How Do I Put a Chat Widget in my blog?

By JoFan  

kylechung: how do you put a cbox/ this me wall in a blog??

Good question.

You see ‘appearance’ up there on your admin bar? Or if not, on the sidebar in your admin panel. Yup, THAT ONE! =)

Under it, there is this widget option.

To put a MeWall/WP Wall:

1. Activate the Wp Wall PLugin in your plugins option first.
2. Add That widget in on the widget options. Done! =)
3. It can be configured under Settings>WP Wall

To put some OTHER shoutboxes:

1. They normally come in HTML codes after you have signed up (exp. Cbox, Shoutmix…)
2. So you just go to the widget settings add a ‘Text’ widget.
3. Paste your code there! Done!


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