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the LIKE button

New feature here at MeJournals. We present to you, the LIKE button. Exactly like how it works on Facebook, now your readers can rate or support your posts. How cool is that? So stop starring at this and go activate it at the plugins configurations! This is gonna be pretty cool! =P JoFan. 15 people […]

Twitter Plugin

For MeJournals user who are also Twitterers out there. Good news! A Twitter Plugin has been added to MeJournals. Now your twits can be displayed as a widget at your sidebar. Just go to your Dashboard>Plugins tab adn activate Twitter. Then it should appear at your widgets options. Rock on! JoFan. Be the first to […]

Facebook Plugins Added

For all you Facebook users out there. We have added a few Facebook plugins to your blogs for your ‘Facebook needs’. Fotobook– Fotobook is a plugin that will link to your Facebook account and import all of your photo albums into a page on your blog. AddToFacebook– This plugin adds a link to the bottom of each […]

MeJournals 1.0

Hey everybody, it has bee a long time since this homepage has been last updated. We’re sorry for not keeping you updated. Although not announced, but a lot has been taking place here at MeJournals. Firstly, lots of bugs have been fixed! You can check them out at the ‘versions’ page. Secondly, we added more […]

How Do I Put a Chat Widget in my blog?

kylechung: how do you put a cbox/ this me wall in a blog?? Good question. You see ‘appearance’ up there on your admin bar? Or if not, on the sidebar in your admin panel. Yup, THAT ONE! =) Under it, there is this widget option. To put a MeWall/WP Wall: 1. Activate the Wp Wall […]


Alright, pretty people! The broken-activation-link-in-email bug has been RESOLVED. Now you can sign up freely right here and have it up right away! However, you will get your URL as in the beginning. BUt that’s alright, by the time you get your stuff all set up and nicely configured, you should already receive a […]

On the Activation Link Bug

Okay guys we are very sorry about this, but this is really a tricky one. So for the time being, the only alternative we have is for you guys to do it manually. Yes, I know, but be patient, this won’t go on for long. So how do you do it? Contact us via MSN […]

Welcome Peeps!

After 2 weeks of work, the FIRST BETA of MeJournals is finally up and running thanks to Tim Goh (mostly him) and his critique+experiment JoFan! MeJournals is a blog community created by us for you! A service dedicated to our friends and family and everyone we know and their friends and friends friend, friends friends […]