MeJournals 1.0

By JoFan  

Hey everybody, it has bee a long time since this homepage has been last updated. We’re sorry for not keeping you updated. Although not announced, but a lot has been taking place here at MeJournals.

Firstly, lots of bugs have been fixed! You can check them out at the ‘versions’ page.

Secondly, we added more themes! A lot more. So now you have more themes to choose from. Ain’t we just awesome? =D

Thirdly, we moved out of BETA! Yes, you’ve got it! You’re now looking at the OFFICIAL RELEASE of MeJournals (aka MeJournals 1.0)!! So yes, get more of your friends, your family, your pets, your whatever to come join us.

Fourthly, with all these developments going on, there has also been some spam sign ups happening. We’re still working on it. Chill, after all nothing will happen to YOUR blog, it’s jsut that it’s annoying on our side.

Alright, so here’s MeJournals 1.0 for you. =)

We would appreatiate for you to keep your suggestions and critiques coming for us to make this a better place for you and your blogging needs.

Signing off,
The MeJournals Administration.

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