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Water Fluoridation: An Introduction

Before we delve further into water fluoridation, let’s talk a little bit about the most common dental issue: tooth decay. Tooth decay happens when tooth enamel gets demineralised (calcium crystals and salts are lost). Tooth decay needs 4 factors to … Continue reading

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What’s in Your Tooth?

This will be an informative write-up on the structure of a tooth and brief explanations of what goes on inside your tooth. Continue reading to find out more! Image source Contrary to popular belief, your teeth are not bones. Nor … Continue reading

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I am ROOT!

This post is about root canal treatment. Read on to find out about what’s it all about! So one of the new skills we learned in third year was this: endodontics, which is basically root canal treatment. Surprisingly I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Welcome to Kai Dentistry!

Hello dear readers! My name is Wenkai and I am a third year dental student from Malaysia currently studying in Queen’s University Belfast. So far it’s been 2 and a half years of my way into the gruelling five-year course … Continue reading

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