaw. That being said, it revolves around procedures such as extractions, implants, alveoplasty, and many other surgical procedures to treat abnormalities in the mouth


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The most common oral surgery procedure is extraction – where an irreversibly diseased tooth is removed instead of saving it with root canal treatment. Extractions may also be performed on patients with extra teeth (hyperdontia) or prior to orthodontic treatment.

Examples of other surgical procedures are removing large swellings in the mouth, treating severe oral infections, and excising oral cancer tumours. The oral surgery specialty is exciting and rewarding but it involves the most risks both to the patient and to the dentist.

Current skillset:

  • Simple extractions
  • Interpreting radiographs for pathological lesions
  • Suturing

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